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I'm on Facebook as a number of people here are. I like it but I don't spend too much time on it. Most of my friends on it are people I met in cyberspace connected to criticism of the cult, some FZ friends (many of whom are also critics, some not) and a nice sprinkling of family, friends, and coworkers. It's fun.

Ok, I'm a bit snarky and contentious but I'm flame free for months now. It's worked out fine. But this situation? This pisses me off. Let me tell you what happened.

I rarely put in friendship requests of people I don't know. Every now and again, I do so when it's suggested or something. I really don't remember asking to friend this person (name withheld) but I must have. Here's a message I got (again, name withheld) today:

Hey Claire,

I just got around to your request. I like your .com site, all except the partially nude "clam" pic at the bottom. So here's the deal, take of that pic and I'll accept the request.

(another paragraph- nothing odd in it-follows)

Ok, so this person is asking me to change my website so that it will friend me on Facebook. The offending pic isn't even ON Facebook. It's on my website. This is insane. I mean, the cult tried to make me stop saying and doing things and I didn't cave in to them. Why the hell I should cave into this person's requests, then, I really cannot imagine.

Also, I guess this person hasn't clicked the link that's on that same webpage that would take it to a whole set of John's jpgs about Scn that contain a whole lot more than a bare midriff, which is what the pic is. It's a bare midriff of an obviously comely young woman and it says Clearwater Clambake. You can't see tits. You can't see a vagina. You can't see a butt. No sexual act is depicted in that pic.

I wouldn't be pleased to see such a request even if the pic HAD been in my FB pix. But to make FB friendship contingent on someone editing their website? Really? That's insane. (plus, as I said, I will find it amusing when this person gets around to clicking the link to John's JPGs.)

This isn't the first time someone's expressed anger over this pic. It used to be my avatar on I took it down but I thought the fuss was silly. I had also received two requests (when I first put my website up) to take my entire website down.

It's clear to me that some people leave the cult but don't ditch the thinking.

Here's what I said back to this individual:

(intro paragraph and salutation)


As to the picture, well, it's just a torso. No breasts, no vagina. Says Clearwater Clambake on it. It's one of my husband's JPGs about Scn. In fact, if that annoys you, the link to my husband's JPGs which is also on the front page of my websie would annoy you further since 21% of those pictures contains out and out nudity. Breasts, bushes, you name it. It surprises me that a midriff would bug anyone.

Your request equates to censorship. It also does not make sense because you're objecting to something on my personal website- not something that's in my Facebook. I could ALMOST see it if this thing was in my facebook pics or profile, but it's not. So what you're doing is expressing disagreement with another part of my life. Actually, I'm sure I do all sorts of things you might not agree with- because that's how life is. I mean, what next? Review my entire life and let me know what I should or shouldn't do so that I can friend someone in cyberspace?

I wonder if you're someone I've talked to in cyberspace in the past. I rather think that may be the case. Be that as it may, if you look into my personal life and doings, you will find things you may not like. Same with everyone.

This is a truly bizarre message.

I mean, if someone doesn't like someone, then by all means don't friend them on Facebook. But something like this? Come on. If this person knew half the shit I did and thought, it would probably be quite disapproving, to say the least.

I wonder why it even bothered. Really.

This is going on my website, too.


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Don't change a thing!

Burp.. I recall a lot of 'moral upheaval' about that picture.. From bible belt (..or is that 'chastity belt'?), teetotalers .. Hey.. Post it again! - Those moral upheavals are hilarious!


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Heh heh.

Also- I misspoke- you can see the young lady's legs. But her crotch is tastefully covered (pun intended) with an oyster shell. (closest we could find to a clam shell.)

I've updated my front page describing this bizarre request.

If anyone wants to see the essay and/or the offending pic, click


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I think your return e-mail to that person is well written and civil. Some folks feel that it is their job to force their morals onto other people. Oh well.

BTW, I checked out the 'clam' pic and liked it. :thumbsup:


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do ya think

Do you think someone (ahem) is messing with you? I wonder if someone stole that person's (anyone's) FB ID (happened to me once) to harrass you? (Gee I wonder who would do that . . . . )

Seems weird that someone you do not remember ever requesting to friend, would reply to a friendship request with that. Unless it is an op . . .

