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Another BLOWN FOR GOOD Book Excerpt
Subject description: Birthday Party for what's his name?


It seems about time to post another excerpt from the BLOWN FOR GOOD book. I am checking out some issues to see what I can post from the book and once I this is all cool, I will post it.

I have seen a few videos of the Gold Base protests. The noise they are playing when the raids happen is called "Pink Noise" It is a collective set of discreet frequencies all set to an exact volume level. They used to use this to tune the older analog tape machines at Gold. I can tell you without a doubt that this was Dave Miscavige's idea on how to stop useful videos from being shot as the sound would be rendered unusable in addition to being just thoroughly annoying. With the amount of high power speakers and amps that would have to be used to set all that up, it would have been directed by Dave. There is a bit of stupidity on their part as when raids happen now, the entire property is alerted by the pink noise playing. You think it is annoying out on the highway, think of how annoying it would be if you worked there full time. Before, everybody was just ordered to stay inside during a raid, now you have to stay inside AND listen to pink noise at ear bleed levels.

Oh, looks like I got the green light on the excerpt while I was sitting here typing... Enjoy.

Until Next time...

Excerpt from BLOWN FOR GOOD the book.

The May 9th event 2004 (anniversary of the original publication of Dianetics) had just been completed and we all knew that we would be up all night every night for the next several weeks preparing for the June 6th events (Freewinds Maiden Voyage anniversary).

Normally this June 6th event was the worst, because it was actually a week of back to back nightly events. There were two hour presentations each night for at least six nights in a row. On prior June 6th events, we would have at least one 5-10 minute video for each night, and then a ton of speeches for all sorts of subjects. Sometime we would have multiple videos each night if COB wanted that and there was not a lot of progress to report on. Depending on what happened during the prior year we would have:

1. One night on the SBC’s or Social Betterment Corporations, Applied Scholastics, the Way to Happiness and Criminon.

2. Night on the destruction of Psychiatry

3. Night on Preservation of the Tech

4. Night on International Scientology Expansion

5. Night awarding various Scientologists for their application of Scientology technology in the field of business = whoever gave the most amount of money that year.

6. IAS Event showing what funded programs achieved throughout the last year.

For those of us at Golden Era Productions, we would have to gather up all of the past activities of the year and get pictures of anything that could be made into something that could be talked about for each of the night’s events. That is the same thing that would be done for any other events that occurred throughout the year, except for this event we had to have tons of pictures and tons of data as the people that attended these events aboard the Freewinds (mainly public Scientologists who were OT 8 or on OT 7) were basically the ones financing all of the Scientology enterprises and they had to be impressed in order to give more money.

Each day at Gold we would have meetings to go over what would be included in each night’s events. These meetings were usually useless as everything that was planned would eventually be thrown out the window as soon as COB saw the plan. Nevertheless we would spend every day gathering up the photos from around the world, writing speeches, shooting videos and putting together each night’s events.

The amount of staff working on putting an event together would normally number around 300. People from the following areas would contribute to events:
1. COB
7. CMO INT PR staff
8. IMPR Speechwriters
9. IMPR Scriptwriters
10. Cine Research Dept
11. Cine Scriptwriting Dept
12. Cine Props Dept
13. Cine Logistics Dept
14. Cine Make-up Dept
15. Cine Costumes Dept
16. Cine Sets Dept
17. Cine Camera Dept
18. Cine Lighting Dept
19. Cine Grips Dept
20. Cine Post Production Dept
21. Cine Video Shoot Crews Dept
22. Cine SFX Dept
23. Audio Mixing Dept
24. Audio Music Dept
25. A/V Manufacturing Dept
26. Shipping Dept

So these 300 people all knew that they would be getting 4-5 hours sleep, if any, for the next 4 weeks while these events were being prepared. Coupled with the fact that the first two weeks of work would most likely be wasted and that the last two weeks would be twice as stressful and with even less sleep.

There was also the matter of preparing the Freewinds to be able to hold these events. The Freewinds normally operates at a loss year round, except for the one week of events at the June 6th event. The idea is that the money they make during the week of events puts them back in the green for the year. This is their “Black Friday” so to speak. It is for this reason that the Freewinds crew LOVE the Gold Event Crew. Also when the Gold Event crew are there, we make any work they normally do look like a walk in the park. Most Gold Event crew will be up day and night for the entire week and then after the week of events, we will spend two full days packing up our stuff and clearing out.

The Freewinds is a tiny cruise ship. It has very small crew quarters and at each event, we would be bringing fifty crew members from Gold to put on the events. This meant that all the Freewinds crew would have to free up their beds so that the Gold Event crew would have a place to sleep. Usually the Freewinds crew slept on the floor in the course rooms, restaurants or wherever they could find some open floor space during the week of events.

