Anonymous NL invited by police to talk about Scientology


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Anonymous NL invited by police: what dox to drop?
Anonymous Netherlands got invited by [major stress test infestation city]'s police to talk about Scientology, why we wear masks, what stress tests really are, and how to go from here. The cop we talked to was friendly, and very interested in Anonymous; he's read up on Scientology, and although he's "not allowed to pick sides", he's keen on hearing what we have to say.

We'll need general information to show, as well as dox pertaining specifically to stress tests. The obvious topics aren't a problem - disclaimers on e-meters, high points from Berry's speech, psychiatry without a licence, fair game - what we need to know is what peripheral information to give. We'll have about an hour for the first talk, maybe just over, so we have to make it count.

How do we make a good first impression? What dox, cases and ongoing struggles do the police want to hear about? What should we definitely leave out? Has anything like this been done before?

Also: Mr. Cop says it was our apparent necessity to protect our identity which caught his attention, because "when you need to hide your face in a free country like this one, you're up against something fierce alright". Masks are working, guise.