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Anyone Else find some humor in this? Move over Tommy Davis

Discussion in 'David Miscavige and Current Management' started by aurabass, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. aurabass

    aurabass Patron

    Following weeks of viewing SCIENTOLOGY documentaries featuring Tommy Davis and Mike Rinder as SCN spokespersons, I was struck by the great potential for this replacement. The perfect SCN spokesperson has to be able to lie and dissemble with a straight face OR even better with a sense of offended outrage over perceived slights. This guy has that down - he actually believes he has a valid case for outrage.


    PERFECT CHOICE for SCIENTOLOGY Spokes “white boy

    He’s a Celebrity – He’s in the news – A reality show star with albums and a worthy cause - speaking up for the oppressed "whiteboys" taunted by those high paid minority female fast food workers. Meet Bo Bice – the perfect spokesboy to replace Tommy Davis – he does oppressed, can cry on cue and even raise public ire against a minority female fast food worker. That takes true talent. The kind of talent so necessary for the Church of Elrod Xenu and the Flying Couch Jumper. If you can feign outrage over this you can do anything.


    and there's more if you wish to continue
    See the rest of the piece here RECOVER THE POWER
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  2. I saw Samantha Bee's show. Funny.

    I think he would be the perfect Scientology spokesman.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  3. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Poor little "discriminated against" Bo Rice would have had a nervous breakdown if this had been playing when he ordered his food.

  4. aurabass

    aurabass Patron

    For I told you I was trouble - a Wild Cherry story
    PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITEBOY - OR ELSE. Rock n Roll is not supposed to be life threatening.

    A TRUE WILD CHERRY STORY FROM THE TENNESSEE HILLS - just for fun - no SCN meaning involved. This was the Fall when PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC was top of the charts.
    I wrote this up for a site where tour production people tell their stories so I share it for your entertainment only. These were some dangerous Whiteboys

    Back when I had a Pro Tour Sound & Lighting production company we got a call from a J.Geils Band sound guy & friend who was touring with WILD CHERRY.
    He said to expect a visit from a promoter who booked WILD CHERRY and several other bands for an outdoor "Woodstock-like" event near Rogersville TN
    7 Weeks later - the evening prior to the event (something we had forgotten) a Lincoln Continental pulled up at our shop - around 5pm and a huge guy steps out and enters.

    "I've been told we have to have all this stuff or Wild Cherry will not play".He said as he showed a standard Contact rider: a platform for the sound & light consoles, a couple of spotlight towers and sound wings for speakers. "You've probably come to the only place in 1000 miles that could possibly do this on such short notice." I told him. We had the Charlie Daniels Band truck in our lot and a call got a promise from a friend to stay late so we could load the deck and scaffold.

    "This late I have to quote a price of $7,000 - half now and half on arrival at the site prior to set up" I said - half hoping he would balk at the high price and we could go home. The guy pulls a fat roll of bills, counts out $3,500 & signs the contract. We headed out loading gear and made it to the Rogersville exit off I-81 by 9AM in time to meet the guy's brother in law who would lead us to the concert site. After 20 minutes in one of the poorest rural Appalachian counties we hit a dirt road. 8 miles later we pulled up to a small farmhouse at the foot of a nicely sloped hill leading to a ridge top.

    Not a bad natural amphitheater I thought until I spied the new stage built at the TOP OF THE SLOPE. Nuts I thought - who would put the stage up top when the bottom with the audience on the slope is the obvious solution? This was around 10am and some people were putting finishing touches on a roof over the stage 12 feet off the deck - far too low for the lighting trusses.

    The "Woodstock-like" event was scheduled for 4 pm this brisk late Oct evening. We only had 5 hours and the promoter with our pay was nowhere in sight so we tried to catch up on a little sleep. Around 1pm - still no promoter - a police car pulled in & I said. "Hey guys. You notice there are no porta potties or other sanitary facilities, no security, and the potential for disaster" ?- The people milling around were drinking moonshine looking more and more menacing since we were not setting up. The cops told me they were the security and not to worry.

