Any london protesters here?


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Any guys available for mini raiding (whatever you call them) this week? (4th, 5th and or 6th)


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Sorry for taking so long in posting an after raid update.

6th March London - post game mini raid

Well was just me on my own for about half an hour from 2pm. I just started handing out fliers, scared that no one else was gonna turn up, then Glib arrived followed soon after by Jedi.

Jedi darted off somewhere coming back with a microphone belt thing, and we stuck about for an hour or so till it was pub o clock.



Oh and 2nd lot of shirts done, both designs side by side


I ALSO have 3rd lot of these t-shirts (Yea yea I'm nuts) so if any of you guys here want one/some let me know thanks.

Sizes are M / L / XL

Sharone Stainforth

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Those really are great t-shirts.Save me one with cult on will you, please.
Make it medium, any larger and i'll disappear in it.

Will see you soon.