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Andy Nolch interview with Independent Scientology Auditor Ralph Hinton.


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Published on Jan 28, 2017

Interview with Ralph Hilton an Independent Scientology auditor. If you'd like to buy his e-meter or get some auditing from him below is a link to his website:

THE INDIE SCIENTOLOGY PODCAST is hosted by comedian Andy Nolch. It has everything to do with the interesting world of Scientology. Celebrities, controversies, Hubbard's writings and more. Podcast also in iTunes:

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From a discussion over at Marty's blog from a while back, titled "The Second Dynamic'. Wrote veteran FZ auditor, and FZ Opinion Leader, Ralph Hilton:

"Sex was heavily implanted using techniques which I won't post on this open forum... I know the issue 'Pain and Sex' was quite unpopular in some circles. Current society is quite dependent on procreation for its existence."

The post then asserted the importance of thoroughly completing both OT 2 and OT 3, in preparation, it would seem, for the eventual addressing of the Pain and Sex whole track implants.

In a more recent post on Marty's blog, just the other day, Heidrun Beer, who is advocating Clearbird's (actual) "GPM" (Actual [not implants] Goals, Problem, Mass) procedure, received a response from Ralph.

Ralph asserted that a Clear and an OT 2 completion would have no GPMs whatsoever, and that any problems would arise from:

"The two main things that aberrate people - pain and sex. LRH got considerable kick back from that."

Ralph addd:

"The fights and endless 'games' that go on in the FZ are not the result of GPMs, but something that needs to be addressed at a higher level."

Ralph, if you see this, could you tell us if you're currently delivering auditing which addresses Pain and Sex whole track implants?

Can you tell us the results?

Could you possibly tell us the implants? and the procedure for running them?

If what you say is true, then the peace and tranquility, and future expansion of the Scientology FZ, may depend on your making known, and applied, your Pain and Sex procedures




There are two items in this universe that cause more trouble than many others combined.

One is PAIN.

The other is SEX.

One should know more about these things.

They may have applications but they are used by destructive beings in great volume to cave others in.

Despite the false data of Freud, psychologists, psychiatrists and other criminals, they are not native to a being. They are only artificial wavelengths. They have exact frequencies that can be manufactured. A being or a machine can synthesize either one.


When pain enters a scene, a being withdraws, contracts and can go unconscious. When sex enters the scene, a being fixates and loses power.

Destructive creatures who do not want people big or reaching—since they are terrified of punishment due to their crimes—invented pain and sex to shrink people and cut their alertness, knowingness, power and reach.


These are data which emerged from recent thorough research of the whole track. This is not theory or some strange opinion. It is provable electronic fact. The waves are just synthesized.

They are the most-used tools in the campaign against beings in furthering the general goal of those creatures whose sole ambition is destruction. The universe does not happen to be either destructive or chaotic except as such obsessed creeps make it.

L. Ron Hubbard



Is Ralph going to volunteer to be the first test case in the piloting of the 'Pain and Sex Rundown'? It's controversial since it involves a simple medical procedure.

(The disturbing part is that Ralph is one of the saner and smarter persons in the Scientology Freezone.)
These fellows both have had the medical procedure.


Interview with Michael Moore, Freezone opinion leader and founder of APIS:



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Andy Nolch interview with Peter Moon - The Scientology Experience.


Published on Feb 10, 2017

Interview with Peter Moon by Andy Nolch on The Indie Scientology Podcast. Working on the ship Apollo, conditions at Flag Clearwater and much more is discussed.

THE INDIE SCIENTOLOGY PODCAST is hosted by comedian Andy Nolch. It has everything to do with the interesting world of Scientology. Celebrities, controversies, Hubbard's writings and more. Podcast also in iTunes:


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Inside a Ron's Org - Independent [or Post] Scientology Max Hauri.


Published on Mar 6, 2017

A look inside Ron's Org Grenchen Switzerland, with Commanding Officer Max Hauri.

Hosted by Andy Nolch, this podcast has everything to do with the world of Scientology. Guest interviews with current or former Scientologists, good L. Ron Hubbard quotes, Scientology success stories, anything and everything to do with Scientology is on this podcast.
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Ron's Org OT Levels Explained - Max Hauri Indie Scientologist


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Published on Apr 23, 2017

Max Hauri Independent Scientologist explains Ron's Org OT levels. Full interview on The Indie Scientology Podcast. Available iTunes.

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