Anonymous fights human trafficking in Church of Scientology


Article/press release on Google News: Anonymous supports Blue Heart Campaign Against Human Trafficking

(1888PressRelease) May 06, 2009 - Los Angeles, CA – Anonymous is informing the public, and reporting suspected human trafficking to the government and to competent non-governmental organizations. In accordance with these activities, Anonymous supports the UN Blue Heart Campaign against human trafficking.

"There is a misconception that human trafficking only concerns the sex trade", says "David Mudkips", a long-time participant in Anonymous. "The sex trade may be the most visible issue here, but trade in human beings is also being done to exploit people as manual labour in factories, farms, desert compounds or even rich private homes." Trafficking victims are afraid to escape due to fear of being punished, being forced to pay illegal freeloader debts, being disconnected from their families, or fear of reprisals against their families. In addition to the manual labor, they may be facing physical, mental or sexual abuse.
(more at the link)

The press release refers to this longer article elaborating about what the signs of human trafficking are, and how Scientology fits to it: Anonymous provides tangible support for Blue Heart Campaign <-- The pool is open for comments on this one; registration required.

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Comments, reactions?

Do you think a hardcore Scientologist will be able to doublethink hard enough to not see the contradiciton between their "human rights" message and their own conduct? If not, I think at the very least that the non-Scientologists they interact with may see that contradiction.


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:welcome: to the board and good find there, ARC.

The Human Trafficking Law must have been written for Scientology. It's just astounding that they claim to support it. They will find themselves in court over it,for sure. :thumbsup:

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:welcome: ARC!

Thanks for the info. . . I hadn't ever thought of human trafficking in those terms either.

Hope to hear more from you!

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Thanks for the welcome. :hifive:

I wonder if Amnesty International has gotten any further with their investigation.


Contact CW anons for an update?

I think the people who were on this had a bit of falling out with each other and dropped out of contact. Maybe asking AI in London directly would be the way to go, but if any of the people who are already in contact with AI read this, please give an update.

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Potential theme for the next protest?

Could bringing attention to the human trafficing that scn does be the theme for the next protest? I'm not sure if there is a theme yet, but it's just a thought. It's appaling and needs to be made public.


There is a need for a bit of lead time before each themed protest, to prepare videos, websites, press releases, costumes, signs and flyers. I don't know what May holds in store.

But human trafficking does seem ideal for the planned Sea Arrrgh II (Sea Org related) protest theme in June. Many locations are going to dress as pirates and inform about the Sea Org while dancing pirate dances. Natural to bring it up in relation to that.