AOSH ANZO Pricelists 1985-2006


Leakus Maximus
A collection of AOSH ANZO Pricelists from 1985-2006 from Advance! AOSH ANZO magazine inserts.

16 pricelists in total, unfortunately not evenly spread out over the 21 years.

Download zip:

I tried to do a quick analysis of the cost changes in a spreadsheet, a bit dodgy:


Some of the inserts also contain interesting info:


(you can get a higher res look at the photos in the pdf)

If you have other AOSH ANZO pricelists please share, particularly from the gap periods :)


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I'll maybe have time to go dig in my shed later this week - will see if I've got anything that you can use.:coolwink:

Nice work, my friend - keep those leaks coming.:thumbsup:

Purple Rain

Geez, wouldn't you be pissed if you'd bought an e-meter in the late 80s (though of course I'd be pissed if I'd bought one anyway)!

Petey C

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Cool! Thanks Zhent -- interesting to see some old familiar faces again and to be happy I'm not paying any price for Scientology, whether it be money or my life. :yes: