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Auckland Org / charity status / nosey about their money

Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by degraded being, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Once bitten

    Once bitten Patron Meritorious

    Here is an attempt by the Way To Happiness Taranaki group (a registered charity here in NZ) to recruit some people! Looks like fun, and shame I missed it!

    I wonder how they got on, and I wonder how much of their takings they 'donated' to the Org ........
  2. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

  3. randomx

    randomx Patron with Honors

    Evgeny Orlov is representing "the Lion man`s" mother against the banks which are foreclosing on her unsuccessful lion safari park.

    It`s in the news at the moment. Mid Jan 2012

    Prospective Zion buyer kept secret

    New Zealand Herald
    By Matthew Theunissen
    7:27 PM Wednesday Jan 18, 2012

    Details of a prospective buyer for the troubled Zion Wildlife Gardens were kept secret at a court hearing today.

    The Northland attraction was placed into liquidation in August after the High Court at Whangarei found it could not pay debts said to be more than $100,000.

    Receivers PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) said today they had received an offer for the park and a conditional contract was in place. They refused to disclose the buyer but said the park's 36 big cats would be kept alive and on the site.

    During a lengthy hearing at the High Court at Auckland, the lawyer for park operator Patricia Busch, Evgeny Orlov, asked to view the sale agreement because he was concerned the offer was from his client's estranged son Craig.

    "That would be an illegal transaction because he owes Mrs Busch money, and there are also questions about his previous treatment of the animals,'' he told the court.

    Citing commercial sensitivity, Justice Mark Woolford allowed only lawyers to see an abridged version of the document - with names and figures left out.

    Mr Orlov took exception to that, saying it was a "gagging'' tactic.

    But Justice Woolford said it was normal practice to allow confidentiality in such matters, especially given the sale had not been completed.

    The sale of the park would not include its big cats, which include lions, cheetah and white tigers, and there will be another hearing in Whangarei next month about their ownership.

    Mr Orlov told the court the receivers had been interfering with the cats' care and said the animals were "suffering'' as a result.

    He had anticipated today's hearing would be about whether they could be put down, and said PWC lawyer Mr Toebes had tried to avoid the issue due to the large media presence in court.

    Mr Toebes said this was not the case and he was merely going through the normal process of ending a receivership.

    "It's simply to enable the receivers to retire, nothing else.''

    Mr Orlov later accepted this was the case.

    The International Fund for Animal Welfare today joined calls to rehouse rather than euthanise the big cats, but Rabobank New Zealand, who called in the receivers, denied they would be killed.

    "There is not, and has never been, any intention to euthanise any animals at Zion Wildlife Gardens,'' said general manager Ben Russell.

    "The welfare of the wildlife is a priority - they are being very well cared for and the planned sale of the park would enable them to remain in place.''

    Mr Toebes also made an application regarding the receivers' access to the park. That was adjourned until next week with lawyers indicating it may be resolved outside court.

    The park was opened in 2002 by Craig Busch, star of television show Lion Man.

    It was taken over by his mother Patricia in 2006 after she raised money to pay off the park's debts.

    A protracted legal battle between the pair ensued, with Mr Busch leaving the park in 2008.

    The zoo's troubles have been long-running and include the death of South African keeper Dalu Mncube, who was mauled by an endangered white tiger in 2009. The cat was put down.

    - APNZ
  4. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller


    Evgeny Orlov is an interesting character. Eighteen months ago he popped up in the news when a Judge - in open court - described him as having "no idea" what he was doing. A year earlier he'd been hit up with an indemnity cost. On the latter occasion, it was pointed out"

    [​IMG] <--- AVOID (in my opinion)
  5. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Class Clown

    • Would these people be....

