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I would check the arresting officers connections to NoI. This was obviously a "favour" done by someone at MPD. That they would waste karma points on this is kind of interesting, but the whole thing was set up in advance. Major irony that it was a couple of black people that were used to deny Sparrow his Civil Rights...

But that is your brain on Scientology.


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Suggestion for Anonsparrow;

Since you can't protest at FCDC, go somewhere else. There are numerous Orgs within a day's drive and, even without going to a Scientology org, how bout protest signs at the Justice Department, demanding a R.I.C.O. prosecution of the 'Church' or the IRS demanding clarity on the obviously fraudulent Tax Exemption?


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How about the White house?
Hold a sign saying "I can't hold this sign in front of the Cult of Scientology!"


Or even back in front of Yinglings office....they really seem to love the attention you bring...:coolwink:

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Brian, thank you for the update.

If you need more donations I will donate again.

Glad to see they may have stalled 1 person, but batons have been handed off to make sure that free speech bringing information to those entering the area has been passed and Radio Paul is out protesting.

They can stall but they can not stop the truth from being said to those who need to be well informed.


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Moxon really needs to lose this one. Then he needs to find out what really happened to his daughter.


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If anyone would like to experience the most lies told per minute then I suggest that they visit any court room for a few hours.

I don't know how any judge or commissioner could keep their sanity over any length of time in sorting out all of the crap from the truth.

This is NOT OK !!!!

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Didn't Aunt Bee bring you fried chicken?


What kind of socienty do we live in anyway?

Just kidding, I,m sorry that I have not contributed to your cause yet.



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Brian is a great guy and the cult doing this is going to result in a Footbullet of Epic Proportions! :yes:


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How about the White house?
Hold a sign saying "I can't hold this sign in front of the Cult of Scientology!"

I like this idea! ANNONSPARROW!!! You rock!! Thanks for the update.
Sorry it was so degrading in jail. Don't worry, the c of s will get theirs!

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Update from WWP http://forums.whyweprotest.net/328-...g-moved-sept-23-deposed-moxon-oct-14-a-71567/

Hey what's up everybody. Here's the update:

So the only thing that happened this morning was a re-scheduling of this status hearing for September 23rd. We received discovery documents from the District Attorney only yesterday and my criminal lawyer is out of the country until next week. My civil attorney stood in for him and agreed with the prosecutors to push it back two weeks.

On the 23rd I will either ask for a trial or accept their plea deal (which isn't much). It basically says we'll still charge you with attempted stalking but you won't have to goto jail while you await sentencing. (Pft.)

My attorney accidentally coughed up my work schedule while picking a date for the reschedule so I'm sure Moxon caught that and will try schedule shit "around" it. I've already alerted my workplace though as to what is going on and I'll just say that they are intrigued and supportive so far. Also they love me alot. :)

I've reviewed the discovery documents and I'm flabbergasted at the contents. I'm not sure if getting too specific about what's in these can hurt me or not so suffice it to say that it's more of the same type of stuff found in the civil complaint only much much more.

At first I was outraged when reading the info. Then after I calmed down I read it again and realized that there's alot of new material there that is really going to strengthen both cases. Therefore :)

Moxon was there today with Vicki Turrisi but they were the only ones.

I got to listen to our judge preside over several similar preliminary type cases before they got to me and she seems excellent. At one point this one attorney kept interrupting her and she took it in stride which impressed the hell out of me. But finally she interrupted him and said keep it up and you'll be in contempt of court. It was sweet.

So that's all for now. Game on in two weeks.

Oh yeah also I'm scheduled for a Moxon deposition for the civil trial on October 14. I'm pretty pumped for that.

Thanks again everyone for your continued support. And thanks so much again to all the donors, auction winners and auction putters-on'ers. This is OUR battle for great justice!



If I were him, I would ask for a trial with a jury. I hope he doesn't waive any rights to a jury.

The plea deal sounds like intimidation tactic.

I don't believe any jury would buy the stalking or attempted stalking.