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Australian tax review - great opportunity to get Scn examined


The first round of public submissions have been put up on the Treasury website, and it's good to see a couple of letters from concerned citizens detailing the abuse of tax-exempt status by the Church of Scientology. (Submissions by Graham Smithers, Hudson Carrad and Nick Renton mention Scientology)

The tax review is still going on and it will continue until December 2009. Submissions will still be accepted and considered throughout the review process. So if you haven't sent anything in, you still have time.

Privacy is a concern here because the submissions (and author details) are published on the treasury website. However, on the submissions page there is some info about maintaining privacy.

If you don't want your submission to be published, you can still send one in, just mark it as CONFIDENTIAL on the first page and at the top of your submission explain why you do not want your personal info released publicly (briefly explain Scientology's Fair Game policy).

More info about submissions:

asyd discussions about this:

Thanks for the update - it's something to follow up on for sure. :thumbsup:


Late, but done my part:

Dear sir,

I wish to provide the following 2 documents as evidence into the Australian tax review scheme.

In 1996, The Church of Scientology (hereafter referred to simply as Scientology) applied for charitiable status in England. This failed as the charities commission concluded that Scientology "was not established for charitable purposes or for the public benefit and was therefore not registrable as a charity". The attached file "Charities Commission.pdf" is their report on their findings.

The second file is the affidavit of Lawrence Brennan, former member of Scientology who oversaw the creation of the groups Religious facade, filed in the State of New Hampshire, USA, on 6th May 2008. This affidavit is a lengthy account of how he was ordered to create the appearence of Scientology being a religion for several reasons, including tax benefits. While he goes into more than sufficient detail for my interests, he does state that he will happily provide evidence for any tax reviews of Scientology in section 3.

Please take into consideration with the tax review that after the charitiable status in England was denied in 1996, Scientology then began operating under the Australian charitable status. Because of this they can avoid paying the minimum wage and have tax free benefits in the UK as well. If the charitable status in Australia is revoked then it will also be revoked in the UK. The organisation is already under investigation for breaches of the national minimum wage (including punishing "volunteers" for not attending and having fixed hours for "volunteers"). If you wish to query the current status of the investigation, please see the following page: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/nmw/

I hope these documents are of interest to you and look forward to what I hope is a revoke of this cults tax status.

Yours Faithfully

Tim Skog

Silver Meritorious Patron
Late, but done my part:

Most excellent.:thumbsup: I hope the "Church" is denied. And then perhaps the IRS in this country will reconsider its tax exempt status that it granted to the "Church" in 1993, under VERY suspicious circumstances.