Anton Lorien releases new record..


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Another pro-Brit video praising Queen Elizabeth. It's a little better than his first song. 'We Are The Brits"..

You may remember Tony Leigh counseling the parents of Natalie Milsom, who was recruited into Scientology by her boyfriend, Anton, who, personally approached & threatened her mother with disconnection if she didn't stop criticizing the cult.

Natalie's parents turned to the British media which helped the cult to persuade Natalie to visit her mother.

[video=youtube;3YhK9D4N6-Y][/video] (Natalie) (Anton)


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I actually like Anton's song, and the video is lovely, very well put together, evoking memories of times and events I recall. She was a real beauty, and always dignified, yet human. Her smile, even today is radiant. She's my kind of celebrity. Compared with Lady Gaga or Paris Hilton, I'll take ER any day. But then, I'm a sentimentalist by nature.