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.....I was perusing You Tube earlier this year, when I caught sight of one of the icons of Anonymous. Intrigued, I began to look more and more at this, initially feeling that these kids had no idea what they were in for. But these 'kids' are relentless. Many are tech savvy beyond most. The more I watched this growing phenomenon, the more I realized that Scientology has no clue about them.

It is the most brilliant form of peaceful attack I have ever seen. It is classic in its approach and in its execution. Nowhere (as far as I know) in any of the works of LRH is a workable defense against this kind of education.

Scientology has made inexcusable errors and blunders in trying to deal with it. All of their tactics are based upon short intense assaults. The less effective they become, the more violent they become. The only reason they are as effective as they are is because they throw money at the 'problem' like water thinking it will be quickly destroyed. They hire private dicks and give payola to law enforcement, hire expensive lawyers and manufacture lies and false evidence. They fail to see. They are blinded by their own fear and hatred-(I am speaking of Scientology as an entity, not it's individual players), because they are acting out LRH's own fears and hatreds.

Anonymous is an emergent property. It was going to happen no matter what so long as Scientology kept going along the way it has been. It's form is less important than it's manifestation. Chances are it will morph as needs be to get the job done. It is a check and balance to Scientology's rabidness.

Just as the protests of the Sixties could be seen as an emergent property for the youth of the time who could see beyond the length of their parent's noses and see what was an inevitable course before them. So if governments won't do change, then societies must take it upon themselves to do so.

I find Anonymous to be fantastic. I find Anonymous to be a saving grace. Here, an undaunted, incorruptible, force was facing an over confident and lumbering Bull, waving the red flag in front of said Bull without (seemingly) regard for safety. But I see the beauty behind these new toreadors of the Charlatan Cult. Though some may go down, being gored, others replace them, waiting for just the right moment to plunge the sword and make the kill.

An organization which started with the desire for lulz at first and which quickly adapted to true battle when they realized the seriousness of the evils and crimes of this tired mock Bull. They are maturing quickly and will add to their arsenal the many other groups which left to their own devices would be mere annoyances will now no doubt augment and add deeper dimension to the fight.

I applaud Anonymous and all of its supporters in their unwavering fight against this sorry and pathetic organization dedicated to fleecing millions out of their hard earned cash so these higher ups can go blow it all on their own personal prurient pleasures.


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Co$ & Anon

it makes me laugh that every time I feel Anon is going to fade away; I can trust COS to kick another bullet :thumbsup:
Co$ says: "Take that" ...
"OMG I just shot myself"


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With Scientology, the lulz never stop. :3 They just can't help themselves. I don't think we're quite as nice or noble as you might think, but I appreciate your thoughts. Personally, I think the biggest kick is that we're the assholes of the internet...and yet, we've actually managed to do something so significant with bad internet dancing and cake. :|


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Well, Anonymous may be the assholes of the interwebs.. I like 'em anyway!

But I was not very surprized that 'people' finally reacted to the arrogant crime cult.. I always thought that 'some day', people would get fed up with them and start making noise. And the was a gaggle of former scilon malcontents working hard at it.. Over time I'd given up on the 'justice system'. Seeing the cult manipulate Police and Courts with ease... That left the people themselves and 'public opinion'.

So I also expected that it would be young people. They are the ones with the right kind of gumption and energy.. I remember that, from when I was one of the assholes of.. something or other.. No internet back then..

When I saw the first announcement from Anonymous on YouTube.. Well, I freaked, because I feared that the cause would be hampered seriously if harrasment of that kind was done. OTOH, I really enjoyed CoS getting some shit shoveled at them. The threaths in that first video was very like, and no worse, than the threaths ex-scilons and critics were used to from the cult... Served 'em right!

Fortunatly Mark Bunker had more sense than I did! :)

Anonymous has created the breakthrough that I always expected. It's a PR war currently. All about public opinion.. And we're changing it!

We see the media loosing their fear of CoS. In short order Police and Courts will step into character too.. Cops, lawyers and judges never really liked being hoodwinked by that Cult..

Anonymous have indeed made protesting sexy again!




This is an excellent post wogmonster and I couldn't agree more. Good for you, you have described this phenomenon beautifully and I hope Anonymous are reading this too. Well done!! :thumbsup:


Thanks SP, these are excellent and for sure we need reminding of the work that Anonymous have done to help get justice and bring the scam down. Wonderful vids... thanks for posting... :thumbsup:

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