Angry Gay Pope makes an insensitive ass of himself of LRH Way..


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I am shocked & disgusted.. does anyone know who this disabled man is?



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Didn't watchd it all - stop at ''you pulled it in''

Tormenting people , either adult or children in school, just for the the show I don't like...
but tormenting people in such condition and probably facing lot of suffering....NO! :no:

This person is not in condition to handle any ''schock''

And I myself am schocked...
WOW :no:


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I agree with all sentiments above.

I messaged Pope to re-consider because this is gross and cruel and tasteless.

He would not consider a take down or edit.

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The name of the guy Pope took video of is Tom Arimento.
He was in FOLO ExTernal comm from 1973-78. (Now called CLO) He then developed Multiple Sclerosis
He was raised in Yonkers, NY, and he is a very kind man. I will attest to the fact that Tom came from an extremely wealthy family.

I have often wondered how much the Cult drained out of him.

Strangely enough his fellow External Comm guy John Bond who has done the same job in External Comm, even same area developed some huge medical problem as well. John Bond, (British) served some 40 years in the Sea org. He got no Bridge, but he did get a serious medical condition.

Chris Shelton would know both of them well.


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I am shocked & disgusted.. does anyone know who this disabled man is?


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I posted this (slightly edited here) on Facebook:

Tom Armiento pictured in this video above was a Sea Org member who has MS. He was in for years and worked dedicatedly as long as he could in the SO and lasted in until about 96 or 97 if I remember right but not totally sure about the exact year he left. He was still in ASHO after it was renovated the first time because I remember him still being in a new uniform then. He was kicked out/routed out when he was no longer able to be on post without driving around on a motor-driven scooter to get around at all. I lost track of him and actually until I saw this today, I thought he'd died. AGP jeering at Tom is pretty off-the-rails because it's clear Tom is barely able to get around. Tom may be just as suckered in to the destructive cult as ever, but that's hardly justification for casting verbal abuse at him (or anyone for that matter).

AGPs tactics are not how you change hearts and minds on any side of the fence. You do not become your enemy to expose your enemy. You do not sink to their level in order to show how low that level is. All this video with Tom does is serve OSA's purposes by showing that critics are so vile and so disgusting that they would verbally torment a crippled old Scientologist who clearly did not want to be talked to or talked at by AGP. There is no good that is going to come of this video.

I have disagreed with some critics I've seen over the last two years as to substance or tactics they've employed but I don't make a practice of criticizing or calling them out. In this case, I have to make an exception. AGP's tactics may have had a time and place (I guess, being very generous here) but now they are loathsome and wholly destructive to what any critics of Scientology are trying to do.


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I have it confirmed in back channels communication that Tom Arimento's extremely wealthy family back in New York was milked thoroughly by the IAS in a predatory fashion.


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So his money is good enough for them but he can't continue work with them because he is disabled, even despite that he can pay his own way

Why does the rest of American organizations have the decency to accommodate handicapped and the supposedly self proclaimed saviors of mankind offloads them?

Because scientologists aren't strong they are weak and self centered

Because they are elitist and exclusive and genocidal toward anyone not able to give them more than they receive and anyone that doesn't fit their extreme ideal

They are more cruel than agp and that's the irony of this all and the point he is making so inconveniently
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Money$$$$$$ from the Disabled has always been welcomed with open arms.
Nothing is done to help the donor, spiritually, religiously or mentally or psychologically, but the donor has the dream.......and the money is gouged while they go on hoping.

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[HIGHLIGHT]I am shocked & disgusted[/HIGHLIGHT].. does anyone know who this disabled man is?


Me too. Cringe. AGP's video is a sad example of when J&D-ing mockery crosses the line towards blatant demeaning nastiness.
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Inappropriate, as well as uncomfortable to watch, like some of the Gay Pope's other stuff, but it was short and the guy didn't seem too upset about it. If this rich guy is shielded by the wealth that CoS is carefully milking, maybe no one is ever confronting him in any way about Scientology. In that respect, saying something could be better than nothing, but in this case probably not.

