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Photos and video. IMO kids are indoctrinated for life and it makes me so angry. And I talk from experience.

'I wasn't going to let children suffer': Principal at 'secular' Sydney school appears in Scientology video - and reveals she joined the religion to 'help' her young students

'My name's Fiona, I'm a school principal and I'm a Scientologist'
'I wasn't going to let children suffered how I suffered in the classroom'
The school has been accused of links to the secretive religious group
It teaches according to philosophies of L. Ron Hubbard


Senator Nick Xenophon told Daily Mail Australia parents needed to know if the school had links to the organisation.

'Parents need to know that the school these children might be enrolled in is linked to any particular institutional organisation, especially Scientology, given the number of complaints made about it not just in Australia but globally.'

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Kult is getting $12 k. in taxpayers dollars per student per year in Newtown at the Athena School.:duh:

Can't see that little windfall lasting much longer for them.:devil:


Your dirty tricks will continue to be exposed.:yes:

Thank you yet again, Mr Seymour.:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


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Well I'll be buggered by the Bursar.

Scientology fucks everyone up, but nothing worse than the kids.

Now our government is going to pay them to fuck our kids up even more?

This really stuns me.