Also there is the matter of the gear. For any given Freewinds event, we will have at least 7 high-end broadcast cameras that feed into the “production truck”. At any other event during the year, an actual TV production truck would pull up at the Shrine Auditorium in LA or Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater. The cameras would be set up and cables run into the truck. Well, there is no place on the Freewinds to put a huge semi truck trailer. So, a crew of people go to the Freewinds three weeks ahead of everyone else and get this gear loaded onto the ship and build a TV production truck aboard the ship.

About four weeks before the event, the TV production gear is rented in Burbank, CA. The sound & lighting equipment is rented from a place in Camarillo, CA. The sets and props made at Gold are loaded into shipping containers that meet up with the other equipment at Long Beach harbor and all of this stuff is loaded onto container ships that head over to Miami.

When the stuff gets to Miami, it goes through customs and gets trans-loaded into planes that fly to Curacao where the ship is docked. When the gear gets to the Freewinds, it is loaded onto the ship in individual cases that get unloaded on the ship and then all of the empty equipment cases get stored on the island. You can imagine that this is an expensive operation. A normal event that gets put on in the United States costs around $400,000. That includes a few days or maybe one full week of rentals. This stuff is being rented for a month at least! Granted, not as much money is being spent on a hall or stage items, but $300,000 in rentals is a large expense for the week of events at the Freewinds.

So it is two days after the Freewinds events have been completed. Most of us back at Gold are relieved that the week of events have gone well. All of the gear has been removed from the Freewinds and is on its way back to Miami. Most of the crew are on their way back or are heading back now that the Freewinds and its facilities have been converted back to their normal operating states.

We are eating lunch and several people throughout the dining room get up and rush out of the dining hall. Great! Something is up! Anyone on COB’s lines has a Nextel phone. Most can only dial other Nextels on the Scientology network. No outside lines can be dialed, and if they can, they are monitored closely for “out-security calls” – ie. calls to anyone in the “outside world” are strictly forbidden. These Nextels will get group text messages when a flap occurs. Whenever people suddenly get up from a meal it is one of three things,

1. COB is pissed off and has called a meeting
2. Someone has blown the Int Base
3. Electrical power outage

As the power is still on, chances are it is one of the two first things or both. Sometimes someone blows the Int Base and then COB finds out about it and then gets pissed off, so no matter what the deal is, we are most likely screwed.

Gold muster is held and it is a quick one. An announcement is made that anyone who is on the Cine event crew is to meet in the Cine Conference room for an urgent meeting. Well most of the event crew are gone, either at the Freewinds or on their way back to Gold and those of us who are still here are just getting used to sleeping 6 hours per night and not in the mood for more event bullshit just yet. We head over to the conference room from the dining hall.

After we all file in, the CO Gold, Lisa Schroer starts to speak from the Conference room speakerphone. She is at the Freewinds still. She says that we have another event that has to be put on at the Freewinds!

“We are going to throw a birthday party for Mr. Cruise aboard the Freewinds!” She happily exclaims.

What the FUCK? What the hell does that have to do with us? Shit, we thought we were going to have to do a bunch of work for an Event. Damn, that was close! Who gives a shit? Play some music, bake a fucking cake and we are good. Happy Birthday Tom!

“So this is what we need.” She starts to say. Most of us are ready for the cake and whatever else they need and then we realize that this party will be like no other we have heard of. She starts listing what they need, “I will list it out, write this down, we will need to know the status of all these items in the next few hours:
1. All of the production truck gear needs to be gotten back
2. All of the cameras and decks need to be set back up at the Freewinds.
3. All of the musicians gear needs to be brought back
4. All of the audio gear needs to be sent back
5. All of the sets items need to be sent back
6. The teleprompters need to be sent back out
7. We need about 15 plasma flat screens sent out here.
8. Any crew that were on their way back to Gold need to be sent back to the Freewinds
9. Whatever gear is being rented, the rentals need to be expended for at least another week or two. Cost is no matter; the costs will be taken care.
10. There is a sushi restaurant in Santa Monica that Mr. Cruise loves. That restaurant needs to be airlifted out to the Freewinds. The chefs, the sushi, the whole place needs to be set up at the Freewinds.
11. Every single movie that Mr. Cruise has been in needs to be rounded up. Get the DVD’s from wherever you need to and get these to Video Editing.
12. An hour long video will be made from these that needs be edited and cut to music.
13. Also, the DVD crew need to get out here so that some DVDs can be made.
14. If we think of anything else we will let you guys know.

Okay, so you guys have your marching orders, get it done! I will call back at the end of the night to get a report on where everything stands. All department heads better be on top of their items and be able to report up!” She hung up.

The looks in the room were like no one had ever seen. A birthday party for Mr. Cruise that will take place aboard the Freewinds? We throw a birthday party for L. Ron Hubbard and that costs $400,000. Now we are going to throw one for a public Scientologist that will rival that? Wow! The shit that happens at the Int Base never ceases to amaze me. Oh, and the list of stuff they need sent back is ALL of the stuff we sent. She might as well have said, “Send it all back.” That would have been quicker and more accurate.

