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Another OT8 resigns in writing, letter to Miscavige. MUST READ


Great letter! So many good points made. The 'out exchange' going on is through the roof, and what remains of Co$ is feeling more and more like a shady real estate scheme.

Glad to have you here sharing your experience and conclusion.


Getting through OT8 means he has gone through a tremendous amount of indoctrination. Seems it could take him a bit to get through the layers of the Scientological onion but, to those in the C of S, this will be more real to them than the negative stuff on Hubbard. I mean, how many more of these is it going to take?

I think it is interesting that some of the higher-level OTs are now blowing, and publicly, as opposed to just quietly going off-lines.

The last couple, in particular, were interesting because they are public, as opposed to Sea Org or staff. If the most highly indoctrinated public Scientologists are now beginning to see through the facade, then the rot has truly set into the organizational foundation. As more and more high-level people depart, and do so publicly, it will be harder and harder to keep up the facade.

I agree with one of the earlier commenters that Hubbard is/was the problem, not only Miscavige. That said, this is still a good start.



Most of this letter's content appears to be copy/paste from this website:


Perhaps Garcia actually created this site or is part of this group - in which case he may very well be learned and perceptive. Kudos to his research.

Perhaps Garcia is merely a conduit of this websites content and parroting. Kudos to his copy/paste skills.

In either case this website should've been included in the letter.

If you consider it valuable for existing members to "straightwire" LRH to Miscavige you'll want to peruse it.