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AOSH ANZO/ Misc ANZO Newsletter/Promo Leak Thread


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"You're invited to the international IAS event at the Org on Saturday 3 November 6.30pm. Loads of incredible ANZO wins. Bring a a plate and enjoy the great news and good company".

I'd just like to ask ....

The cult is in full retreat, most of its membership has wisely left, there is no "new meat" coming in the front door, its PR is on par with radical Muslim terrorists, it can't deliver "services" in Oz anymore as nearly everybody has to go to Flag these days, the few fanatics left are worse than broke, etc. etc.


Like they say, incredible ones.

Impossible to believe: "an incredible tale of triumph".
Difficult to believe; extraordinary: "the noise was incredible".
unbelievable - improbable - fabulous - inconceivable

Select an appropriate definition. :)



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Have in front of me the latest AOSH ANZO NEWS.

Ope Foa`i has attested to OT III.

Ope has been in and away from Scientology in New Zealand since at least 1978.
As well as becoming an OT III ...he is also now an auditor.
He has a band called Te Vaka or some such name. Has been touring and recording for the last 17 years.
His success story says he started with "The Basics" in 2012. And within a year he now has a piece of paper in a frame.

Well done Ope.

Sharon Frankenhauser has also attested to OT III.

After going clear her sense of smell improved.
But now as an OT III her ability to smell has improved even more.
She can differentiate different smells in her kitchen.
Shame she cannot use her OT double barrel Olfactory orifices in the org to sniff out bullshit.

George Yiangou has attested to OT II.

It gives you back yourself, according to George.
But if you look at the photo you can`t help wondering if he came back as Magnum P.I.`s old boss.

Sandra de Beer has attested to the state of clear.

Sandra has been in the Sea org for 20 years.
She especially wants to thank Shane Brockdorff who was in South Africa last year.
Also to be thanked are Vince in Sth Africa and Pat Molloy in Sydney.
Geoff Stokes and Jenny Lloyd also get a special mention.
Plus LRH without whom Sandra wouldn`t be where she is now.

Elizabeth Velinsky has achieved the state of clear.

She describes it as magic. Money here...... Money gone. Hey presto !

Mark Little OT III

He doesn`t mention Xenu by name in his success story.
But he knowingly hints about an incident that happened all those years ago.
Staff member from Melbourne.
He now has a piece of paper in a frame and half dozen wilting flowers from the local gas station.

Speaking of wilting flowers, Monique Collins /Gifford/??? is leaning into the photo like yesterday`s pizza.

If you`d like some of the same contact;
Paul Grainger Dissem sec
Tony Page Advanced scheduling reg
Emmanuel Apoifis Reg
Paddy Cunningham Reg
Vince Spataro AOSH ANZO South Af/I/C
Val Hansen " " Melbourne I/C.

And that`s the news from AOSH ANZO.
Scientology is still on course to have a cleared planet by 1984.

Happy Days

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I was driving home minding my own business when a call comes through on my Bluetooth. I didn’t recognise the mobile number but accepted the call anyway. And here’s how it went down……

Me: Hello, Liz Anderson speaking
Caller: Wellooo is ‘name’ there???
Note: It wasn’t clear what she was saying she had a very strong Asian accent so I just put it down to a telemarketer
Me: Who’s calling??
Caller: Bicki (probably Vicki but hard to tell)
Me: I think you have a wrong number
Caller: I check number is it 041 blah blah blah
Me: Yes, that’s my number. Where are you calling from?
Caller: Church of Scientology
Me: Oh OK. How can I help you?
Caller: I call for to tell you bout LRH birthday event
Me: Ah OK so when is it
Caller: 23 March
Me: What time:
Caller: 6.30pm
Me: Where is it?
Caller: Grebbe
Me: Where
Caller: arrr 19 – 37 reek St Grebbe
Me: Ok
Caller: So you can come even if you not a Scientologist and can you bring someone else
Me: Smiling now … yeah maybe
Caller: Wot you name?
Me: Liz Anderson
Caller: how you spell?
Me: L I Z A N D E R S O N
Caller: Spell agin
Me: L for little
Caller: ahhh ‘Little’
Me: No no the letter ‘L’ then ‘I’ for Ice and ‘Z’ for Zebra
(this goes back and forth for a bit and I’m eyerolling)
Caller: One sec
Me: Smiling… she trying to find someone to take my details
Caller: can you say again
Me: You know Queen Elizabeth, well my name is short for Elizabeth … Liz
Caller: Ahhhh Queen
Me: No no my name is L I Z
Caller: I know my alphabet (she then launches into saying the alphabet slowly and carefully trying not to make a mistake)..… A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Me: I’m now having a WTF moment and say ‘that’s good’ my name is L I Z
Caller: One Sec and she again tries to find someone
Me: Hello….
Caller: Hello “What is your name’
Me: Anderson and who am I speaking too
Lag lag lag
Caller: Kevin
Me: thinking I know that voice and I go Ok
Caller: What’s your first name
Me: big smile now … Liz
Lag lag lag
Caller: Where are you located
Me: Canberra
Lag lag lag lag
Caller: Ohhhh
Me: Smiling
Caller: (Bicki back on the line) So you come to event
Me: Was that Kevin Chapman?
Caller: Chapman … yes he go to meeting now
Me: Smiling
Caller: So you come to event and bring someone
Me: Can you say hello to Wayne Peachey, you know the Snr CS for me
Caller: (Real excited now)Yes, Snr CS …. ohhhhh you’re a Scientologist?
Me: I was a Scientologist
Caller: So you come to event
Me: I don’t think the Church would want me at the event
Caller: Oh I see
Me: You know Vicki Scientology not good … BAD in Taiwan…. BAD in Australian… not good… you should go home
Caller: Ok I see and ….
Me: Vicki you should go home to your family … you should do that….
Caller: Bye

As much as it was funny, funnier than I could possibly put in words, it’s also very sad as it was evident that this person was young and English was definitely her second language especially when she started to recite the alphabet and was very pleased with herself when she got to the end without making a mistake. It was like listening to a child and I wondered whether her parents knew where she was.
I was pretty tolerant and patient and wanted to see how the whole call would roll out but others may not be so…. talk about ‘lambs to the slaughter’.

The AOSH ANZO must be pulling up so old call in lists in an attempt to get the numbers up and how my number is still active well it's beyond me :duh:


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Oooo!!! - can I come too?:prettyplease:

And bring a camera crew or three? :woohoo:

That would probably 2x their attendance stat right there!:roflmao:

We could have a party at the cult's expense:dancer:

Eat their stale biscuits and drink their tepid cups of tea :hysterical:

AND be entertained by the Demented Midget's latest lies about "unprecedented expansion" :dieslaughing:

Dinner AND a show - cheap $cientology style.:yes:

Happy Days

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The Anderson's may be up for it Scoots....

I think we are planning a trip up to see friends on the Central Coast on that weekend so could possibly fit it in.