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Anti-Scientology Fair Game


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And then you have to fit Arnie and his widow into the whole thing + the McLaurghly and going back earlier the Oracle and the Ethier....

See??? It's a web of crazyness.

I gave up to try to make sense out of it long ago!

They never left the cult mindset.
Some of them still thrive for power, audience, ennemies, OSA, OSA, OSA, and the famous STATUS. (Authority)

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stubborn rebel sheep!
On the other side, there is Mike Rinder , Karen, Ortega and almost all the prominent critics.
They are not that noisy. They don't behave the same and are more coherent and focus as a group.

One clan is mostly associated with Freezone
The other clan is mostly associated with former execs, SO and exe whales. There are people on the board who are loyal to Karen and Rinder.

Karen was at time associated with both when her stance regarding Ron and the tech was not clear. But it appears to me she is well regarded by some organized indies (loyal to Ron) and attacked by some other in the freezone (loyal to Cpt Bill) * not certain about that, needs to be proofed. But the freezone is subdvided in several sub-clans who have been at war.
That came from my personnal observations on reading boards and blogs. I have never been privy to their back channel stuff nor am I interacting with any if these people. Thus it is far from being the exact truth.

I can be wrong or having been mistaken but I believe that gaining a basic understanding of the clans , groups, their narrative, who are at wars may help to understand these dramas and expect it will continue.

Alanzo flipped at the same exact time than Marty forwarding the exact same narrative and suddenly having the same ennemies. You can match the times of Marty's hate post about the anti-cult with those of Alanzo.

In my opinion the one who knows all about it is definitely Karen.

Marty flipped like a mad hat when the Louis Theroux movie came out..he was real angry ( for was not giving control over the final product) at Louis Theroux and at Karen who was involved to some degree.

Some people involved knows 100X more..but those things of clans are taboo and never spoken up.

Thus I like you guys asking questions about tribes and clans..who belong to which..

I bet you won't get any answer...
As the clan carry agendas the ninies tribes forward as facts instead of tribes narrative!
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There is a thread I recall any that can bring some lights and help connect dots regarding clans, tribes, their common narrative and ennemies. Then, upon reading Alanzo's blog, it becomes clear Upon the narratives he adheres too, including Marty who flipped. All those people are truly dedicated to their attacks to Mike Rinder and Karen and are on OSA OSA OSA hunt.


Great thread Mamozelle Lotus! Ty for sharing it.


stubborn rebel sheep!
My impressions are from scratch and might not all ne accurate but is roughly provided as a based to discuss and for people and lurkers to try to understand what happened (on the board and out these last week's) and that ESMBers in general are not involved but the board is used as a war zone and a pool of supporter recruiting as well as a wonderful way of reaching a massive pool of lurkers, in and out of the COS.

So no surprise some want to smash their narrative just before it closes.

Mamozelle Lotus

Please discuss and challenge my saying to get facts helping to connect dots.
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