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Another Phone Call re: The Basic Books

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I differ about this. I never much got off on "laughing with myself". But, I can appreciate the fun of it.

In all examples you give above, I just never answer the phone. It goes to message, and if they leave one, I erase it. I just don't bother. To me, they simply "don't exist".

There are far too many (worthwhile) things to do as I see it. I understand that for some it is quite worthwhile and worth the laugh it gives them to give these callers a rough time. :yes:

It is like many years ago when the Jehovah's Witnesses came to the door, and I told them in total (contrived) sincerity that I was an avid Satanist. I went off on a tirade about how Lucifer really WAS the "good guy". That he was the one who encouraged "enlightment", that He was the Guiding Light along the paths of Yoga, Buddhism and meditation, and that the Christian Bible was the abomination. I DID giggle to myself as they scurried away.

Ron was right. Us thetans sure DO love to "create effects"! :omg:

I agree with you. many times I just let the machine get it. Different moods on different days.

My JW speel is different. Apparently, we are the beginning of their training route and we get 'em EVERY weekend.

I have 2 styles. One I ask them :
If they chose their religion?.............. ( Yes)
Believed their religion? ......................(Yes)
Would they ever be willing to give up their religion?........ (No)

And I say my answers are the same.........and close the door.

Second style.

I open the door, look at them, and say :

" You are early for the orgy but come on in, get naked, and we'll just get started"

and I turn, leaving the door open and take four steps inside.

I have looked back after 4 steps in and seen a JW still on my property.

Either method is mood dependant :lol:


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Excellent job FoTi,

David Miscavige looks tanned , not because of a sun bed or golf, its the frequent coffee enemas up the Corn Holio altering the pigment.

Hes so Columbian coffee lOrd looking.

SaY hellO to my little fiend