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Allen Barton’s play “Disconnection” opening in L.A.

Discussion in 'Movies, Plays, and Documentaries about Scientology' started by Type4_PTS, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. CommunicatorIC

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    Broadway World: Skylight Theatre Launches 2015 Season with DISCONNECTION Tonight

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    Launching their 2015 Season, shortly after garnering the most Ovation Awards of any intimate theater in 2014, Skylight Theatre Company opens with Allen Barton's newest work, DISCONNECTION (2013-Years To The Day was his critically acclaimed world premiere with extended run in LA/NY/Edinburgh).

    Based on true events and current headlines, DISCONNECTION is a powerful indictment of contemporary religious intrusions into personal relationships. A successful lawyer, his classical piano mentor, and his estranged daughter all confront the dark side of dedication to a Church whose aged founder faces the end of his life in isolation and regret.

    "Disconnection was inspired directly by my experience with Scientology, and its notorious policy of the same name, whereby members must renounce their affiliation with anyone deemed to have gone against tenets of the Church. After watching this odious policy affect the life of one of my mentors, and again experiencing its interference in my own relationship with my cherished piano teacher, I was compelled to write this story. Scientology is just one of many controlled-thought systems that have taken hold throughout history, but the play is designed to be a metaphor for all those systems. It is not just an indictment of Scientology's disconnection policy, but of all of its ancestors, and hopefully, its progeny as well" -- Allen Barton (Playwright)

    ALLEN BARTON (Playwright) is a Los Angeles-based writer-director, and classical pianist. Last season's Years To The Day attained international critical acclaim after an extended run at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Allen has written & directed five short films and his first feature screenplay; REAL MUSIC was a top-three finalist in the CAPE New Writers Award Competition. He is author of several one-act plays and has earned numerous stage, TV, and film credits as an actor. As a pianist, Allen performed Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" at the 25th Annual S.T.A.G.E. fundraiser (Wilshire Theatre), was a prizewinner in the 2002 Los Angeles Liszt Society Competition, and has recorded five CD's (available on iTunes). In 2010 he was made a Steinway Artist. A graduate of Harvard University, his selected directing credits include Speed-The-Plow, Oleanna, The Heidi Chronicles, Engagement (writer), The Interview, The Real Thing, Rabbit Hole, and The Last Five Years.

    DISCONNECTION opens at 8pm tonight, January 24th at the Beverly Hills Playhouse 254 South Robertson Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA. 90211 Performances are at 8:30pm Fridays 8pm Saturdays and 7pm Sundays thru March 1st. Tickets are $30-$34. For reservations call 213-761-7061 or online at

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  2. Little David

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    I wished I lived close enough to honor LRH's death anniversary by attending this play tonight.
  3. Type4_PTS

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  4. AnonyMary

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    Larry Anderson's message from a separate thread:

    Please see the rest his post for info on upcoming showings of it, Larry's review of a "preview performance" last night, and most important, his request for support of Allen's show by ex-scientologist community.

    Look for the cool photo at the end of his post :biggrin:

    Review of Allen Barton's "Disconnection:
  5. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    In his post Larry included the link to a post from Mike Rinder which is very good and includes a post written by Allen Barton himself:

  6. CommunicatorIC

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    Disconnection The Play about Scientology

    Disconnection The Play about Scientology


    Published on Jan 25, 2015

    Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing "Disconnection", a play about the serious abuse that happens within the "church" of $cientology where people are forced to Disconnect from loved ones. The play takes place and the Beverly Hills Playhouse at 254 S Robertson Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 80211 I hope you all here in LA go! Congratulations to ALL who were a part of this play! My best, Tory/Magoo
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    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

  9. CommunicatorIC

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  10. CommunicatorIC

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  11. CommunicatorIC

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  12. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Novelist and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Roger L. Simon - PLAY REVIEW: Barton Disconnects

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    Indeed Disconnection often puts you in mind of other totalitarianisms, including today’s radical Islamic versions where apostasy is, of course, penalized in even more draconian manners than in Scientology, although there are imputations, both in and out of Barton’s play, of brutal, even homicidal, behavior for the more modern religion.

    The play is unconventional in its form, at times breaking the fourth wall, and includes, in one of its best moments, a soliloquy by Oldman (well played by Robert L. Hughes) justifying why he has created this bizarre monstrosity. It almost had me taking the plunge to get an e-meter reading. (I didn’t.)

    The production was skillfully directed by Joel Polis and produced by Gary Grossman for Skylight. Barton’s previous work Years to the Day was highly acclaimed and was performed in Paris, New York, Kansas City and at the Edinburgh Festival. The superb Disconnection seems destined to follow in its footsteps. If you’re in the SoCal area, see it.

