Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21


Lately our raids have been losing momentum. We were down to sometimes only 2 protesters. Even with just 2 though the scilons get nervous.

But yesterday I felt a lot more energy in the air. And renewed purpose. Thanks to the Aussie 7 and Senator Xenophon we were revitalized. :yes:

We had 7 people at one point! (Don't you dare laugh!) We had music and caek. We had a shrink join us with family members. LOL I loved that!

The org called the cops on us because an anon walked in front of the org. He didn't stop and wasn't even carrying a sign but that was enough for them to bawww to the cops.

2 cop cars showed up and they told us we couldn't wear our masks!:omg: I won't go on about it because he came back later and told us he was wrong and that we could wear our masks so it worked out fine. lol

What was really funny was that I was wearing mine on top of my head a lot anyway, and one anon didn't even wear his, one showed up without a mask at all but was loaned one, and so on. But we don't like anyone telling us we can't do something we've been doing for almost 2 years.

The only reason I wear a mask at all is to support anon anyway. And I think the mask is cool.

We got some strange people today. We almost always get one or two but today was a hoot. We got a guy looking for a chiropractor who was so drunk he could barely walk. He reaked of Tokay wine. Don't ask me how I know it was Tokay...and no I have never drank Tokay wine. shudder

We had a born again stop and try to tell us we were religious bigots. He left with some understanding of the cult. But he had to stand there and argue about atheists with an anon for quite awhile.

We had a guy waiting for the bus yelling at us not to take his picture. hahaha Like we even wanted his picture.

We had a kid come by and tell us it was insane to say that scientology destroys familys. Asked how he knew that he claimed he'd read about scientology.

Hey, Salty...we got a hot prospect for you!!

We also got someone trying to panhandle for gas. That's the typical line around here.

Did I mention our org is in a pretty crappy area?

We got a video with people holding signs saying we support Sen. Xenophon and that he rocks!

We even stayed a couple of hours longer then we had been.

All in all it was a FANTASTIC protest!


Patron with Honors
It sounds as though you had entirely too much fun! :)

When I saw your avatar, I thought, Come to the dark side. We have caek.


Hi Nightengale!

We had a great time!

I wear this avatar in Marty Rathbun's honor since he thinks ESMB is the dark side.:D I like the caek thing...I'll have to add it to my avatar. hahaha

We did have caek yesterday as a matter of fact. Our shrink brought it. :p

P.S. I owe you a pm and I promise to get to it soon.


Bardo Tulpa
Way to go, Byte!

7 protesters in Albuquerque is equal to 1/5th of all the active Sclions there, isn't it?