Another Leaves - March 18, 2012

Rene Descartes

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Ahh the Doubt formula is so so sweet. and here is what happens when one skips the False Data Stripping and Rollbacks and Crashing MU Finding and proceeds directly to Doubt.

Caveat: I am not implying nor even asserting that the person who did this doubt formula has False Data or Crashing MUs. Well on second thought maybe he does however let's keep in mind...

All False Data is not equal; some False Data is more False than other False Data.


Colin (Charlie) Poulter
Sunday, 18 March 2012 10:32
16th March 2012

Doubt Formula
C Poulter

Please note that my 'doubt' is concerned with whether all is well with the official Church of Scientology at the topmost management level. Paragraph 6, below, shows my conclusion.

Here I differentiate between the management thousands of miles away in America and the dedicated staff members, at St Hill and throughout the UK, and no doubt the rest of the world, who are literally slaving away to fulfil the aims and intentions of LRH.

It pains me to think that some will consider me some sort of traitor, the only reply is that should they look at the reports and claims that I have seen, and should they apply the LRH principle of LOOK (at the facts and results) and DONT LISTEN (to the bull and PR) then they may also come to the same conclusion.

In any event there is just one fact that I know well, and have known since the day that LRH stood before me and bid me remember just one word “Scientology”. That fact is that when standard tech Scientology is offered to the public, even if done in a slightly bumbling but good hearted manner, the public flock to learn more and the activity expands.

Conversely, when it does not expand it is because someone/s (not a something) is working to inhibit it. No other reason.

Just who is preventing Scientology from producing the miracles that it can, and has, and therefore expanding in the manner that it should is not a secret but it does require that one should LOOK, NOT LISTEN

AOSHUK has been my only ‘family’ for the past twenty-one years (Scientology my faith for 39 years). To put myself in a position where some staff at St Hill will declare me persona non grata has not been, and is not, easy.

However it has finally sunk into my thick skull that trying to handle the situation by remaining ‘inside’ is not going to work, there are some dedicated Scientologists at St Hill UK but they are restrained/constrained and/or down right suppressed by those higher up, therefore I will follow the written advice of LRH (this is a paraphrase) when he said that if no one in an org was listening then go outside to a phone box and call an higher org.

In this instance the ‘higher org’, and incidentally the ultimate authority of Scientology, are the true members in the outer world.

There is much, much more that I wish to say but it will have to wait. Before you judge me too harshly please look and see if you can see, what I, and many others, can see.

Yours sincerely,
Colin (Charlie) Poulter

1. The avowed intention of the 'independent' group, and the apparent activities of it, are to reveal the outpoints and anti-Scientology activities of the senior management and thus restore Scientology to the correct aims and intentions as stated by LRH.

2. The only statistics of that group, which are obvious, are the increasing 'membership' (number of experienced and trained Scientologists declaring allegiance to that group.) and number of revelations of altered tech and illegal abuses committed by Miscavige and/or others at senior management level.

Here I am only considering those allegations sworn upon oath and the self evident alter-is of L technology. Some examples, allegations of abuse by Mr Miscavige and others, sworn in court and under oath and the alter-is of Axiom 3 and HCO PL 9 Jul 80, Ethics justice and the Dynamics also The Code of a Scientologist as in the new HQS course pack.

3. This group should be helped in that it will ensure that Scientology as written by LRH is, and remains, as original and standard. Also, by its actions it will either prove or disprove the allegations against Mr Miscavige and thus end cycle on any and all enturbulation connected to such.

4. Myself and 'my group' could be one and the same i.e. all orgs of St Hill UK (and by extrapolation, all 'on source' 'on policy' Scientologists worldwide.) For the past twenty one years St Hill has been my only 'family' and therefore I did not enter into this doubt easily and lightly.

The dedicated staff at St Hill, world wide, and myself, have the same intentions and objectives, in short, to follow the standard technology as laid down by LRH in order to 'clear the planet'.

5. The precise statistics of St Hill, and world wide, are not available to the public, other than those announced at events and as those are not specific as to dates and numbers they cannot be highly regarded. Incidentally, such statistics being broadcast as a generality is a very bad indicator indeed.

The only certain statistics are those which are observable. Those which can be observed show that the number of public at St Hill has become, during these past five years at least, less.

Statistics compiled by British and American government and non-government agencies show that the numbers of Scientologists in these two countries are not expanding.

There is one statistic that is increasing and that is the number of litigations being instigated by Mr Miscavige/senior management. That is stated as fact not for any other reason.

All claims and statistics are verifiable.

6.The above facts and statistics being so; I hereby announce my intention to befriend the group of independent Scientologists that remain loyal to, and abide by, the policies and directions of LRH.

7. I will assist this group just as long as it carries out the aims and intentions of LRH and no longer.

Colin (Charlie) Poulter


Congratulations to Colin! :thumbsup:

That's a really big deal for one who has been in for over two decades.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


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Although I am thrilled that another person is leaving I am saddened that:

AOSHUK has been my only ‘family’ for the past twenty-one years

I hope he can now find all of the love, friends and family he deserves.


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I'm really enjoying this application of the doubt formula. I'm hoping this is a trend that will become more commonplace.

Most of us KNEW that Scieno management was wacky. It was painfully apparent if only in the stats if not the actions.

The tech is different because most of us had some pretty fabulous wins.

If one has an avenue of leaving the Organization of Scientology without discounting the "tech", it makes leaving a lot easier.:yes:

This is a good thing.:thumbsup: