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Alleged Scientology OSA Network Orders. 549 pages.

Discussion in 'Office of Special Affairs' started by CommunicatorIC, May 15, 2017.

  1. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

  2. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Tony Ortega has expressed concern over the alleged document.

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    Tony Ortega Mod • 11 minutes ago

    Gordon posted this a couple of weeks ago. There are issues with it, not the least being that it was never actually published by the church and is not an official Scientology issue.

    I may be writing something about it later. But at this point, Gordon has put the source of this document in some serious risk, and he doesn't seem to care.

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  3. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    I looked briefly through the table of contents and a number of OSA Network Orders.

    I found an interesting conflict between OSA Network Orders #139 and #142, both of which were issued on the same day, both taken from writings of Hubbard from different times. Here's excerpts from both of them:

  4. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!






  5. J. Swift

    J. Swift Patron with Honors

    I looked over these OSA Network Orders leaked by Scott Gordon aka Watchful Navigator. Inasmuch as these Network Orders call for criminal activity, they violate the Illegality Doctrine:

    The Church of Scientology likely will have a problem in admitting that these are genuine Church documents because these documents are an admission that OSA engages in premeditated illegal activity, civil rights violations, undue influence, coercion, etc. and that 501(c)3 tax-exempt dollars are devoted to these illegal violations of public policy. This is akin to the Church's denial of the original OTVIII pack in which LRH wrote that Jesus Christ was a pedophile.

    The Church of Scientology is protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution. The goal is to get Scientology's tax exemption revoked. Once the Cult loses its tax exemption then the door is open to criminal and civil actions by Scientology victims. RICO and class action lawsuits take down Scientology.
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  6. cakemaker

    cakemaker Patron Meritorious

    Unless they copyright records prove that they are genuine.
  7. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader

    Give it some breathing room, there are enough ex-OSA around to give this a good look-over, I await some informed opinions and hopefully don't have to wade through twenty pages of conjecture and bickering to find them.
    Just the sheer size of it (549 pages) makes me think its likely some sort of shit the cult would come up with, and I haven't even read it yet, but consider that normal people, even mocking ones, would not waste so much energy to make this shit up, maybe a page or three, but hmmmm.
    Where's Smurff when we need him? In fact, where's Smurff? Did he died and I missed it? iya.

  8. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    I love your work Sir J Swift and thank you for it.

    I of course will put in my two cents worth..oh wait there are/is no sense in the problem and that is why it is a problem. lol

    1 ) "The Church of Scientology is protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution" In essence I disagree with this and the Judicial path of errors which led to this incorrect, assumption/ concatenation and conflation of "establish_exercise_thereof" of lacking of full constitutional intent and augmented and repeatedly furthered by 'case decisions precedents'. Anyhow that is my opinion.

    2) "The goal is to get Scientology's tax exemption revoked" I would call that a sub-goal and I claim that the real goal would be to not permit the practices of 'illegal violations of public policy, per "Illegality Doctrine' and ' premeditated illegal activity, civil rights violations, undue influence, coercion, etc. by any individual or organization PERIOD. And that intent is which the Constitution itself stands upon.. and needs to be interpreted and done so with full regard as possible to all it other articles as a coherent,and with reciprocity, a consistent WHOLE. That is my second opinion.

    uhmmm did you just edit your post as I was composing this...? lol...or do I need more sleep so I don't mix dreams with day_thought_dreaming ETA: Oh I see your quoted portion of your post didn't show up in my reply composing page... got it lol

    I will have to re-read at your link to and see if I still hold the above opinion..

    but more important things first....I need to dig into Gilbert and Sullivan and see what the hell that is all about.
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  9. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Also check into "Bob Jones University v. United States, 461 U.S. 574 (1983)" and what that was all about.
  10. Glenda

    Glenda Crusader

    There's plenty of ex-OSA staff around to verify whether these are real or not.

    I'm not willing to wade through this PDF document (time issues) but I have quickly scanned it and I lean towards they are real. In my time they had not been issued in such a neat and tidy format as is being presented in this PDF. The volume of pages rings true to what I knew to exist for OSA orders. I have sited the entire body of OSA orders (sitting on a desk in folders) and it would have been 500 (ish) pages I saw. There were heaps of them.