    3 hours later the promoter showed up with the additional $3,500 even though the time to start was now and almost no one had shown up. We hastily set up the towers and mixing platform 2 hours after the set start of the show featuring a local band followed by Stillwater, Grinderswitch, & Wild Cherry. It was getting dark and the temp was falling so the 30 attendees who had arrived in cars parked in the field as if this was a drive-in movie. We suggested skipping the opening act - a big mistake.

    Wild Cherry had been paid $25,000 - Grinderswitch and Stillwater some 5 to 10 grand each - and we had our $7,000. A $50,000 loss for the promoter and his investors. The show went on and the 3 opening acts played.

    And then I saw the strangest thing I've ever seen at a rock concert besides the audience in cars.
    WILD CHERRY was marching up the hill to the stage followed by a Granny Clampett looking character - holding a shotgun pointed at their backs.

    At that point, Wild Cherry's manager, the J. Geils soundman and I approached the 2 police officers on site and we gave them $300 each to stay until we had safely loaded all our gear.
    After being forced to play at gunpoint WILD CHERRY was playing every song they ever knew.

    Turns out the Grinderswitch manager told the promoter's mother - the Granny Clampett with the shotgun that WILD CHERRY had evidently walked out on a show in W.VA when the promoter failed to provide some of the items on the contract. They loaded up and left the show's promoter high & dry. Here in Rogersville, Wild Cherry had been in the farmhouse - used as a band room with beers and snacks when they walked back out to the bus to dress for the show. When the bus engine started for heat but the granny Clampett thought they were leaving and she got on the bus with the shotgun and threatened to shoot them if they failed to get up that hill and play.

    Show ended and we began to frantically load the truck. After finishing with the mixing platform the truck was backing up the hill to the stage and one of our guys was separated from the group. He was then surrounded by 7 or 8 guys from the opening act who were angry over his suggestion to shorten the show. They came after him armed with chains and tire irons - We all backed up onto the stage and grabbed Mic stands with the round iron weighted bases for defense -THEN A GUNSHOT RANG OUT and the cops we had paid to stay left when the music stopped.

    The crew jumped off the stage into 3 vehicles brought to the show by friends and hightailed it toward I-81. AT the Stuckey's by the exit we got on payphones to try to get some help. The younger brother of one of our crew was missing. We had to go back to the concert site. A friend got in contact with the Hwy patrol and a car with two troopers met us and we followed them back to the dirt road at the county line. A county cop car met us with THE SAME GUYS WE HAD PAID THE $300 EACH. From the conversations we overheard, they were related to the troopers and we had no choice but to follow them since the Hwy Patrol would go no further.

    At the concert site, the guys who had attacked us were still around drinking moonshine by the bonfire. We fanned out calling for the missing brother and found him intact but shaken. The 2 Wild Cherry equipment guys were sporting black eyes and bloody faces. A rack of electronics lay in pieces by the stage crushed by a truck. We finished loading and helped the other crews when we noticed the cops had left again and the attackers were heading our way.

    Back in the vehicles, we headed for the gate with the CDB truck between us and pursuing locals - our truck driver would not allow them to pass on the dirt road. Shots were being fired from their vehicles.
    We got away - shaken and subdued - and we dug two or three slugs out of the side of the CDB trailer and the tractor cab. I got a call from Rolling Stone and a write up in the next issue.
    Never take $$$ from a WILD CHERRY producer is the only moral I can think to share. :duh: I still have nightmares and have not heard many stories like this even in the wild world of rock n roll shows.
  5. aurabass

    aurabass Patron

    Since this thread has become somewhat autobiographical and my attempts to interact and discuss some ideas that appear to be outside the experience of a few of the Ex-Scn participants here - in the interest of full-disclosure I think it may be relevant to get into the LRH prohibition of LSD that led to outright discrimination against people who experienced LSD. Some information indicates that people who tried LSD were prohibited from SEA ORG and perhaps some of the higher levels of Scientology

    In 1996 I became friends with Dr. Timothy Leary and ended up spending many weekends at his home in Beverly Hills. My first visit after we first met lasted 2 weeks while I was working in LA installing speakers at Universal City


