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Are you someone who is *not* intent on doing a submission for the inquiry?


Yes you can . . . I did so, and simply filled in my NYC address . . . even though the system thought it knew best and limited things to a 4 digit zip code instead of the 5 we have here . . . the only thing about the State is it defaulted to NSW instead of NY . . . . but the submission went through and I received a a confirmation in response.
I don't think that's the way to go Rog...it could/would come up as an invalid address, and not be accepted.

We've been advised that those outside of Oz, should email their submissions, at the email address provided in the link above. This may change, but using that email address is the way to go (and don't forget signature......details in the link)


I got to a page asking me to choose an inquiry

Uploading a submission for a Senate Committee Inquiry

1. Inquiry: Please choose the inquiry that you would like to make a submission to by checking the box beside the inquiry and selecting the NEXT button.

If you require further information about an inquiry please refer to the Current Inquires list.

Access of Small Business to Finance
Adequacy of aviation and maritime security measures to combat serious and organised crime
Administration and reporting of NAPLAN testing
An equity and diversity health check in the Royal Australian Navy—HMAS Success
Australia Post's treatment of injured and ill workers
Bushfires in Australia
COAG Reforms Relating to Health and Hospitals
Criminal Code Amendment (Misrepresentation of Age to a Minor) Bill 2010
Defence Amendment (Parliamentary Approval of Overseas Service) Bill 2008 [No. 2]
Effectiveness of Airservices Australia’s management of aircraft noise
Energy Efficient Homes Package
Exposure Draft and Paid Parental Leave Bill 2010
Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Child Care Budget Measures) Bill 2010
Food Standards Australia New Zealand Amendment Bill 2010
Green Loans Program
Keeping Jobs from Going Offshore (Protection of Personal Information Bill 2009
Liquidators and Administrators
Matters relating to the Torres Strait region
Migration Amendment (Visa Capping) Bill 2010
National Security Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 and Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement Bill 2010
Operation of the Law Enforcement Integrity Commissioner Act 2006
Primary Schools for the Twenty First Century
Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Bill 2010 [Provisions]; Renewable Energy (Electricity) (Charge) Amendment Bill 2010[Provisions]; Renewable Energy (Electricity) (Small-scale Technology Shortfall Charge) Bill 2010 [Provisions]
Responsible Takeaway Alcohol Hours Bill 2010
Review of Government Compensation Payments
Tax Laws Amendment (Public Benefit Test) Bill 2010
Tax Laws Amendment (Research and Development) Bill 2010 and Income Tax Rates Amendment (Research and Development) Bill 2010
Water (Crisis Powers and Floodwater Diversion) Bill 2010
Water Licences and Rights
Wild Rivers (Environmental Management) Bill 2010 [No.2]

Can someone advise me? If not, I'm going to choose:

Tax Laws Amendment (Public Benefit Test) Bill 2010

Yes, Meg,

That is the correct choice . . . also of the offerings, I have highlighted in red where it sits on the page.



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Thanks for posting Carmel,

I spotted the thread about Submissions earlier, then lost it,

then wondering where it got to,

now wondering, what I should, or can say,

is anything wrong to say etc... but this is important.....so any pointers are a great help

I will be making a submission

Thanks :)


Thanks for posting Carmel,

I spotted the thread about Submissions earlier, then lost it,

then wondering where it got to,

now wondering, what I should, or can say,

is anything wrong to say etc... but this is important.....so any pointers are a great help

I will be making a submission

Thanks :)
Read the op in this link....It pretty well covers all ya need to know:

Note that you'll need to "email" (not upload).
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Hmm.. I did think a submission by me would be wasteful.. Too long time ago, different country, and I didn't experience anything truly horrific. (I split cuz' I saw it coming..)

Anyway, I have now sent a submission!

After all, we can expect the scilons to attempt a regular deluge of submissions to that enquiry. Telling how wonderful, helpful and completely innocent Scientology is.

So we do need submissions from all us 'orrible SP's to counter 'em.

Sigh.. I forgot to mention lots of stuff.. But the text got too darned long as it was. Good thing about the signature.. I wouldn't know how to in an e-mail. Included full contact data though.



What The Senate wants

The other side of the coin is that this isn't just about the cult from the Oz Senate's point of view.

Folks who have a view on the issue of who should benefit from charitable tax benefits and who should not, and on what basis, should also submit their views.

Using the Cult as an example is one option, but what other rip-offs of the system are you aware of?

The question being asked by the Senate committee is: should we enact new legislation to deal with fraudulent tax avoidance/evasion by pseudo charities?

I see one of the submissions which argues that the Senate should not pass this measure based on "this one exception to the rule" -- viz: the CofS is a bad actor, but we should not pass new law "just to handle it."

This sort of twoddle should be argued against.

My argument is that it is precisely because there are exceptions to good and honest conduct that law needs be passed to prevent such bad conduct becoming the common accepted occurrence . . a la the recent financial scandals which have gone on for too long without new law to contain them.

And on this basis I will be making ANOTHER submission to argue this view to counter the position that we don't need new law :duh:

One submission posted (from a lawyer) states that there is already sufficient law on the books to handle "the CofS situation" :duh: . . . in my view, the big question becomes: if so, why has the government not acted?

So, the issue is beyond just this cult of the CofS and other pseudo religions . . . it is about giving our government all the tools needed to prevent and to curtail any and all abuses in our society as exemplified by the CofS.

Get your thinking gear working folks, and make submissions.



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now wondering, what I should, or can say,

For those like me who have read the pointers, outlines, infos etc. and still find yourself sitting there dumbfounded, looking a blank page pondering which angle to take / how to start...

I found it useful to go to google and review the basic history of, along with pro vs. con opinions, on the comparable UK legislation. and within an hour or so of reading I was able to slap together a page worth of key points / notes i wanted to touch on in my submission.

This got me over the hump of figuring out what i wanted to say, and I'm now off to races with fleshing out how i want to say it.

Googlefu searches i found helpful:
  • UK Public Benefit Test
  • UK Charities Commision guidance on public benefit


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:flowers:Thanks, Anonlover, and Carmel.

I sent mine, and heard back from them.

I highly suggest EVERYONE who has experienced C of $s abuses
write up what you've experienced.

I don't give a damn if it's "Official" or not. IF they have access to enough
(Which he said they could see mine, and I'm sure most others---it's just
not officially part of it)

People who ARE from Australia will be listened to, more.

This is the week-end to get it DONE, if you haven't already.
Also, is it on your FB page? Twitter? The more that post this link, the farther it will fly :D

Love to all :rose:
Made my submission today.... Will let ya all know when i get confirmation...

Was a totally bizarre experience trying to decide what to write and how to show that we are not attacking but pointing out the abuses....

Cant wait for some more submissions to show up on the site:happydance: