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WS Justifies Study Tech (Result of 9/8 NVA)


Before you say pics or it didn’t happen, there was no way possible for us to take pictures or record what happened at the end of the picket: we met with Will Smith. The Fresh Prince himself came out to speak with us and discuss our concerns and issues.

The other Anons present can name themselves; Hero and I have been faced already, so you’ll see our names here. There were five us for a bit, then four.

Arrived at NVLA around 7:30, signs and fliers (neighbors wanted fliers, not the parents, and so did some kids walking by; one dad with his kids was very upset that Scientology is is his neighborhood and his kid was all excited “are you Anonymous!” yes, and we weren’t wearing masks because we didn’t want to upset the kids at the school). Gave fliers to director of security and Dr Oliver. Guy in SUV slowed pointed camera and we shouted for director of security who waved the guy over and cross-examined him—he is a paparazzo. Honks and slowing traffic for us. Staff of school very nice. About 40 cars pulled in. It was first day of school/orientation. Valet parking. Mostly very expensive cars.

We had told his Director of Security who very nice, professional, warm and not a Sci that we were getting ready to go and he said “If you’re able to wait, Will would like to talk with you, he’s just finishing up inside,” so we waited about five minutes, the director of security went in and we saw Will Smith walking over.

“When I was 10 and listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff, this not how I envisioned I would meet Will Smith,” said Hero, as the man himself strolled up the driveway towards us.

“Hi, I’m Will Smith,” he said, shaking hand with each of us (at least half of us gave our real first names).

“I have a mission statement I’d like to read to you,” he explained. It was handwritten in blue ink on lined notebook paper, and I caught a glimpse of it “At NVLA…” it began, and I said “Great, then we’ll give you one of our fliers,” and he smiled and laughed, “sure, of course, of course.”

“But before that,” we said, “We have some questions and concerns….” And thus SoCal Anon delivered:

We stated our concerns about Scientology in terms of disconnection, RPF and Fair Game. We compared licensing Study Tech and Applied Scholastics to buying blood diamonds.

He explained how study tech had helped his son learn to read and now he loves reading, that the misunderstoods, gradients and mass make sense

“Looking stuff up in a dictionary is nothing new…” he said.

“Nope, Pepys and Johnson,” laughed one Anon, and WS laughed back, “Exactly, we apply classic stuff, Thomas Jefferson’s learning principles.”

He is big on Jefferson and Franklin and thinks the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are two of the greatest documents ever written, and he was able to quote the Declaration to us. He is very sincere about his school. He feels that current public education is a factory, and he wants kids to be able to have true learning experiences.

I was able to say, “I am sure you have been told what a great humanitarian Hubbard is but in fact he was an unindicted co-conspirator in the greatest inflitratration of the us govet. And he never got a medal of valor” Flinch from Smmith. That’s hard to hear.

“Basically treason,” added Hero.

He wanted to incorporate study tech because it worked for his kids. He did NOT license Applied Scholastics or Study Tech when Home Schooling and is checking to make sure that licensing is not occurring now. We pointed out that licensing ST and AP creates a funding stream for Scientology and brought up again RPF disconnection and Fair game.

He assured us that the school has just taken what they like about StudyTech but to be completely transparent they are calling it what it is. It was brought up by Anon that Hubbard was scummy, so does using what he created give credence to the man?

“Let me ask you something,” replied Will. “Did you take the freeway here? Where to think that came from?” We knew the answer “autobahn.” And one Anon mentioned not agreeing with the composer Wagner’s political views, but occasionally enjoying his music.

Smith says that he and Jada have traveled all over five continents looking at educational techniques, and have incorporated them. The co founder of the school is Muslim, staff includes Christians and Jews. He says Tom Cruise is his friend and he has looked in Tom’s eyes and KNOWS Tom wants to help people that he means well (he compared TC to the rabbi at the Simon Weisenthal Center in terms of that degree of dedication).

Will said he had worked very hard to make sure all study materials at the school were secular and had had his pastor at his church (which he named, but out of respect I wont) look at them to make sure they were secular and that no religious agenda was being pushed.

He reacted very strongly and a little confused when asked if he had been audited, used an emeter or done the purif: “I am looking you straight in the eyes. NO! I am NOT a Scientologist.”

He made a point to give us direct eye contact, addressing our questions and assuring us that he would follow through on seeing if they were licensing AppliedScholstics at NVLA, but reiterated that he does not want to license any teaching methods.

We also told him that he might be told that Anon are paid by the German govt, by Big Pharma, even Bill Gates but we are not, that the same passion that drives to create a school for kids with organic food for lunch and very intensive ciriculum (of which we were given copies —about 150 pages of material) is the passion that drives us expose the abuses with in Scientology.

Do I feel we were handled? I came away thinking “We got our signs wiht URLS for ESk and seen by the parents, we gave WS info on RPF, disconnection, ESK, LRH that he didn’t have before. We were able to tell him about our own experiences with Fair Game. We were able to hear from him his goals and vision, where he goes to church, him say that he is not a Scientologist and (because we jokingly asked) that there is no sauna and niacin set up for the kids.”