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  13. Caroline

    Caroline Patron Meritorious

    "Regret" is a Scientological reference to where Rathbun at least placed Hubbard on Hubbard's pseudo-scientific "Tone Scale."

    It has been reported that Hubbard experienced psychotic delusions at the end of his life, and was in self-imposed isolation for fear of public appearances in legal proceedings. But afaik, Hubbard did not face the end of his life in "regret," at least not regret for the lies he told and lives he hurt to win, and for his abusive alter-ego, the "Church of Scientology." (Ref. Breckenridge Decision.)

    He might have regretted not being more merciless when his command intention was crossed. I think that's a theme throughout his writings.

    I don't think Hubbard ever expressed regret for his mercilessness. I think it is important to make this distinction, as regret for one's actions can be a feature in a moral awakening. Evidence of real regret is absent from every account I've heard of Hubbard's last years or days.
  14. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    LAist: Once A Gateway For Scientologists, Beverly Hills Playhouse Critiques Church In New Play

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    Barton's criticism of Scientology in Disconnection has nothing to do with its theology (no snarky references here to thetans or Xenu) or its celebrity promoters (no snarky allusions to Tom Cruise or John Travolta, either). His primary accusations concern the Church's mistreatment of its own adherents and its policy of enforced separation of members from any friends or family who try to challenge its authority or credibility. (The Church of Scientology itself, for the record, denies that "disconnection" necessarily demands this extreme alienation.) Scenes at the beginning and end of the play also suggest that the culture of Scientology may be more enticing to a susceptible person in a vulnerable position than most people recognize: "Don't be too comfortable in your judgment," one character directly advises the audience. "More of you would sign on than you think—trust me."

    Premiering just as Alex Gibney's new documentary film based on Going Clear receives accolades at the Sundance Film Festival, Disconnection rides in on a wave of critical examinations of the Church and its activities. Thanks in large part to a very strong cast, Disconnection merits a look as well. It's certainly not what anyone would have ever expected to see at the Beverly Hills Playhouse back in Katselas's heyday.

    Disconnection plays Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings through March 1 (no performances on Super Bowl and Oscar Sundays). Full-price tickets $33 and $38 ($22 and $26 for seniors, $10 and $15 for college students, free for high school students). Discount tickets to some performances $13.50-$21.75 on Goldstar, $19 and $21 on lastagetix

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  15. tetloj

    tetloj Silver Meritorious Patron

    Great reviews - thanks for collecting them CIC
  16. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

  17. Wants2Talk

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  18. Gib

    Gib Crusader


    The only place I recall Hubbard having regret was in KSW, having to eat crow, for excepting solutions from others, and KSW puts hisself on a pedestal, source.

    I can see why people involved in the 1960's were shocked and dumbfounded by Hubbard's KSW. And I can see why folks then were declared SP's, they were whistleblowers.

    KSW is pure rhetoric, in the wrong way.

    I am not advocating scientology, just stating my opinion here.
  19. Caroline

    Caroline Patron Meritorious

    Hubbard of course targeted specific conditions that might undo his programming, and stimulate people to wake up and blow. Regret would be a key component in that kind of moral turnaround.

    Hubbard required Scientologists to thoroughly denounce and reject regret and associated emotional responses by, among other things, placing them well below the analytical zone and into the "reactive bank" zone on his "tone scale."

    Scientologists are supposed to promise to "Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today and you make your tomorrow." (Ref. PAB 40 26 Nov 1954 "The Code of Honor")

    "Shame, blame and regret" is a well-known and early-learned meme in Scientology. It expresses a range of emotions expected in Scientologists who "see the light" or wake up to the consequences of their Hubbard/Scientology/Miscavige-justified abusive behaviors, and to the evilness of the purposes and command intention they served as Scientologists.

    Here are some examples of Hubbard and the Scientologists' recitation of the "shame, blame and regret" meme. I think these show its place in indoctrination and how Scientologists would be expected to relate to and process these human responses.

    In this reference, Hubbard provides some of the philosophy that allowed him to eliminate any guilt, even for what he actually did to victimize people, by blaming his victims for being there. Scientologists, of course, postulate this condition for themselves. It can sound so attractive to have no shame, blame and regret in one's life, but just insouciance. It can sound so OT to accuse their victims of being victims.

    Hubbard's even linked "forgiveness" with an attempt to fix the "shame-blame-regret" condition:

    Undoubtedly, Hubbard knew regret had to be stomped on hard if he was to keep his Scientology Working. He confirms shame, blame and regret as HE & R, and says they contribute to terrible things: ridges, mass and high T & A.

  20. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter