As the lights flicker out and darkness enters the board


Hero extraordinary
Hi everyone.

Since P&B started up the new board I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here. From Emma and all the moderators to all you regulars who have posted here since the beginning of time. I name no names so no one will be forgotten. :)

If it wasn't for ESMB, I would not have been free today. Free to think my own thoughts and free to say what's on my mind. It's just not the forum, it's the people who inhabits it. The crowd sure has changed a lot since I started reading here in the darkness of my room but some things never changed.

That is something I am extremely grateful for.

Things like the stark, dark ironic sense of warm humor that seems to run through almost everyone of us who has been touched by Scientology.

The willingness to embrace newly outs, especially the ones who come stumbling through the door straight out of some weird org in New York, not sure what to expect of the real world.

The great compassion shown in sharing ones life experiences so that others might learn something from it.

The hugs, roses and the smooches that has flown though the threads for twelve awesome years.

I'm hoping that Emma gets to be free, as is her wish. I also hope that P&B's new board will be a solid new home for those of us that feels that there should always be an ESMB. A place on the internet where you can meet other exes, share your experiences and reunite with old friends.

ESMB has been the only place that I know of for some time, where one can still be an anonymous Ex among other Exes. I hope there will always be such a place on the internet, not for me, but for everyone who still has to make the trek over from the other side, you know, the ones who still aren't allowed to be free. The ones who have yet to finish up being abused and ripped, over in the "mindfuck we know as Scientology".

I hope that someday they will have all made the journey, and that somewhere on that journey there is a little shop, a forum, where they can relax for some time. Share, heal, move on, or not. My hope is there for all of the friends I left behind, and for the family I have who are still in.

So may the force be with you, always, lets hope for the best and I will see you on the other side. :)


Kind regards


Con te partirò
It's so great to see everyone arrive on the new board. I'm happy I was able to help P&B with setting it up. I'm happy he's taken it on. I hope he experiences much joy in the work.

I'll say more as the time ticks down. There might not be anyone left to read it but I'll say it anyway.

Love to you all xx