    Tim was perhaps the most brilliant and entertaining guy I've spent significant time getting to know. At this point he was working on a new book Chaos and the Cyberculture

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    That inscription refers to out trip to Reno NV for a huge Lighting conference where the people who manufacture lighting systems and controls for theaters and touring production companies show their new products. One of the largest companies - HIGH END SYSTEMS - was doing a show celebrating the history of concert lighting and the old Joshua Light Show from the San Francisco Fillmore and Woodstock with Wavy Gravy from the Hog Farm. Tim was one of the featured FLASHBACK speakers. By this time his cancer was becoming a problem and I offered to stay with him and get him where he needed to go


    Perhaps this is relevant to a perception of a failure to communicate. Tim went to West Point and then got his degree in Psychology from the University of Alabama. That might blow your mind given how he is popularly perceived. His place at Millbrook in NY was often raided by G. Godon Liddy - the Watergate guy who was a DA in Dutchess Co. at the time. Tim's popularity or infamy was part of a similar time frame and his Psychology background and affection for LSD and other psychotropics is in such diametric opposition to the LRH persona.

    The difference is the history of Tim as a West Point Cadet - Alabama Graduate - Harvard Graduate and Professor and target of Ronald Reagan in part for his campaign against him for Gov of California when John Lennon wrote Come Together as a campaign song is all completely true. That includes his escape from the San Luis Obispo Prison - not far from the LRH Creston property - aided by the Weather Underground, and his eventual capture and incarceration in the cell next to Charles Manson. The arrest that ended in this extreme incarceration was for less than 2 grams of marijuana.


    Not sure what relevance this has other than the serendipitous counterpoint to LRH. But I am interested in why LSD was considered such an impediment to Scientology.
    Does anyone have a handle on why LRH would single out LSD for that distinction?
  6. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!


    Euh..because most of people who had took LSD had way better tremendously funny intergalactical space opera trips and stories than LRH did..
    he didn't want competition to give volcanoes\ice cube and H bombs , stories openly and for free... ???? :confused2:
  7. aurabass

    aurabass Patron

    Should I be concerned? That actually makes perfect sense to me :unsure:
  8. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

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  9. tesseract

    tesseract Patron with Horrors

    Hubbard eschewing trippy "concurrence", that's probably close to the truth.
    I've wondered too, why singling out LSD, and with time I've developed a little theory about that. :p
    Looking at certain movies and certain books and certain music, if one ever has taken drugs, even if it has been a long time ago, one will notice... "Oh yeah I was talking/imagining/experiencing exactly that kind of stuff when I was high... I bet that book has been written on [fill in drug]." Trippy stories tend to resonate with people who have taken drugs and had trips, eh? For this kind of déjà vu to happen, no habitual use or even a GOOD experience is necessary - theoretically ONE time of having taken (in this case) an hallucinogen would be enough!
    The puzzle piece most needed here would be to specifically know of Hubbard's own use of LSD or similarly potent hallucinogens. (I have no idea, but some exes might know more.) Not stimulants, not booze, not tranquilizers - LSD.
    Sure, he might have created his trippy fantasies by means of other drugs and in some cases no drugs, aside from "natural high" type experiences from auditing and also psychotic delusions, but he HAS taken a lot of drugs, and that lets me wonder all the more why singling out LSD-?
    If my theory is correct, then, despite him possibly never actually having taken an hallucinogen, he still made that policy because he recognized certain similarities between contemporary trippy stuff and his stories anyhow and decided to take care that no one around him would get the idea that his space opera (no matter to which degree he believed in it, it's irrelevant) is not real and instead dreamt up, be that on drugs or by other means.

    Having called out one's megalomaniacal space opera "research reports" as "trippy stuff" (even if it wouldn't even have been meant denigrating!) is in any case a nightmare for a narcissist, Hubbard did NOT want this to happen, and that's probably the reason for that policy against LSD. :confused2:

    Alas, in the end I don't trust my theory and put it down to Hubbard enjoying himself spouting arbitrary blow-hard bullshit once more and going for specifics simply because it made him sound more assertive and sciency...!
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  10. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    It's funny you mentioned LSD.

