Anti-drug Pamphlets Linked to Scientology Gone From Santa Ana Police Department


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It appears that drug-prevention literature connected with the Church of Scientology will no longer be distributed by the Santa Ana Police Department.

Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, the department spokesman, said he was told that "none of the brochures we talked about" are being passed out by the department.

Although the pamphlets didn't carry the name Scientology on them, they advertised the Foundation For a Drug-Free World, which is sponsored by Scientology. When I called the number and asked where one should go to get help for drug abuse, I was directed to Narconon Arrowhead on Oklahoma's Lake Eufaula., run by David Touretzky, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, has long-fought against the program and what he calls its unscientific practices. Touretzky says "Narconon and the Church of Scientology frequently play a verbal sleight of hand over the nature of this relationship", and documents the connection through church statements made to the IRS.

One may recall that Ed Dearborn, executive director of the Orange County Scientology "org", claimed that the church had been collaborating with the department on anti-drug education programs.

Bertagna reaffirmed that such is not true, and said any community group that wants to work with the department must go through a process.

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Well, Hip Hip Hooray for the Santa Ana Police Department! And I mean that sincerely! :thumbsup:

I have for years known a senior detective in the Santa Ana Police Department. He says the SAPD believes scientology is a complete scam and is hated by their PD.

They are eager to bust 'em any time they can !

The tide has - at last - turned against that cult !

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We'll see whether any Santa Ana cops show up for the (delayed) grand opening of the ideal Orange County Org!

Hope not!

Permits in order & paperwork properly filed may well delay the "opening" much longer than those idiots have planned for - LOL !

Scn continues to see itself above the law and therefore able to ignore the law....while more and moew law enforcement agencies turn hard of them and have started using a microscope to examine every little niggling detail... Clearwater ( at last ) is getting that way.

Where oh where did the cadet orgs go ?