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XG is a perfect example of why 'take them at face value' may be a nice sentiment, but isn't a good program.

Oh, and, if somebody in a Tijuana bar shows you his CIA badge and demands the keys to your car....

Don't give them to him.


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Gawd, I thought I already read this thread... oh wait a minute, that thread was called The Assclown Offensive not The Offensive Assclown! Phew!!!:D


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I never mean to discredit anyone here, but sometimes posters discredit themselves by pretending to know more than they actually do.

xguardian........FLUNK! for discrediting yourself by pretending to know more than you actually do. ( I will PM you your cramming order to sharpen up your trolling tech.)

I'm sure that I also fit the profile now as well, but at least I'm in good company.


While doing sekret sooper dooper spai-ing, I was able to get a pix of XG and
his assistant.



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Well, Robert Vaughn Young wrote about CoS internet trolling back in 2000. The Newsgroup Alt.Religion.Scientology, ARS, was what was there at the time.

Also, at that time CoS was sure they could handle, smother and obliterate ARS expediently and with great enthusiasm. They have failed utterly to do so, and are much less enthusiastic now.

The methods they used was posting craploads of irrelevant insane shit. Irate attacks on the psychs. Outlandish stories and conspiracy theories.. The ones about Scientology secretly assisting CIA with remoteviewing was ever so popular. All as per policy: Never discuss CoS, attack the 'enemy'.. Create 'noise' to make the group/debate appear confused and insane.

ARS was completely smothered in all that for years on end. (Enough to chase me the hell away, so it worked!)

I just took at peek on ARS..
Google Groups : Alt.Religion.Scientology
.. Looks like the spamming is way down, compared to last I looked, a year ago maybe. That's a nice 'stat' isn't it?

They can't use the methods from ARS on a messageboard like ESMB. There's moderation, and you can (will!) be banned. The spam posts will just be deleted by the admin. IP identification forces an OSA troll to find another internet connection if he want's to re-register. (I'm sure CoS's IP ranges are well known to Admins.).. To sucessfully 'operate' in here they need to read it all and partake in the debate. They can't fire off hundreds of e-mails, without reading anything, like they can on ARS.

Since we brought RVY up.. Here's a couple of pertinent posts of his:

Holysmoke : Hello & Goodbye from Robert Vaughn Young
Holysmoke : Dept 20 Agents, Cutouts & ARS
Holysmoke : re "Noise" on ARS

These links are all from here:
Holysmoke : RVY, The works!



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Mystic -

Where on earth do you get these images?

I laughed my a** off!

It appears that the "diagnosis" of anal retinitis actually does exist!!!! :eyeroll:


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Heh.. A really weird fact is this: Most Scientologists are too ethical to do this kind of 'work'... They fail at it.. Tory was asked to do this, but the 'job' turned her into a critic in shot order.

So OSA don't have many they can trust with this. And even when they do have someone, they think the guy will go PTS from 'exposure' to the SP's.. So they sec-check his ass off. - I even recall that an OSA volunteer was denied his OT preps because he had been talking to SP's for OSA!

I was thinking the same thing SP. The church does not want their parishioners to read all the 'entheta' on the internet for that reason. How can they really trust anyone that is assigned to perform the task of trolling the negative internet sites? Sooner or later, the effects of the Cool Aid will wear off and these 'secret agents' will start seeing the outpoints for themselves and blow.

The church is a paranoid organization and can trust no one. Every new piece of 'raw meat' that walks through the door cannot be viewed as anything but a potential spy. No staff member can trust any other staff member. It appears that the only thing holding the church together at this point is the suspicion each member has of every other member.

I have no doubt that there are OSA trolls that monitor these boards. To them, I would offer this advise. Most of the people that post on this board are intelligent enough to distinguish between wheat and chaff and recognize your bullshit for what it is. So go ahead and keep doing what you are doing. If you are on staff somewhere, take a good look at your pay check-that is what the church feels your labor is worth. If you are public, enjoy your tax exemption while it still exists. In the meantime, please read BFG's latest post on how your hard earned donations are spent supporting David Miscavige's lavish lifestyle. The nice thing about this board is that it will be here when you finally sort it all out.


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XG....I'm afraid you are trying to ruin my "moment".

That being said, I suppose I could be civil. If I choose to as you say. I never mean to discredit anyone here, but sometimes posters discredit themselves by pretending to know more than they actually do. I believe you have some really impressive experience with Scn. But I have doubts if much of it is recent. I haven't been out that long. I was in for over 30 years. I worked with DSAs and AGs for many years. I never got shot, but you can be sure I have wounds.

It is well known that OSA lurks here. Most of us don't care. You talk about us behaving so we won't scare new people away. I say telling them that a very high percentage of the people who post here are OSA is pretty creepy.

I don't come here to create a safe environment for new members. I come here to be with all of the members. If my posts help someone that's okay with me, but I have no contract to disseminate the path out of the cult of scamtology. I suppose I have more in common with the anons at this stage of the game. I'm in it for the lulz. I don't see you having fun XG.........

:yes: shooting from the hip........


I am having fun with OSA's weak and obvious attempts to create "group agreement" that as you say, I am pretending to 'know' more than I do. I do not claim recent experience with Scn...and I realize...excuse the 'Tom Cruise' connection but...."The truth? You can't handle the truth." (Not you personally) but I know my claims and conclusions and 'theories' are fantastic and and to many, hopefully untrue. No one wants to believe that CoS was taken over by Interpol/IRS and that theses groups are controlled by secret societies.

That is too scary for everyone to believe because if true, CoS is here forever!

LRH tried to 'wildcat his 'brand' of a modified Masonic/priesthood order based on the same model used by occultist and dictator Adolph Hitler. CoS's mortal enemies in psychiatry is not based in LRH's hate for the practice, but for those who control it's organized purposes. Enter Interpol....

Interpol was overthrown by the SS/Gestapo as a means of using it's 'dossier's'
to blackmail and compel officials, industrialists, inteligence operatives, media, academics, church officials, bankers do their bidding. And they did. Countries like Austria let the German armies waltz right in. And it is not that I pretend to know more than I do, I know more than I want to, and some must pretend that I don't know what I am talking about because they don't want to believe it or they know it's true. (parts that they know)

Research "secret societies" and you will see the CoS OT levels and 'tech' is just reworked 'Gnostic' Egyptology...Cabalistic mysticism...all which originated in early Babylonian Religious systems that mothered these societies and they are all competing for power and supremacy. It is an age old battle that LRH gave it a new spin by taking it Sci-Fi to emulate the gods of theses societies stories which he knew so well as he is on tape as a 'good friend" with "Alister Crowely" the satanic cult leader whose known as "The Beast". All secret Masonic related Orders at their last "level"reveal that they worship "Lucifer" as the true god.

I know......just a conspiracy theory. Keep your heads in the sand if you must, this has been going on for thousands of years and very few bother to research it. We just keep 'preaching to the choir" and do what we can.

When JFK was elected, the catholic secret societies headed by the "Jesuits" began their offensive to have JFK embed their agents in every office possible. JFK resisted them and was going to expose secret society threat to Americans, see: #24 0n thread about JFK assassination by Markus, 'chuckNorris' has posted the video of this speech. The JFK administration caused a vacuum and crack in the power structure, and those societies that played second fiddle for so long were back in the game and it has been a see-saw ever since. The "Right" against the "Left" is not over political ideology, they are "cabals" fighting for their demented theologies.
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XG is a perfect example of why 'take them at face value' may be a nice sentiment, but isn't a good program.

Oh, and, if somebody in a Tijuana bar shows you his CIA badge and demands the keys to your car....

Don't give them to him.


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