Alanna Masterson’s Dad Calls Connor Cruise “Worst Person in the World”

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From Tony Ortega:

Alanna Masterson’s Dad Calls Connor Cruise “Worst Person in the World” for Her to Date

The Underground Bunker has teamed with Australia’s second largest magazine, Woman’s Day, to bring you a report that should send some reverberations through Scientology celebrity culture.

In its newest edition, which hit store shelves in Australia a few hours ago, Woman’s Day has published a photograph taken last month showing actress Alanna Masterson, 24, and the son of Tom Cruise, Connor, 18, on a recent lunch date.

Reaiche himself was lured into Scientology in 1978, while he was playing rugby. He in turn helped recruit fellow athlete Chris Guider, who we’ve written about in the past. ... “In the time I was in Scientology they probably got $400,000 from me,” Reaiche says, “but the worst part is that I haven’t seen my kids since 2005 because when I became unhappy, the leadership ordered my family to cut off all ties from me.” ... “They know if they can force my daughter to get together with Connor than they will both be in it for life,” he says. “That is my biggest nightmare.”

I hope he and Nicole Kidman can get together on this!


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Alanna's in showbiz, too. Here she performs with her fellow Scilons in a showcase video..




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I doubt that Kidman would be willing to publicly interfere in her children's choice of either religion or partner, as concerning as it might privately be to her.

I'm sure Nicole as had private conversations with people about the cult on back channels.. she has said several times in media interviews that discussions about her children & Scientology are off-limits.