Back when you were in, how did you feel about SQUIRRELS??

Dean Blair

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When I was in, I was completely against the squirrels and would give them no empathy. I would believe what was published in ethics orders and keep my distance from any squirrel that was reported on. I wouldn't communicate with them or read anything that they had written. I would totally ignore any communication from a squirrel.

Today, not so much. I am an Ex Scientologist with a lot of experience. I no longer support anything that L Ron Hubbard has written. I also don't support the squirrels except the ones in my back yard that have nests in the trees.


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They find, bury and eat nuts not become them.


I actually thought they were pretty cute. Here is one that lives in my back yard.


I liked them then and I like them now - Squirrels!


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So, for those of you who were ever in the Church, how did you really feel about squirrels? Did you hate them? Were you really bothered by them?

My understanding of "squirrels" from day one was simply that there was a fear by Hubbard and others that a Scientologist may have an interest in another practice, go do that for a while, decide it didn't work, go back to Scientology, somehow be "confused" and cause a lot of work to be done to disentagle them.

It was the "work" involved and possibly someone saying that some other practice was akin to Scientology that was being avoided.

The hatred I never got.

I also never got the naming things that weren't anywhere near what Scientology was as "squirrel". When I was on staff, going to Catholic services at Christmas with your elderly parents was considered "squirrel" and sneered at.

Idiotic. I decided that applying PR tech and telling acceptable truths was the only way to handle those who had an aberrant hatred of anything not Scientology. :biggrin:

I never really cared what others were doing. Why put all of that energy, time and money into something you shouldn't be able to control and didn't really make a dent in what you were doing anyways?

I actually resented the activities of the Church and the waste of that time and money - while on staff. It cut into the jobs of others and then those others got punished because they couldn't get the products of their posts because all of the time and energy and money was being wasted on something that did not matter.


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Squirrels, there are tiny ones here in Europe and BIGGER ones in the US :)

... joke aside... and let me tell you that when I got in Scientology, some stupid staff members told me that my mother was an SP. Brand new inside the cults and on staff I tried to handle my mother. Looking at it now, there was nothing to handle. I am the one who created the antagonism following some stupid LRH policies... I disconnected from her during 10 years... I came out some years ago and connected again with her. She is in fact cool. She was cared for me and did not understand what I was doing in Scientology. She wanted understanding... Well it is a bit difficult to handle those 10 years without communications, but doing lots of stuff with her now... She is in fact a very cool person and was NEVER an SP. The chuch made me think she was and of course, I was enough brainwashed to get into it.
Oh my, the squirrels. The God Damn squirrels! If only everyone, all, would just duplicate and act upon what LRH said!.. But than there was that ray of hope in 1980 when prices were dropped to a reasonable level, everyone was so stoked! An intensive was $1000. Before this drop in price, in 1980 auditing was around 3 grand an intensive. It was insane, going up 5% a month (10%?). Who could pay that? I remember I had just joined Las Vegas staff and all were joyous. The Org was humming. Ah.. but for a minute! Declare! Bill Franks. ED Int. SP! Squirrel!

Ding ding ding.. a little bell went off in my head, which I ignored. Than came the declare of Mayo and than the famous Mission Holders Conference. That was a big shift for me. How can you be David Mayo, LRH's auditor today, and tomorrow be a squirrel, an SP?

But I was a good Scientologist. I disconnected from friends who went the way of Mayo. I would soon enough leave the church myself, my tail between my legs. oh but there is more squirrel to talk about.
DO TELL, Free At Last!!! :thumbsup: :happydance: So glad you are out and talking here on the board!

This makes so much sense! (and is just as true of folks today as it was back then...) "Ding ding ding.. a little bell went off in my head, which I ignored. Than came the declare of Mayo and than the famous Mission Holders Conference. That was a big shift for me. How can you be David Mayo, LRH's auditor today, and tomorrow be a squirrel, an SP?"

We love hearing people's stories of their experiences with COS!!! :p I'll bet you have a ton of good ones to share! :clap:

Can you tell us more of what you experienced/heard about the Mission Holders Revolt at the RTC takeover? Or whatever else you remember from those times? You said you had disconnected from folks...have you ever reconnected with any as a "free being"?

:drama: (For our Lurkers~This little smiley usually means we are avidly listening and eagerly awaiting the rest of the story!!! Sometimes accompanied by the Anon spelling of MOAR!!! :biggrin:)