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An update: Some good news and some bad news


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A very warm welcome to you, Human Again. :)

Thank you so much for Keeping Site Working.


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Oh welcome back

:shithitfan::vacuum::bricks::sparky::duck::pcpunch::banghead:Hi :wave:

Um... for all those who were around to hear Emma's wonderful dada da da da da da! of an introduction from me and were waiting for the :runaround: :hattip: and :bow:
but instead heard... :sleepy: nothing
I can understand if you felt a little ... :confused2: andf thought :wtf:

If anyone was wondering if I'd :runaway: because (...deleted...) :flasher:'d me
or i'f I'd :faint: :keelover: :ghost:

Well the :waiting: is over! :happydance:
:giggle: :violin:

I was :ill: with one of those childhood illnesses :bug: that are pretty serious when you are :old: - Hey! I was going to say mature! - sheesh, these emoticons have a life of their own don't they? - anyhow back to the :laundry:
no , it's not dirty laundry! knock it off emoties!
My hubby :hidecomputer: so I couldn't work,

:whipped: :love15: No emoticon's stop it :naughty: Do they do his to anyone else?

:booze: :pullhair: Emoties don't made me :angry: !

:megaphone: ok that's it! :slap:

:drama2: :tobed: :slap:

:write: Using words, banning emoties from my post, wrestling control back.... STORY ...
I was sick, unable to string two words together and missed my cue, the entire money drive (hey how good is it that we can afford to put $ in, there's no need to anyone to act against their will and it's what we all want to support!) - and basiaclly anything that happened for weeks. I have only just surfaced :sleepy: :rubeyes:

Phew, (emoties seem to back under control)
So I'm back, and dear, patient Emma can begin to take some time for herself and we can all continue to party - and Em might even be able to party too instead of just working her a$$ off keeping house for the rest of us . :floor:
Oh my God! I hear I missed a whole meltdown!
:shithitfan: :duck: You are a star Em :sparky:
I am here now to keep the party going so the road out of Scientology is maintained :vacuum: in the flavour that is unique to ESMB and which has served us all so well, and which will serve thousands as they flee the collapsing dinosour of dismay and deceit.

Thank you to all who welcomed me :buzzin: , and I apologuise to anyone I messed up when I kept hitting the edit button instead of quote, now that I have admin buttons :duh: - don't worry I also know where the back button is! Phew!

:hmm:, well, maybe I am still a bit :dizzy: fevered, judging by the rambling content of this post :whistling: but rest assured I am on board, and here to serve.

Oh, Welcome back HA, and I hope you are feeling better. Thank you for taking over these duties for Emma. We are all so appreciative of both of you, and all that goes on behind the scenes to take care of us.
:bighug: :rose:


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That has got to be the Guinnes record of a post with smilies applied with wild abandon, head over heels and without any vestige of constraint! - A post with a regular and mercyless carpet bombing of emoticons!

Who was that anyway?

Oh! - Our administrator!

Mewhahahahahha!!! :D


Welcome back HA. Glad you're gettin' over whatever brought on that emoticon attack. :) Good health to you and your family in the future. :)


Anyone with the name Natascha has got to be just super OK. I've never yet come across a Natasha that wasn't just...just...well, yum.

Good twin

Anyone with the name Natascha has got to be just super OK. I've never yet come across a Natasha that wasn't just...just...well, yum.

I know, right? That has got to be just about the sexiest name ever granted.

So happy you survived Natascha. We need to be watched. We get a bit outta control with NO moderation.................

Glad to hear Emma's creative solution to her problem of burn out...(Actually, I postulated a solution very much like this! :D)

Welcome back, HA! Glad you are feeling better! I loved the emoticon letter! :yes: :clap:


Con te partirò
After the drama of the last week I think it's time to clarify the administrator situation.

Nothing has changed from our original plan.

I thought recent incidents might have given Natascha reason to run a mile (and with good reason) but she has assured me today that she aint scared of these assholes.


As of today, Natascha is your administrator for all board issues.

I will no longer be responding to emails or PMs regarding the general running of the board. I'm going to step back some to handle this legal business and make sure the 500 errors get handled for good.

I'll still post and be involved but I won't be doing the admin I've been doing (unless it's to support Natascha if she needs it).

So any squabbles, login issues, name changes, reported posts, requests to move posts & threads, ideas for improvement, disagreements yada, yada, yada are to be directed to Natascha (Human Again).

I've changed the board contact email address to an address both Natascha and I have access to but Natascha will be monitoring it most of the time.

Please bear with us as Natascha learns the ropes and the software. There is a LOT to learn and she will need some time so please keep this in mind if she doesn't get back to you straight away. Mind you, she couldn't possibly be slower than I've been in the past.

When the cops took my computers I lost all my unanswered emails sent to [email protected]. So if you do have an unresolved issue, please resend your email to [email protected] and Natascha will get back to you as soon as she can.

Now....I'm off to devise ways to make a certain cult accountable for their crimes. Busy, busy, busy.


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Welcome back Natascha, and glad to hear you're feeling better. I am sure you will do a brilliant job.

The timing of the changeover was perfect. After royally pissing off the cult with this board, Emma is now all fired up and freed up to do them even moar damage! :D

Go Emma!

Now admit it, you didn't really want to retire, did you? :whistling:


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Thank you Emma, for your many years of toil in the trenches. Please enjoy the sunshine for eternity!
Welcome Nat, to the view from the top. You're in charge, but for God's sake don't take it too seriously. And have fun!