Alex Gibney is on Reddit today answering questions...

Boson Wog Stark

Patron Meritorious
Alex Gibney is so smart. He is such a lucid, rational person and his answers are satisfying. He is much better at distilling the important criticisms and abuses of Scientology than Scientology is at creating diversions, attacking critics, or having leading figures like Miscavige and Cruise refusing to answer questions and remaining silent. That in itself speaks volumes.

Who among us would not like to hear what Cruise's take is on what went down with Nazanin Boniadi? What does Cruise think about the fact that she was a devoted Scientologist going into this arranged date, where she didn't even know what was going on at first, and what about the stuff that was revealed to her about her boyfriend's infidelity, most likely from one of the boyfriend's auditing sessions, so she would drop him and be Cruise-ready.

And then the Miscavige incident, and Scientology sending her to to Flag to be corrected, then humiliated and punished because she told one person at Flag that she was heartbroken and distraught over it, and then she ended up leaving Scientology. Cruise is supposed to be a "big being." How could something like that go so wrong?

I'd also ask Cruise that if Scientology is supposed to clear the planet, how come he can't clear a wife. Doesn't he see a little problem in Scientology's stated plans for total world domination if he can't clear a wife, or Miscavige has to banish his wife, kind of like Mary Sue Hubbard was erased.