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AnonStillAlive.com: anon/critic website listings


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AnonStillAlive was launched to help new and current members locate active anon groups world wide for raid coordination, press contacts, and more. This summer we introduced the thumbnails of a few notable anon and critic websites so that folks could easily see various anti-scientology resources. I would like to expand that with this upcoming revision.

If you have a website, blog, or video channel dedicated to Anti-Scientology material, send the link to [email protected]

A short description of the purpose of the site would be nice too. The screenshots are captured automatically, so no need to send logos. Please do not send links to defunct sites (anything that hasn't been updated in more than a year).

AnonStillAlive.com serves primarily as a directory for new anons and critics, but with the changes in critic sites over time it would be really useful for us to have a good centralized listing of all the online resources. I will be putting together categories, such as "Education" "Ex-Scientologist Resources" and "Regional Anon Websites" so even if your site isn't "for anonymous" it would still be good to have available, and a good source of traffic to your site.

Thanks for your time.