Anon Protest, Sept. 13 - LA PAC

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Posted the following to an FZ board. Thought I'd do so here also.

Mark A. Baker


The protest took place along Sunset directly across from L.Ron Hubbard Way at PAC. The Co$ had the street closed off again with barriers up to prevent accidental "exposure". ;-)

The Anons started showing up around 3:00 pm. The size of the crowd was about 50 people and they represented a cross-section of freezoners, ex's, Anons, independents, etc.. They were all intent on having fun, while making some serious points about Co$ abusive practices, and they proceeded to do so throughout the afternoon.

The Anon's met with a very positive reaction from passersby, both on the sidewalk as well as in traffic. MANY cars honked in support of the protest and quite a few pulled over (on a very busy street) to get copies of the Anon kids pamplets.

One lady pedestrian, uncertain about what the hubbub was about, asked a local security guard what was happening. He assured her there was nothing to worry about: "these kids are just protesting the scientology group, they are all very peaceful". :)

The OSA turned up to infiltrate the group. Some posing as Anon's, others as counter-demonstrators. They seemed to be particularly pleased that, as they believed, they had discovered the true identity of two of the young people who regularly attend the protests. The OSA had premade signs with side-by-side photographs of these protesters both masked & unmasked (or so they think). ;-) The OSA types with these signs proceeded to follow the targeted protesters around in an attempt to "out" them.

Amusingly enough, at least one of these OSA types, a clearly middle-age white guy, was showing his own cowardice as he was himself hiding behind a mask while seeking to unmask the kid.

Cameras & microphones were evident throughout the crowd. A young man conducted interviews for his weblog ( extensively throughout the crowd. I wound up interviewing him about his weblog as, for the most part, it deals with the problem of making classic literature more "accessible" to modern youth. [This is a topic near to my heart, although I argue that it already is "accessible", you just have to learn to read. ;-)] However, for the day, they were collecting material relevant to the phenomenon of Anon as a reaction to the Co$. He got several excellent interviews including one with a ex-scn Class VIII friend of mine.

All in all a very pleasant day was had by all except the Co$ reps. Ah well! Can't please everyone! :-D

Mark A. Baker
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Just be careful, Mark...

The OSA Intel 101 way of getting people to talk is, "Hi, I'm doing a term paper/research/dissertation/etc. on blah blah."

People love to yak about things that are close to their hearts....