He feels the methods called Study Tech work. He doesn’t want to license AP so he can be free to “sample” and remix some of the aspects with other methods. We discussed that Hubbard’s name attached to Will Smith might lead people into Scientology, and he realized that his promoting Study Tech can be seen as gain to Scientology. He said that if Scientologists tried to come in and tell him how to run his school he’d “do this” making a an elbowing gesture, “as I’d do to anyone.”

He is a very sincere and intelligent, strong willed guy.

Lest you think me star struck or naive, I am not. At all. We weren’t being run. We were being addressed as people willing to discuss an issue important to all parties. Smith is very pro-American Dream (he is a living manifestation of it). He has a vision and curiosity, is open and willing to being informed. Otherwise, last week and today would not have happened.

Lulu Belle

I've heard what you are saying before.

That he is into Study Tech but not the rest of it.

To Will:

"Good luck with that".

Someone maybe needs to explain to him the "No one is half into and half out of Scientology" thing.



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Maybe OSA will show Mr. Smith the "Keeping Scientology Working" policy letter when they "handle" him on this meeting with Anonymous. It clearly addresses people who are half in/half out.


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Thank you for sharing this encounter. I find it very credible. I am very impressed that Will Smith took the time to speak with you. And, no, I do not believe that he was trying to handle you.

He came away with something too. When someone tried to stereotype Anons to him now, he will be able to think back on this discussion and a seed of doubt will be there.

("How can they say these Anons were Terrorists, when the people that I met were polite, respectful, and honest.....?")

Very good job, and I find this encounter VERY encouraging.

Well done. :thumbsup:


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What bothers me, is that the couple of educators from California in the 60's that developed the study tech, are not getting credit for it. The Co$ is.

Alan, do you know if this couple is still around?


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Will Smith does seem to be one of the good guys.

What's wrong with using something that works? One of the best
ways to break up the church is for people to be selective about
what they like or use of Scientology.

This religious monopoly BS just doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

So when people find uses for bits and pieces of Scientology, the
its one more chip out of their corporate armor.


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Let us not be fooled...

The issue is: Exposing children to to LRH and everything that can go wrong with doing so.

Getting students to use dictionaries and demonstrate their knowledge is good and can be done without using LRH "Study Tech".

Will is knowingly attaching his name to giving good PR to LRH.

It's way too easy for him to know otherwise. It's like the Acting Teacher Milton Katselas; he advocates LRH if ever so subtly and is a follower of the "Tech". Good for him, however there is no way for anybody to responsibly advocate any involvement with LRH or Co$ "Tech" without using disclaimers. For example I might tell people about using dictionaries and using objects to clarify the relationships of concepts, but if I mention any similarity to what I know and "LRH Study Tech" I adequately inform about the MAJOR PERILS OF LRH AND THE COS. To not do so is irresponsible and amounts to inviting others to don hiking shorts and take a stroll on a poison ivy infested trail. It's that simple.

If you pay close attention to the alledged description of what Will said during the meeting with protesters... it's what he doesn't say that gives him away. This is a well known Co$ PR tactic. Disclaimers Please! (adequately inform about the MAJOR PERILS OF LRH AND THE COS). Don't even try to tell me that you are completely unaware of the worldwide movement against LRH-COS abuses. Care about kids? I believe you do but you are making a mistake Mr. Will and you need to wake up! The protests should continue at his school so that he gets his facts and knowledge up to speed.:thumbsup:




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The issue is: Exposing children to to LRH and everything that can go wrong with doing so.

Getting students to use dictionaries and demonstrate their knowledge is good and can be done without using LRH "Study Tech".

Will is knowingly attaching his name to giving good PR to LRH.

The protests should continue at his school so that he gets his facts and knowledge up to speed.:thumbsup:


I agree that Will Smith needs to be made aware of exactly what Scientology is and the damage that has been done in it’s name.

But, I think that further protests run the risk of alienating those who set up the school. If Anonymous have got their message across and Will Smith is indeed sincere in not allowing his school to promote Scientology, then I think that continued protesting at the school would be counter-productive.

If however, the CoS attempt to make capital from promoting this school and WS as advocates of ‘Study Technology’ or any other part of Scientology, then evidence should be gathered and immediately brought to the attention of WS and the school’s management.

I believe Will Smith to be an intelligent and savvy guy. If the CoS try to suck him in, then he will be alert to this now. Any overt attempt to recruit him is likely to seriously backfire.

Oh, and a very, very well done to the Anonymous guys who pulled this off. :thumbsup:

We might not always say so, but you have the gratitude and respect of huge numbers of ex-Scientologists. You are changing the world. For real.



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I agree that Will Smith needs to be made aware of exactly what Scientology is and the damage that has been done in it’s name.

But, I think that further protests run the risk of alienating those who set up the school.


I think you make a good point about whether further protest might alienate school reps. The object of protests is to bring attention and understanding of Co$ abuses to the public and officials (so that they can make informed decisions), so that's what I am mainly interested in. If that can be done vis a vis other communication channels, then the same objective would be achieved. The objective of heading off any Co$ attempt to promote itself with the school is important, So is making Will aware that using the LRH name in the schools curriculum is counter productive. If even one child gets led into the Co$ nightmare... that would be too high a price to pay.