    The original Captain Trips was Alfred Hubbard....also known as Al Hubbard.

    Before Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band...before Timothy Leary...before Ken Kesey's band of Merry Pranksters and their Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests...before the dawn of the Grateful Dead, there was Alfred M. Hubbard: the Original Captain Trips.

    They called him "the Johnny Appleseed of LSD." He was to the psychedelic movement nothing less than the membrane through which all passed to enter into the Mysteries. Beverly Hills psychiatrist Oscar Janiger once said of Hubbard, "We waited for him like a little old lady for the Sears-Roebuck catalog." Waited for him to unlock his ever-present leather satchel loaded with pharmaceutically-pure psilocybin, mescaline or his personal favorite, Sandoz LSD-25.

    If one watches "The War is Over" where Scientoxity gained its IRS victory Miscavige talks about how the government files had on file that L. Ron Hubbard gave LSD to his members. That's because, despite what Ron and his "church" claims, Ron was so far off the radar of significance that the intelligence agencies confused "Al" Hubbard with "L" Hubbard and equated LSD with Scientoxity.

    Hoffman's Potion is an excellent documentary going into the history of LSD starting with Al Hubbard.
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  11. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Maybe it had something to do with el con having to rescue one of his pretend navy one day. Apparently the con ' watch ' was stoned while on post . no idea if it was LSD.
    Damned if I can recall who told that story. Otto Roos? Cowboy?
  12. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    If my recall was Cowboy!
    (I guess I've read it on an old chatroom still available)

    Thre have been several testimonies by people who were clsoe to him regarding him taking street drugs, psych drugs, and lsd , also Ron DeWolfe did spoke about it. Didn't he wrote a letter to Polly mentioning him taking drugs ????

    Here is a long thread on ESMB about this specific question. There will certainly be many answers.
  13. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Meritorious Patron

    Interesting stories/pictures, aurabass, thanks!

    I think LRH saw Leary and the League for Spiritual Discovery as competition. They were both in the "enlightenment" business. Also there was a lot of scary press back then about LSD and LRH thought it would be good PR for scn to be anti-drug. "If the public is scared of it then scn's against it," etc. He did the same thing back in the 50's with communism and radiation.

    I commented on this in an earlier thread:
  14. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Meritorious Patron

    Who's the guy on the left-hand side of the picture? Is that Tom Smothers of the Smothers Brothers?

  15. Little David

    Little David Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yes: John Lennon and Yoko Ono during their "Bed In" for peace at Montreal's Queen Elizabeth Hotel in June 1969. Here, Tommy Smothers, an unknown friend, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Rosemary Leary and Timothy Leary.
  16. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    I suspect hubbard knew that someone who has taken LSD and had their mind blown (lol) couldn't and wouldn't have it blown any further by him and his silly tehk, because the tehk was as boring as batshite even on a good day ... also, acid heads were prolly (by nature) a little bit on the rebellious side ... and harder to control.

    When the LSD ban came down (re anyone who has taken LSD no longer being allowed to join the SO ... but those already in were allowed to stay) an awful lot of people were heard giggling and sighing with relief!

    I was still in (the SO) at that point and recall wishing he had taken it a bit more seriously and thrown me out!

    Seriously though, if he really believed there was something wrong with people who had taken LSD why didn't he sling out every person on staff who had taken it and protect the cofs from potential damage?

  17. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

  18. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    This is what I think as well. Hubbard came down hard on anything that was remotely competition or would provide mental and/or spiritual benefits.

    Any practice that he felt that could be possibly beneficial was banned unless CoS was making money off it. Even stuff like Yoga, meditation, etc.

