Australian Charities Commission Could Investigate Church of Scientology

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30th June 2015 - This is great! (ACNC is the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.)

ACNC Could Investigate Church of Scientology

“The ACNC has completed an initial evaluation of these concerns and viewed the Going Clear documentary,” Donaldson said in the letter.

“We have concluded that the concerns you raised are within the ACNC’s jurisdiction to the extent that they are occurring after the commencement of the ACNC in December 2012 and relate to ACNC governance standards, reporting and record keeping obligations and entitlement to registration under the ACNC Act 2012 and the Charities ACT 2013.”

Donaldson said the ACNC could take a range of actions against the Church of Scientology, including encouraging it to conduct a self-evaluation, launching its own investigation or review, or reviewing the church’s entitlement to registration as a charity.

He said the ACNC may also decide to take no action “until further evidence is available”.

Xenophon told Pro Bono Australia News that he was not convinced the Church of Scientology deserved to be registered as a charity.

“An organisation that is receiving tax-exempt status ought to be subject to some scrutiny,” he said.
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