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I shouldn't worry Fluffy, you want to see some of the bizarre emails I've been sent recently.Fortunately the most weird go to spam of which in the last month alone I have 177 all in Greek.

La La Lou Lou

A friend is someone that likes you as you are, not someone who gives you conditions to make so that you can be friends. Face book obviously has a different definition of the word.


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I don't really see the problem. You don't even remember sending the 'friend' request, so why bother even answering? I'd just blow it off.

Oh, and just guessing, but the message you got sounds really 'male', although I'll admit, some scientology infused women seem to take on a 'male valence'.


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Yah, this nutjob and I have like 30 mutual friends. FB must have suggested it (I prefer to call this person an it) as a possible friend or something. So obviously this person's involved in either the FZ or the critic's scene or both.

For those who are from the East coast- you'll know what this means--

Person can just go pound salt.

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I shouldn't worry Fluffy, you want to see some of the bizarre emails I've been sent recently.Fortunately the most weird go to spam of which in the last month alone I have 177 all in Greek.

The internet culture is strange, isn't it. But it has brought us many real friends, anyway.

Usually, when I get out of the blue messages and emails that aren't spam, I get some pretty nice ones. This one? Well, it's amusing, anyway.

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The other thing is that this is a bit reminiscent of a flap on OCMB a few years ago. A number of people were pissed off because that Clearwater Clambake pic was my avatar. It didn't used to be. First it was just on my website as it is now. That's what prompted two people to tell me to take my website down. You'd have thought I was cooking and eating babies. Me being me and NOT being flame free in those days, decided to respond to these requests by making it my avatar. I got a LOT of flak for it. This reminds me of that. Probably has some of the same friends.

This is odd synchronicity because I actually was thinking of this just the other day prior to hearing from this butthole today. I had toyed with the idea of making it my avatar here and only refrained from doing this so as not to make things tougher on ESMB admin. I actually had thought of making it my avatar on MY forum, though.


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Fluf/VC - Seems to me you've brought up your website and the photos before. I remember checking it all out previous to today (and again, today).

What is all the bruja-ja over nude art photos on a private website? It isn't really my cup of tea - but then I never claimed to be artistic - in any way :whistling: - so what do I know about it? They seem like nice photos - to me . . . So where are the naked fireman photos - for us gals (and gay dudes:)??


One question - What is this Clearwater Clambake pic ? Can you link it here, or post it or something? Why would anyone object over that - what is it?

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Well, some people are prudes. I also have made some enemies in the critic's community. A couple people who do post here (as well as on other fora) were particularly incensed and I always thought it had something to do moar with yrs truly than with the pics themselves. Now this person who messaged me on FB today? I have no idea who it is since the FB profile isn't under a posting nick that I recognize. People do change them around.

My husband got into a lot of trouble with the cult for his JPGs. (there's a link on the front page of my site). Some of them have nudity in them. Most don't. But the cult hated them and there're a few critics who didn't like them, either. They were, of course, in the minority.

His Clearwater Clambake thing was just his way of being's a joking reference both to Clearwater as mecca of cultic perfection and to those who criticize it, since, of course, a major critical site and message board is

I can understand some people not liking it (not everyone likes everything, right?) and so I did take it down as my avatar on OCMB since some people made a horrendous fuss about it. And I refrained from putting Ems on the spot by making it my ESMB avatar. But I'll probably put it in as my avatar on MY forum and I'm certainly not taking it down from my website. I also plan to put it in my facebook photo album.

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One of the criticisms made on OCMB was that young girls are brutalized, exploited and that this pic is such an example. I'll be tactful here and just say that I disagree with this assessment as to why that pic is wrong. In any event, it's on my private website. But now that I got this awesome feedback today, it's going up in a couple moar places. And why is that? Because I'm a bitch. And because I don't like censorship. Plus I do not like contingencies and enforcement. Smacks of emotional blackmail and reminds me of CofS.