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It seems to me, after reading this, that Mr. Smith was another "celeb" exposed to Scientology "lite". Although LRH was quite adament in the belief that you are either in $cio. on the "same terms as the rest of us- WIN OR DIE IN THE ATTEMPT", this policy obviously does not apply to celebs. or friends of TC.

Mr. Smith is QUITE misguided if he believes that looking up words in a dictionary, going back to where you went off the rails in doing something, or looking at a computer if you are studying them is something new to teachers. I think the man who actually WROTE the first dictionary is the one who deserves the credit!!! Everyday, worldwide, teachers work to make their students open to learning through many different means. All Mr. Smith need to look at is XSN kids to see how kids raised with only "study tech" and no formal education feel about it.

He sounds like an intelligent person with good intentions BUT furthering anything LRH through donations or publicity is totally irresponsible in my book. If the man likes to study all aspects of life maybe he should do a little research on this website and others like it. IMHO he should be at least a little aware he is treated with "kid gloves" and that there are many more sides of the story of "the most ethical group on the planet".

Anyways, well done Anon. I don't think there is any point in doing more protesting. You presented yourselfs as knowledgable people and "planted the seed".


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Wahey picket. Sadly no pics so afaiac it didn't happen.

“Let me ask you something,” replied Will. “Did you take the freeway here? Where to think that came from?” We knew the answer “autobahn.” And one Anon mentioned not agreeing with the composer Wagner’s political views, but occasionally enjoying his music.

Relevency is?

Looks like they were handled to me, can't believe they just accepted a piss poor argument as that. Oh well
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Anonymous and Will Smith Meet, Discuss Scientology Materials

California | Education & Student Activism

Anonymous and Will Smith Meet, Discuss Scientology Materials Taught at New Village Academy
by Brandon Walsh
Wednesday Sep 10th, 2008 6:01 PM
Despite using the Scientology-based Study Tech as one teachng method at his New Village Leadership Academy, actor Will Smith told members of Anonymous, " I am NOT a Scientologist."

On Monday September 8th, superstar Will Smith met with members of Anonymous outside of New Village Leadership Academy, the private school he founded with his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.

"I am not a Scientologist," Smith told Anonymous in response to concerns that his new school would be used as an indoctrination tool for the Church of Scientology. Many have jumped to conclusions about Smith's involvement in Scientology, largely due to his public friendship with actor Tom Cruise and the couple's large donations to Scientology-based charities such as the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project. Smith has refuted any claims of participation in either Auditing or Purification, both critical components of Scientology.

Smith went on to explain that, while he has witnessed impressive results from Study Tech within his own family, he will not allow his school to be used as a tool for Scientology. "If Scientologists or anybody tells me how to run my school, I'll just do this," he laughed, making an elbowing gesture. The actor began using the Study Tech methods for home schooling his children and has worked with faculty members to adapt those methods for use at NVLA.

A primary concern of Anonymous is that schools which use Study Tech must pay licensing fees to the Church of Scientology. "This revenue stream is one of the many sources of income which the Church of Scientlogy uses for such tactics as invoking frivolous lawsuits and hiring private investigators to intimidate critics", one member explained. "It is much like buying blood diamonds."

While unable to definitively say that NVLA is making no payments to Scientology, Smith did promise to research and verify the information. He then explained that he does not wish to pay a licensing fee to anyone because of his desire to maintain complete control over the teaching methods used at NVLA, an option not typically offered to licensees of Scientology "technology".

Anonymous members point to an evaluation of Study Tech done by Carnegie Mellon professor Dr. David S. Touretzky, which concluded that the allegedly non-secular Study Tech cites the same religious works otherwise used within the organization but with the word "Scientology" systematically removed. "There is no reputable educator anywhere who endorses [study technology]," said Touretzky, a vocal critic of Scientology. "What happens is that children are inculcated with Scientology jargon and are led to regard L.R. Hubbard as an authority figure. They are laying the groundwork for later bringing people into Scientology."

Anonymous provided Smith with information about forced labor camps (RPF), Disconnection and Fair Game, as well as founder Hubbard's less than spotless background which has since been whitewashed by Scientology, along with links to informational sites such as and

Anonymous demonstrators were pleased that they were able to discuss their concerns and issues with Smith, but remain vigilant. "We appreciate Will's interest in our efforts and his openness in speaking with us directly. It shows his concern both as a parent and educator. Anonymous is hopeful that NVLA will take the great strides necessary to correct for the deficiencies in Scientology's Study Tech, or abandon them altogether. We will be keeping an eye on the situation to make sure that NVLA lives up to the goals Will Smith has for it, which include keeping the Church of Scientology out of the classrooms."

Project Chanology is an ongoing campaign against the abuses of the Church of Scientology by the collective known as Anonymous. An info package has been created and is available for download at ; For more information, see , or

For information on September's campaign, visit and

To learn about the Church of Scientology's mistreatment and exploitation of children please see - a website to support young men and women who have left the Church.