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Auction/s and bits for Sparrow


I'm all for the cause and it is a great idea but below sounds too much like an IAS reg event.

Not objecting, just recalling.

For the Pfizer Jacket auction only, all bids that are sent into Sparrow and confirmed will be matched TWICE up to $2,000 by two mystery donors.
(Please do not ask for proof or dox, it ain't gonna happen)

Example: So if you bid $100.00 and you send it in, both donors will each send $100.00 (Hope this makes sense?) THANK YOU MYSTERY DONORS!!



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These are now CLOSED

AUCTION ONE - Pfizer Racing Team Jacket - RightOn - Top bid was $400

Vulture Minster T-shirts Auction bundle + Sale - CLOSED - Top bid was $150
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