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If someone wants to pose as BFG and make false accusations about particular critics, all of whom I highly admire, it will not go without a response from me. Especially since this poster is slandering each of them including myself. It seems I’ve now been accused of being an OSA plant or operative which made both BFG and I laugh our asses off. In fact, we both work together and see each other every day, so if this were the case, I don’t think I’d have a job right now!

As well, you can see from my own videos from the LA protests that I was there with BFG, so this immediately makes the imposter look like a complete fool. I wonder how OSA will try to spin it now.

Anyway, BFG has already made it a point to respond to this imposter’s postings with more information from happenings at the Int Base - information that OSA and David Miscavige don’t want you to know about. So, in response to the fake BFG, I will also submit to you Int Base info that these jerks would rather be packed in a box and locked “in the closet.”

Here goes my first response.

I posted this a LONG time ago, and I’m not even sure where to find the original thread. Perhaps I posted it on ARS as Thetabopper several years ago, so here it is again as a whole new open can.

One fine Saturday at the base we all gathered after lunch for muster. Muster is a Scientology/Sea Org term for “meeting” or “muster up” to account for all staff or crew and a time to coordinate and make any general announcements. Every Saturday at the base is reno’s (renovations) day, where all crew get to participate on various projects around the base to help build new buildings or to keep them in good repair. Most crew actually looked forward to this day because we could get outside and away from our usual duties. Everyone on the base had to attend reno’s, including RTC staff, and nobody really had any rank on this day. We were all just members of the team working together to make the base a better place to work and basically live at. Well, on one of these reno’s days, at the lunch muster, we were all handed out a survey to fill in which had the following questions:

1. Would you rather live on the base or off base?

2. If you would rather live on base, explain why.

3. If you would rather live off base explain why.

When I read the questionnaire, I actually QUESTIONED it in my mind and realized that if I answered that I would rather live off base, it could be looked at as me “having other fish to fry” or “not fully with the program.” For some reason, I smelled something REALLY rotten about the survey. So, even though I personally would have rather lived OFF the base, I put down in the questionnaire that I would rather live ON the base. Okay, shoot me, I lied. I even asked myself at the time if these were trick questions. Was I really that jaded? Turns out, I trusted my gut feeling, and was right to answer that way.

I believe it was a week later at the next reno’s muster that it was announced there was a mandatory all-base briefing by COB RTC that night and that it was absolutely mandatory for all to attend. If anyone were missing it would be MAJOR penalties, i.e. lower conditions assignments, sec checking, etc… In other words, pure humiliation. In fact for some that night it was complete humiliation and punishment for the next several months.

That night we all gathered in the dining hall and from the look on the RTC staff member’s faces who were all standing behind us we could see that this was not going to be a good briefing. This was going to be one of those briefings where David Miscavige was going to open fire on us in some way.

In the back of my mind, I had the feeling that this had to do with that survey we filled out. It was my gut talking to me again. I turned to my wife sitting next to me and quietly asked her again what she filled out on that survey and she said that she would rather live off the base because there were certain things that she could buy at various stores in town that wouldn’t be available here on the base. I was like Doh!! Baby, I love you, but did you have to be so damn gullible?

Moving on, we all sat there in silence for ever it seemed. I was starting to jitter and sweat with anticipation. The RTC staff were boring holes through our heads with the looks on their faces. The base MAA’s were walking around looking at people and taking notes of the “indicators” or people who looked like they “had something to hide” or those who were displaying “missed withholdy indiacators.”

Finally someone yelled “10 hut!” Everyone stood up at attention. You could hear a mouse fart it was so silent. And then you could hear the sound of Dave’s shoes coming down the side isle toward the podium in front.

“Sit down!” he said.

“You guys were all fucking tricked.”

“A survey was handed out to you guys last week and frankly, I wouldn’t have ordered this survey to be done but this package was forwarded to me and I’m absolutely shocked by some of the answers you filled out.”

Dave then proceeded to read out about 40 of these surveys and the answers that people had filled out – of course the ones of the people who wanted to live off base. He was screaming at the top of his lungs calling people the worst things imaginable. This was in front of the entire base. He was naming out these people’s names and completely degrading them to less than nothing in front of everyone. This was tantamount to being accused of being a jew at a Nazi party gathering. I kid you not. Anyway, this briefing went on and on for about 2 hours of Dave being a fucking maniac at the podium.

What happened after the briefing? Every single one of those people that filled out that they would rather live off base were told to stay behind and the rest of us were told to secure for the night.

The people who had to stay behind, including my then wife (and we were newlyweds at the time too) were all assigned to the decks and all assigned lower conditions. A couple of people were even RPF’d because of certain things about them that came up in follow up investigations. ALL of these people were investigated, some were sec checked, all had to write up their “crimes,” overts and withholds. These people were considered to be the scum of the earth for the next couple of months.

I was absolutely in tears because I was so in love with my new wife and couldn’t believe this was happening. I saw her a couple of days later in a blue boiler suit scraping up some stuff off of the concrete from one of the building sites. I was so disturbed by this whole affair. I didn’t know what to do or how to feel about it. In fact, this was one of the first things that happened at the Int Base in my experience where I started to think that something was wrong. I stayed for 8 MORE YEARS!!!

In the 8 years to come, a lot more happened. A LOT more. I've written about some of these but more needs to be told.

This is the kind of thing that happened at the Int Base on a regular basis.

David Miscavige gets off on treating those beneath him like the scum of the earth. He thrives on it.

Thank you to all who are exposing these and similar happenings in the Cult. Some day, all of this will be in the history books!


Wisened One


God, now I know where my ED got off on doing similar things to us Staff, (immediately following returning from OEC/FEBC) treating us all like dogshit, saying things to one hard-working Staffmember that they were 'so degraded, they weren't even fit to clean a toilet with...' :ohmy: and THIS wonderful human being was on Staff Full Time, NOT on ANY contract and for years at that?!

It wasn't long after that, we left....thank god.....

BFG: POST MORE here, wouldya? I'm STILL waiting for your Musical Chairs ending!!!

Wisened One