** ALERT !! ** Stephen McBride will be on Today Tonight - Thursday 3rd Dec - 6:30pm


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It really seems people are on to them. It seems the cofs tactic of just smile, lie and it will all go away just isn't going to work anymore. They must be shitting bricks.


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Great story, Thanks to those who posted the better quality video :thumbsup:

Doulbe thanks for Stephen McBride to speaking out.


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A man says his brother would be alive today, if not for the Church of Scientology.


video on right: Sci fever

Just read Scino's response. They have the blinking cheek to say that pc folders are priest-penitent bullshit in response to his brother's files being sent to the US. But they don't hesitate to use the information in them to dig up some mud on any opposition. Bet they're working really hard on trying to dig up mud on Xenophon right now.

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To Stephen McBride: Thank you so much for standing up and speaking out, it took a lot of courage. My sincerest condolences to you and your family, may your brother Rest In Peace. And may the evil cult that did this be bought to justice.