Anyone from PAC Los Angeles 1984-1990?

I knew most of those kids as I was in the PAC area from 1979 until 1991. I was a NOTS auditor and CS at AOLA. Brad and Ericka were my children.

Brad Blair never wanted to be in Scientology or the SO. He was forcefully recruited and signed the billion year contract
when he was 14 and neither I nor his mother were ever consulted. He was on the EPF for a very long time and was trying to get them to kick him out. You are supposed to only be on the EPF for something like six weeks and if you fail to finish it in that time you are required to be offloaded. Well Brad was on it for like a year and was trying to get offloaded. When the supervisor would ask him definitions he would say something completely off the wall. He tried all kinds of tricks to get them to offload him but it failed.

Brad left the SO when he turned 18 and is now happily married to a wonderful girl and lives in Alabama. He is a Christian as am I and we both accepted Christ independently of each other.

Ericka lives in California and she is still a believer of Scientology. She is married and has four beautiful children. She works at a Scientology school in Pasadena. Ericka knows all of the kids that you mentioned above and is still in communication with most of them. Brad knows them as well but is not in communication with any of them.
Ericka was my teacher from 1998-2003ish. She was my favorite teacher I have ever had and I still love her so much to this day. I am still in contact with her a bit every once in awhile.


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I was on the PAC EPF either June of 88 could have been 89. So long ago lol.

I remember many people from PAC Spelling of names might be off.
Guy Gilliam
Scott Wolf
Victor was a big Italian guy
Heather Ellis R.
Garth N.
Wookie lol Sweet guy
Toben ??? I know i messed this one up
Adam Salsa
Todd Charles Davis
Jon Jones "JJ"
I could go on for ever... Those are a few.

I worked in the Big Blue after the EPF with many visits to HGB. I lived in the apartment building I think 3 blocks down from big blue with my mother.
I have been watching this message board for over 8 years now and thought it might be a safe time to speak up and stop lurking.

I do remember a Big Australian guy. He was around 21 and was going to take a trip back home. He talked about the road trains and his family's ranch.
PM me...I am on you list of names