As the day goes on and people are burning the phone lines to get their shit sorted out, we start to find out what the party will entail. There is going to be a show. It will be a music show and just for Tom Cruise. All of the hit songs from each of his movies will be performed by the Golden Era Musicians. There will be moving visuals playing behind the stage that are the best scenes from all of his movies. These will also be playing on plasma flat screens throughout the Starlight Cabaret Lounge where all of this will be taking place. When the whole show is completed, a DVD will be made of the entire show and this will be presented to Mr. Cruise. So we are flying all this shit back to the Freewinds for a giant ass kissing! We are going to play his songs and show his movies to him and then give him a DVD of us doing that!

As soon as we heard how the gig was going to go down, most of us came to the same conclusion. One word - Cheese. This is going to come off being hokey. It has all of the recipe ingredients for cheese. If fact, if you wanted to make some cheese, you could do so very easily with these people. Luckily we were thousands of miles away and would not witness this cheese-fest first hand. Also it was COB’s idea, no matter how cheesy this thing turned out to be, Dave would love it and Tom would at least pretend to love it. I mean, Dave Miscavige once stated that Battlefield Earth was by far the BEST movie he had EVER seen! Let this be a yardstick for his taste and quality standards.

The Video Editing crew stayed up for two days cutting the background visuals for the songs. All the rental gear was turned around in Miami and sent back to the ship. The crew were sent back to the ship. The equipment that normally took at least a week to set up had to be newly set up in 2 days. The gear rental companies knew they had us in a tight spot and they told us that we would be paying more for the additional rental time as they had other rentals scheduled with the gear that was supposed to be returned to them.

The sushi guys were set, and all other attendant accoutrements were on schedule to arrive for his highness, Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, Vampire Lestat, Jerry Maguire, Ethan Hunt, Cole Trickle, Charlie Babbitt, Brian Flanagan, or as we had to address him, Mr. Cruise.

We were told that several other key executives were also going to be there and supposedly if any of the OT 8 Scientologists wanted to stay and partake, they would have to pony up the cashola for the cheesola. Tommy Davis, Mr. Cruise’s full time Scientology handler at the time would be there. Dave Miscavige, after all this was his idea, so of course he was going to be there. Dave Miscavige’s wife/assistant Shelly would be there. And then ASI execs, IASA Execs and the Freewinds Execs could tag along so as to fill the seats in the small entertainment lounge.

The big day had come and gone. The show was put on. We were on pins and needles back at Gold. From all accounts on the ground, it seemed to have gone off okay. Supposedly there was a small issue with one of the DVD’s made for Mr. Cruise that had a bad audio mix on it. It was thrown away (so they thought) and a new one made with the correct audio mix given to him.

The next day we were eating in the dining hall and a bunch of people started getting messages on their phones and rushing out of the dining hall…

Continued in the upcoming book BLOWN FOR GOOD.
If you knew what I know
And I am sure you would
You would do what I did


This, my friends, apart from being a compelling story of fraud, waste and abuse at the top of the Scn Org Board, is an example of "come-on" dissemination.

The force is strong with this one....
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Wisened One

Fascinating! I can't wait for the book!!

And one wonders what the 'wog companies' that SO had to deal with-especially on a regular basis-thought of the SO in general?


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I'd always wondered what went on behind the scenes at the events such as these.

I can't wait for the book to be released. This is going to cause Miscavige to blow a gasket. :thumbsup:



Crikey, yep, quite fascinating! I'm looking forward to reading more of his accounts of what went down. If only the scio's knew!

Thanks for posting FTS.


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I always thought the events were nuts the way they were run, and I could only see the local effect.

Now I KNOW they were nuts - great insight into the mind of a madman. A whole ship for a birthday party? If it were a private corporation doing that, the Law would be all over them.


I always thought the events were nuts the way they were run, and I could only see the local effect.

Now I KNOW they were nuts - great insight into the mind of a madman. A whole ship for a birthday party? If it were a private corporation doing that, the Law would be all over them.



Admin Know-How Series 15
There are two uses (violently opposed to each other) to which Scientology orgs can be put.
They are
I - To forward the advance of self and all dynamics toward total survival.
2. To use the great power and control of an org over others to defend oneself.
When a decent being goes to work in an org he uses 1.
When a suppressive goes to work in an org he uses 2.
When you get in ethics, the decent one raises his necessity level and measures up. The suppressive type blows (leaves).
It is of vital interest to all of us that we have orgs that serve to increase survival on all dynamics. And that we prevent orgs being used as means to oppress others. The answer, oddly enough, is to GET IN ETHICS exactly on-policy and correctly. And we will advance.




Admin Know-How Series 15
There are two uses (violently opposed to each other) to which Scientology

-shortened in the name of good taste and general silliness avoidance-

oddly enough, is to GET IN ETHICS exactly on-policy and correctly. And we will advance.

The Sea Org was established on 12 August 1967. The date of the above quote is 1 October 1967.

Think about it.

I know, an "LRH datum," to a Scientologist, is like an ice cream bon bon to a stoned Frenchmen, but geez...

Is this really the place for an "LRH datum?"