    I have read some of these issues (during my time in the cult). I don't recall how many. I don't recall which one's I read though I'm fairly confident if I waded through this PDF doc I would recognise the issues I read (if they are real docs). Might wade through them one evening for a few giggles. Could make an interesting evening with some of my friends who have highly developed senses of humour. I could wear a head-scarf and dark glasses. Someone could play the part of a honey-pot. We could do a truly sick silly reenactment of an intelligence gig, going horribly wrong. :melodramatic: :biggrin:

    Scientology will never admit that these docs exist. There will never be any credible "source confirmation" about in-house OSA docs. They are considered highly confidential and the docs on which the planets salvation lie. All very cloak and dagger stuff.

    OSA is an intelligence gathering group operating off a bunch of shit that Hubbard's paranoia set into play.

    So, are these docs real? I don't know enough to verify but I'm leaning towards yes. The other thing I would want to know is how did these docs come to be leaked out. I realise that is a tricky question and that the leakee (is that a word?) probably needs protecting.

    Some people in the cult will be very pissed these docs (real or not) have surfaced on the internet. Poor poor OSA, so much work to do to safe point Hubbard and his planet-saving tek.

    The spooky spooks are so spooky. :eyeroll:
  11. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    My take on these extracts that I've read says it's real Hubbard.:yes:

    There's no-one else that I've read who can do the self-important verbose pontification in quite the same self-aggrandizing manner as the dead Guru.:duh:

    And I used to believe these rat turds he scattered to us minions were truly pearls of wisdom.:omg:

    FUCK YOU, OSA !!!:devil:

    I hope these dox are another nail in your collective coffin.:angry:
  12. Glenda

    Glenda Crusader

    Here here Scooter. Well said! :yes:

    "Pearls of wisdom". Yeah right. How well I remember that mental mess when I was up to my eyeballs in true believer delusion.

    The truly arrogant are truly stupid. OSA are a joke! :yes:

    ***FUCK YOU OSA!***
  13. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    There are three documents here.

    The first link below is an account of experiences and conclusions by Watchful Navigator. There are a few minor points with which I'd disagree but most of the conclusions are fair and accurate, IMO. Minor disagreements would be on such things as the 1968 "Reform Code" having been sincere. It was not. It was PR, as was the new "Code of a Scientologist" except for one point of the Code. Over all, I think, reading this might be helpful to someone who still thinks of himself as a "with Ron" Scientologist.

    Then the subject of the op of this thread.

    Quickly scanned the above linked material. These are excerpts and some complete documents from older, original, Hubbard material. It's incomplete. (Scientology is worse than this.) Much has been excluded. For example, the 1973 Intelligence, Its Role is included, but the 1969, Intelligence Actions, Covert Intelligence Data Collection is absent. I'd have to recheck to see if all of Intelligence, Its Role has been included.


    Finally, in the link below, there's an assertion that Hubbard had been an agent of British Intelligence since boyhood. The key evidentiary document is a copy of an old letter which reads like a pedophiliac missive to an unsuspecting victim - the victim having been Hubbard. The account provided is reminiscent of Lyndon LaRouche's conspiracy writings. I wish I still had a copy of the LaRouche organization's early 1980s paper on Scientology. Perhaps someone can find it on the internet.

    Such analyses are alluring to anyone with a healthy curiosity and imagination, and, IMO, are not without some element of truth; unfortunately, they mostly lead into a mirror maze of, ultimately, futile conjecture.

  14. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    I read many of the original Guardian Orders in my year at USGO, studied the full OEC, as well as the ESTO course, the Dir I&R Full Hat and many, many Flag Orders, Base Orders and Directives as well as over a dozen full hats, so here's my opinion:

    #139 doesn't look right at all :no:, since the majority of Hubbard directives or MSH directives were about fighting SPs who are actually the psychs and teaching that others are hard-core evil and need to be destroyed, dehumanizing others to ensure the OSA/GO person has no possible guilt or second thoughts about hurting others. Also, too much of scn is based on auditing to cure insanity and that we need to clear the planet to restore sanity, etc. as the greatest good.

    #142 was not an original Guardian Order. L Ron never referred to terrorism the way we do now, nor did MSH.

    So if these two are legitimate documents, they were written by DM, but they are so far off-base from originals that I have my doubts that even DM wrote them.

