Autopsy of an E-meter: Ohm mani pad me Ohm


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Ohm mani pad me Ohm: autopsy of an E-meter

Technical evaluation of a Hubbard electrometer, the device employed for Scientology auditing.

By © Leonardo Serni, Febbraio 2009.


Scientology considers the E-meter "an electropsychometer, an instrument measuring emotional responses through the small electrical impulses produced by thought. The E-meter tells what the preclear's mind is doing when he's made to think of something. The E-meter gives the reading before the preclear is aware of the data. It is therefore a pre-conscience electrometer. It runs a small current through the preclear's body, and this current is influenced by mental masses (memories - N.d.R.)" (L. Ron Hubbard, "Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary"). A Preclear is anyone undergoing the process devised by L. Ron Hubbard.


An interesting look. I'd be interested in a similar report on a more modern Clarity Meter, or on one of Hilton's C-Meters.

That being said, I could still tell you your middle name, without knowing it, using one. Or your birth date. And while those are essentially parlor tricks, they are based on the same principles that can make a meter useful. Frankly, I find them intrusive and unnecessary.