ATTN ANON'S and The Good Fight Fighters: Pasadena Ideal Org Grand Opening TIME & DATE


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"Sally and I are writing to invite you to attend an event of considerable importance to us: the grand opening celebration of the new Church of Scientology Pasadena. We have been working on this project for seven years, raising money from over 2,000 parishioners, purchasing the building itself and donating it to our church. The building, now completely and stunningly renovated, makes an impactful statement. It is some 58,000 square feet and was built in 1906. It appears on the U.S. Department of Interior's registry of historic places. It is located in the heart of Old Pasadena, one of the first and most important cities in the western United States.

This ideal Church of Scientology will present to the community the many services developed by L. Ron Hubbard to remedy all that ails our twenty-first century society - everything from solutions to drug addiction, prevention of gang violence and crime, correction of study difficulties interfering with our children's ability to take a leadership role in our futures, disaster relief and even special services for businessmen whose workplace stress tears them from their families and the enjoyment of life. This is all in addition to the basic mission of the Church, which of course concerns itself with man's spiritual well-being.

As you can see, Sally and I are proud of this milestone achievement and we want to invite you personally to share the experience with us. It will take place at 6:00 pm this Sunday evening, July 18, 2010, at 35 South Raymond Avenue, in Pasadena, California. Park in the Parsons parking lot off Walnut between Pasadena Ave and Fair Oaks Ave. A shuttle will take you to the sign-in table at the event itself. Over 3,000 people are confirmed already, so plan to come early -- say, around 5:00 pm.

I hope you can attend.

Craig & Sally Jensen"

I am SUCH an evil, EVIL SP... aren't I OSA??

I am pretty pissed with your attempt. That is when I am not having full bellied laughs with my Sister, Brother, Mom and Dad about it. Ruth, Mary you two completely underestimated not only me - but my family. And Mary, what did I loose after all? Think hard. Not much huh? Now we know where we stand don't we?

Calling all Anons and Good Fighters alike. You now have the time and date. Godspeed.


Hey FF!!! Good to see you back. You were missed! I've been trying to catch your latest postings on the Ruth situation. Or maybe I missed it?


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A good time was had by us all... and unlike the poor Scilons.. we didn't have to sign-in or fork over hard earned cash for any re-re-releases.

Rona Bowles yammered about the excitement of having 174 staff members at the Pasadena Org. She must keep them hidden in the closets for their own safety, because the place always looks empty.


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ahhh while I was a tad excited thinking I was breaking some news, I am glad this was not the first they had heard. :thumbsup:
I would have joined them but I was out of state.

Heya Tex! I am not totally back. Mums the word until some "things" get sorted out.

We have somethin' in the makins'. That's all I will say for nao. :coolwink:


I posted a thread on this Grand Opening a while back but could not find it again. But here's another Leak I hope anon has this one already?

Seattle Ideal Orge July 24, 3:00pm

They are asking peeps to be there by 2:30.