Andrew Morton's Tom Cruise control


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Andrew Morton's Tom Cruise control​
by Richard Eden
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While Tom Cruise succeeded in preventing the publication in this country of Andrew Morton's unauthorised biography of him, he has clearly not managed to scare off the author from pursuing other wealthy Americans with intriguing private lives.

Mandrake hears that Morton, who is best known for his 1992 book Diana: Her True Story, is now working on a profile of Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy.

Macmillan's decision not to publish Tom Cruise: An Unauthorised Biography, which contained disputed claims including an allegation that the Hollywood actor has become the de-facto second-in-command of the Church of Scientology, has, however, infuriated Morton.

"I believe that the laws in Britain are a disgrace," he says. "This book has been published in Vietnam, China, Poland, Hungary… in every country of the world except England and the countries that maintain British laws. I can't understand this in a country that defends freedom of expression."

Cruise vigorously denies each of the claims in Morton's book.