Unfortunately, I think what the GP said would be the kind of thing which would drive him deeper in, if anything, because he'd be willing to pay anything for people to be kind to him, offer some encouragement, and treat him nicely, which is what he's probably getting already from Scientologists.

At this stage of his life, I don't think they'd be making him feel guilty for "pulling it in" or making him repeat courses, as much as they'd be offering encouragement and hope, by indirectly coaxing him to believe that while there are no super powers to take away his illness, he can help save the whole planet by donating a bundle.

It would have been different if the GP had teased him at the point years before, when he may have still wanted to continue working for CoS, but they didn't want him around because of his condition. He's long past that now.

Although it's much easier to formulate these things in hindsight, and GP shouldn't have just been stuck in his mocking mode (appropriate when someone is wearing a superman costume or on a horse, reenacting the glory that was Scientology during the time of King Arthur or whatever) if he could have said in a matter of fact or kindly manner, something like, "You know, L. Ron Hubbard was in very poor health a few weeks before he died, and David Miscavige and Dr. Denk, his personal physician, went to Reno to gamble during which time LRH had a stroke, and no one was there to help him medically. He died two weeks later at the age of 74. I hope that if you ever need help or someone to be with you in a time of difficulty, you have some family or friends who care about you, because the only thing Scientologists are really interested in is your money."

Or, even saying just, "You know, the main thing Scientology wants from you is your money."

It made me think of Part 3 of Chris's video interviewing former Sea Org member, Robin, and how when she was working as a tour guide in the Hubbard Life exhibit for a few months, only one person asked a probing or uncomfortable question about LRH, in this case, about how many wives he had. So there are many Sea Org workers who live such insulated lives they are never challenged or engaged in any kind of conversation about Hubbard's life or Scientology. This kind of behavior, along with people who politely decline to take a free personality test, just reinforces the myth to Scientologists that the public is not educated, and doesn't understand the benefits of Scientology. That's what they see as the main problem in the world. Any problems they see in Scientology or the Sea Org will correct themselves once more people are clear, and not producing so much suppression. Never mind that many of them are not clear yet.

Asking the right questions..."Are you really free, when you have to be so careful that you might encounter entheta on the Internet, like real facts about the life of your founder, L. Ron Hubbard? And where is Shelly Miscavige? She used to be at Scientology events, and it's like she disappeared?"

So what GP should try to think of is, if I were this old guy and feeling pretty crappy probably, but firm in my "certainty" that my eternity was in Scientology, how would I like to be treated? What could a critic of Scientology say to me that might make me question something or think about something in a different way? In other words, the old Golden Rule. Trying to "shatter" a person by mocking them doesn't work any better than when Scientologists do it. Most people who do that just end up feeling embarrassed they did.

The reason I mentioned mentioning LRH is that since guy is getting to be in that same age group, it would be something to think about. He might be curious about how much LRH suffered near the end of the life, with his great powerz, and why that was. I don't think it is too late for this guy to start being suspicious, especially if he's getting regged a little too hard, that what Scientology is mainly after is his money.

The more wealthy and old a Scientologist is, the more impenetrable they will be. But it's not too late to get through to the young ones, and all the people who may be reaching a particular stage, it's just very unlikely this guy is at that stage.


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I generally accept protesters being adversarial or confrontational as if nothing else letting bystanders know someone finds Scientology objectionable, so they might look online before joining Scientology.

So, it can have a deterrent value. But AGP has just gone too far in ridiculing a handicapped person. Scientology destroys compassion, it doesn't need any competition in that department.

He can rationalize his actions any way he likes, a hate fueled attack is never pretty.


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How does a Scientologist become an ex-Scientologist?

Surely not this way.

Scientology is vile, selfish, manipulative, uncaring, and evil.

Scientologists are deluded believers.

I hate the evil that ​is Scientology, NOT Scientologists.


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AGP would not put this online ,if there was "NO" from KDC.... so now she is doing PR damage control.... but , still - I love some AGP enturbulation....

and more KDLC ,explanations and back channel confirmations to come...... even Smurf is angry - again there is no place for him!!!! damn you AGP!

KDLC - thinks LRHs tech is not good, but still using it!!! since Dianetics age....

AGP - good job! let the haters... - hate....!!
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