Almost able to come completely out! Woo Hoo!


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When you audit someone, you have to study their auditing files, which contain many details about their life.
In session you hear a lot about their current life, both good and bad. In all that experience, I never heard about one single OT phenomenon.
By this I mean something that could be independently verified as not just thoughts (delusions?) in the person’s mind.

And actually, very rarely did any of them claim any experiences similar to those that Tony has posted from Advance magazine. Most of them didn’t even pretend to have special powers.
What I found was that these “OTs” had pretty much the same illnesses, money troubles, domestic strife, workplace difficulties, etc., as all people. And in the same frequency.

Thanks for your post. I only did OT preps and ran out of money before OTs. I was forever told that my problems were because I was in the non interference area, mainly by Reges. I was extremely curious about OTs for many years. I am so glad to hear that I did not miss out on anything ... such as the secrets of the Universe, all all sorts of 'powers'. Let alone BT eradication. I appreciate all who have had the courage and wisdom to speak out with frankness.