      Moana (Nee Denness) ? Beautiful girl.
      Rose, I am not sure here, the eldest sister?
      I had a bit of a crush on Marie Denness (ahem). Also a very attractive girl.
      There was a serious guy, the brother, Rory Denness.
      There was also the mother (can't remember her name), a Maori lady and Dad, Bob Denness who was a chef at the Steak & I owned by another pair of Scientologists whose names escape me at the moment.
  6. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Rose is the mum.
  7. randomx

    randomx Patron with Honors

    Moana (Colosimo) was the youngest daughter. Joined S.O. in Sydney.
    Ended up as Captain of the A.O. for many years. Blew. Declared.
    Possibly undeclared by now.

    Rose was the mother. She was also back in NZ last time I heard.

    Marie never joined the S.O. as far as I know.

    Rory was last seen as Feewinds crew by me in 1988.

    Bob (Husband to Rose and father of Marie, Rory and Moana) died a number of years ago. Scientology never handled his alcoholism.

    No matter how bad the problem... Scientology can make it worse.

  8. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    The Steak and I was owned by Bob and Rose Denness who then sold it to Marianne Hagen. Marianne Hagen hooked up with Bob Hagen who worked there for some time (Can't remember if they got officially married). I think that's the history.
  9. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Class Clown

    Thanks for that guys. I never knew what became of the family.

    I remember it was the Hagens now.

    Bob was a nice bloke. I can remember him letting us into his kitchen and allowing us to help him out sometimes. Didn't know Rose that well.

    The girls were a pair of characters. Marie was never very serious about much, in contrast to her brother. Moana was about 16 at the time I think.
  10. kujo

    kujo New Member

    Does anyone know how to find how much money these guys have been given in various grants over the years?
  11. NikinOO

    NikinOO New Member

    You missed Miles the younger bro & Sue, older sister to Marie & I kinda remember another 2 sisters- 1 the oldest the other younger than Moana.

    Funny I also had a mighty crush on Marie
    Shared a flat with Rory in Sydney for a while & I worked many nights at the Steak & I ...turning carpetbag steaks! Fond memories indeed.
  12. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Class Clown

    Hey welcome to you!

    That's right, there was an older sister, had forgotten about her. Miles sounds familiar but I don't really remember him, nor a younger sister either.

    Wasn't the Steak & I a dark little spot with a very dingey little kitchen? Enjoyed the food though.

    Marie was a bit of a thorn in Bob Howe's side if my memory serves me correctly. She was never serious about anything. She sure was purty though.

    I wonder if we ever crossed paths?
  13. NikinOO

    NikinOO New Member

    Steak & I as I recall - yes dark but open plan with an elevated open grill at one end with a small kitchen off the side for dishes & prep.
    Crossing paths... Family at the time where very active, I worked & trained at the org, later sister & I later joined SO, then an OTL. 16 at that time (another story)
    Marie I believe joined SO few years tried to change her mind but she was sold... later I heard she married Steve Stevens (must have divorced Liz)
  14. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Class Clown

    I really couldn't begin to imagine Marie in the SO?

    I could just picture her collapsing into a fit of giggles watching DM have a hissy fit. She would have constantly been doing ethics cycles!

    Not sure what you mean by "she was sold"....

    Steve doesn't ring any bells for me at this time.
  15. NikinOO

    NikinOO New Member

    She was sold on the idea of joining the SO. What s DM?
    Ethics cycles - new term for me ...going thru the conditions?

    Steve Stevens - whole family went to SO. Sister Sandy Stephens had a memorable visit to Auckland org where a she drove a SO dagger thru a (heavy) SO directive into the notice board.
    There will be a few Ex's that would remember that day! Many heads rolled.

    Bob & Rose had a cafe in Kings Cross, Rory worked there abit, Rose & Bob where doing a detox thing thru the org.
  16. Idle Morgue

    Idle Morgue Gold Meritorious Patron

    No Daedle love...all that means is: Scientology stunk in 2007 and it really, really, really stunk in 2008. Now what that means now in 2013 is Scientology stinks...Scientology is a dirty, filthy rotten cult!