    Almost correct, but it's off. The original is entitled something like, "Our Goal," and definitely says "mental health," not "mental healing."

    I remember something like this. This is pretty close, if not an exact quote. There was definitely something similar enough in the original Guardian Orders.

    No way is that one a Hubbard quote. :no: Beyond the huge grammatical error in the first sentence, medicine was always blamed on wholetrack psychs.

    Another almost correct quote. L Ron doesn't refer to psychs or SPs as natural enemies, nor does he ever define clearing the planet, or acknowledge anything done in scn is ever on a small scale. :no:
    :no: Fake. Again with the poor writing and grammar. L Ron Hubbard didn't write "then" and "they" and "now" repeatedly in his directives, policies, etc. when he used bullet points or 1, 2, 3, he just gave instructions. After #5, that paragraph is so poorly written, IMO, even Hubbard couldn't write it.

    Ethics Officers, MAAs and Missionaires choose the fattest files to conduct investigations, that's in policy, but OSA/GO don't do it that way. OSA/GO deal with those who threaten or conduct legal actions against scn, write bad press about scn or have already been declared SPs or are suspected of being squirrels or SPs.

    There IS an Intelligence Series in the original Guardian Orders, which would be OSA orders now. There are many precise, specific, step-by-step directives just on gathering intelligence. #2 is too general, and "source of antagonism" isn't quite right, either. #4 is poor grammar, again. This reads more like someone's personal spinoff from Dir I&R policies and instructions than actual GO or OSA directives. Someone who can't quite copy Hubbard's style.

    Yes, there was a huge body of GO orders, later written as OSA orders, then many added since, I'm sure.

    I'm not willing to wade through these, I'm already convinced they're fake from the excerpts above. They're spinoffs from ethics policies and other things. Look at the writing style closely on a few of them, Glenda, when you have a chance and let us know what you think.
  15. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    I betcha it's Miss Cabbage's Golden Era of OSA Orders. He must have found some missing commas and had to re-do the entire lot himself.

  16. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    :spitcoffee: :hysterical:

    OMG that made me laugh!!!! :roflmao:

  17. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    OSA Network Order 139 - "No insanity" - appeared on the front page in the first issue of Freedom newspaper, circa 1968. This appears to have been a gesture towards sympathetic psychiatrist Thomas Szasz designed to generate his approval of Scientology. In other words, it was insincere PR.

    OSA Order 6 is a brief excerpt from 2 December 1969 Intelligence Actions, Covert Intelligence Data Collection:

    "Our war has been forced to become 'to take over absolutely the field of mental healing on this planet in all its forms'..."

    First page:



    Last page:



    The original document is four or five pages long.
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  18. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    It has the "feel" of being genuine. I recognize some of the stuff that I had earlier seen in FO's and OODs, and from a casual skimming it all seems to have LRH's writing style. A Scientologist of long familiarity with LRH's writings and tapes might have been able to convincingly counterfeit it, a non-Scientologist could not.
  19. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Given that DM has been running things for over 30 years, it's highly likely that any current OSA pack would have a lot of stuff from DM that's been labeled as being from LRH, and things that were originally from LRH being "re-interpreted" by DM or others.

    The question is not "was it all written by LRH?", the question is "is it likely that this PDF contains the materials that OSA currently operates off of?". The grammatical errors make it more likely that DM messed with it.
  20. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    Thank you SO much, Veda! :hug:

    This one here makes sense, as the second paragraph explains why the purpose changed, and the grammar and wording is better as, "field of mental healing". It also looks to me like one that was reprinted in its entirety as part of the GO Intelligence series.

    Veda, if you have all these GOWW orders, can you include them on this thread (or will you be going through them one at a time for comparison?)

    As you said on your other comment, only someone who had been in scn a long time would know the writings well enough to rewrite them. :yes:

    But as Veda pointed out, one quote was from an 'Advance!' mag PR publication and was meant as a lie at the time it was written. So there is a certain spin on these, IMO, where other references have been compiled as if they are OSA Directives and I still think they are not.

    Some exes are heavily involved in conspiracy theories far beyond what actually happens. All these issues need to be taken with a grain of salt, IMO.

    I am very curious what else Veda will find and post on this thread and look forward to his next post. :drama: