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Thank for the welcome

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :D

I'll try to reply to just a few of the comments here:

@ Free to Shine - Yes, being free to experience life and all its nuances is truly liberating - if only everyone could. Get your wog on! :coolwink:

@ LongTimeGone - thank you. I think having an inquisitive mind made me analyze things a great deal. Being an idealist meant my expectations of the CoS (based on its own stated goals) were slowly shattered by reality. I wonder if my parents had of stayed in the SO...what life would have been like. Quite different I'm sure.

@ Arthur Dent - My two younger sisters also turned out to be free-thinkers and they are both well thanks. Neither of them are involved in the CoS, though I'm sure it'll take some time before they really understand what it kind of organization it truly is. I think for now they take the view that if it 'helps' people like my parents then let it be - but I'm sure that view is slowly changing as they learn more.

@ Infinite - Kia Ora! I know! At the time, I felt it happening...I knew how it must have looked to my parents - like I was being 'enturbulated' by the black PR. They probably thought..."Hubbard was right! Look at what the data did to her!" Crazy Huh!

@ Kutta - thanks. I like to consider myself an Internationalist! : ) (plus kiwis who want to join the SO move to OZ, right?)

@ AnonyMary - thank you. Yes, I am so lucky that I have a great relationship with my parents.
I think they are great people and am quite sure they would never be pressured into disconnection...but that must have been said before... When the time comes I'm sure we'll talk about the true face of the CoS.

@ Mark A. Baker - I did read about some Scientologists in Taiwan. Thanks for the link and info.

@ behindmycamel - I wonder how that's coming along...Amnesty International can be slow to grind, but once they get going there is a lot they can do. Thanks for the info.



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Ashajade, my granddaughter went to Athena, I often wonder how she is doing, how she is coping in the outside world since she left there. She is of course disconnected from me...I hope to find answers to these questions one day.

It helps to see you shining out here. :)


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It's good to hear from the not too damaged but not real cool with it folks. All the stories are relevant and I appreciate you sharing. :happydance: Enjoy ESMB!


Welcome Ashajade :) Glad to have you here. :) Thanks for the story.



The "get 'em while they're young" philosophy is very successful when it's successful, and a complete failure when it fails. Look at Catholic school kids. Most of them see through the bullshit and get the fuck away from Catholicism as quickly as possible, but where do you think the folks who go into the Priesthood come from?

I'm glad you escaped ashajade. I think you'll find there are many other second (and even third) generation ex-scientologists, here. Welcome.


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:welcome: - we probably know each other as I was on staff in Sydney all through the '90s.

I believe I do know your folks and they are good people. :thumbsup:

I'm glad you found us here and have spoken up - things are being done about this toxic cult so stay tuned. :coolwink:


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Welcome Ashajade

What a great opening post, well you're an old hand really at this cult busting stuff, 2003 eh! You're a brave soul, and I admire your ability to see through the crap early. It took me ages Asha.

Soon so much will be out there for the viewing your parents will have a difficult time reconciling things. They will see for themselves.

Stay in touch:coolwink:
Love James

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A very big welcome Ashajade.... so good to hear you are doing well and have gotten on with your life.

Your introduction was just wonderful... a blast from the past... you go girl :happydance::happydance::happydance:

Love and thoughts


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Hey, thanks again for the warm welcomes... :)

Keep up the pressure, it sure seems to be working...the CoS is dying.