    He probably was concerned that some scientologists might realize that the "wins" they were having in their other practices were equal to or superior to what they were getting out of Scientology.
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  19. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    Do you guys consider Peyote an hallucinogen? How about Ayahuasca ( Spelling)? Never taken an hallucinogin? LMAO!
  20. aurabass

    aurabass Patron

    Tim along with Tommy Smothers & Rosemary Leary participated in the recording of GIVE PEACE A CHANCE during the WAR IS OVER IF YOU WANT IT campaign that was part of the Bed-In and Bagism during John & Yoko's honeymoon

    Shown above the actual recording session. The Millbrook Estate where Tim held open house until undercover narcs made it impossible to stay is pictured here

    G.Gordon Liddy did not know that his narcs were countered by friends of Tim in the DA's office who would tip him off to planned raids
    He would put strange mosses and leafy substances along with various common fungi in odd containers all around the mansion so the DA's raiders
    would have to run up large lab bills testing benign items. He and Liddy did a speaking tour together long after he was freed from prison with Liddy after Watergate.

    Tim left Millbrook in 65 with his family planning to stay in Mexico for a few months to finish a book. They crossed into Mexico near Lorado, TX late in the afternoon only to discover they could not get the extended visa's they required.
    The available accommodations in Nuevo Loredo Mexico were pretty disgusting so they decided to cross back in Texas to stay the night. Tim's daughter only discovered she had 2 grams of pot in a little container when they were on the bridge headed into US Customs. Tim had told everyone to get rid of anything they had on the way into Mexico but she overlooked it.
    She stuck it in her underpants - but even though they had only crossed into Mexico 30 minutes earlier - the US Customs agents did the full strip and cavity search routine. Tim, to protect his daughter claimed ownership of the 2 grams and was charged with importing and initially sentenced to 30 years in Federal Prison.

    Appeals kept him out until 68 when Feds planted 2 roaches in his car while he was working with the Brotherhood of Eternal Love and planning to run for Gov. of CA.

    That eventually put him in a prison cell next to Manson after the Feds pursued him through Algeria, Switzerland and Ceylon. He was taken off an airplane headed from Switzerland to Ceylon when it landed in Afghanistan. His escape from San Luis Obispo increased the absurd sentence. The escape story is classic - and can be read in Flashbacks. - It involved shimmying across a utility wire from atop a prison dorm over the fence and the road (as a guard's pick-up drove beneath him and the guard lit a cig at the moment his lights would have revealed Tim on the wire. Then a car with a blinker on drove by his hiding place and he jumped out & was taken north while his clothes were taken south and left in a restroom trash bin so they would think Mexico. Instead he went from Canada to Algeria to stay with Eldrige Cleaver & the International Black Panther Party. Here is his passport picture with Rosemary

    SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., April 23 (UPI)—Timothy Leary, the drug cultist, was sentenced to six months to five years, in prison today for his 1970 escape from the California men's colony.
    Superior Court Judge Richard Harris ordered the new prison term to run consecutively with Leary's original sentence on a Marijuana charge. That means Leary, has to complete his first sentence, six months to 10 years, before starting the new term.

    A play called Charlie and Me was written concerning his interaction with Manson in prison and performed in LA.

    Gov Jerry Brown ordered Tim released from prison in 1976

    My daughter gave me this 50th Anniversary Poster memorializing the discovery of LSD for my birthday - It hangs on my living room wall

    [​IMG] and I always liked this one as well [​IMG]

    to go with the Moody Blues Legend of a Mind.

    Extended visits to Tims house were always stimulating. The people who came and went were pretty amazing but Tim mainly loved to eat buds with cream cheese on a Ritz
    and expound on whatever popped into his head. We put together a show with Terrence McKenna and performed at Whole Earth Catalog fairs - College speaking gigs - & things like the Light show.
    He was a brilliant speaker - upbeat - fun - and never about evangelizing his 'religion' - he never had anything to sell but his books. I have no idea why he took me into his life like that. After 20 minutes at a bar
    in San Francisco where we first met during a Whole Earth show he invited me to stay with him when I came to LA - after that it was like I had a room at the house whenever I was in town. We just became friends.

    AND I NEVER HAD TO ESCAPE :coolwink: OR GO TO THE HOLE :biggrin: OR EVEN OPEN MY WALLET :thumbsup:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    My favorite of the pics I took