Bad news re Inquiry at *this* stage. It's off.

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This is only just beginning

It has been established in the Senate today, that there won't *be* a vote, because both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition won't budge on their stance re an Inquiry not being warranted.

It is/has been debated in the Senate today. Is anyone able to get footage of what went down? If not, we can get the Hansard.

This doesn't close the door. Because there won't be a vote at this time, it doesn't mean that we can't go back to the drawing boards and give them more reason to have an Inquiry, and/or challenge them on their lack of balls.

We're not giving up this end. There's a global effort at this time, and each milestone helps the next. This is infuriating, but at the same time, it gives the impetus to step up. This one won't be shoved under the carpet this easily. We have allies on the outside now, we'll use them.

I believe this is a minor set back.

The media created by this event alone I am sure is going to create an impact. The more media there is the more the truth gets out there.

There are two many ex scientologists now. We can not crawl under a rock due to our sheer numbers, don't get me wrong not that we want to but the numbers grow every week and our voice gets louder and louder.

This is just part of the journey to getting the truth out there.

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I was very saddened when I heard the Fail news earlier but am now encouraged by so much press about it. The link on crickey was great and the commentary of Alena V is very good. Keep the heat on, it'll happen Aussies!!!:thumbsup:


Nitpicky correction to the OP - there WAS a vote and the vote was negative. 6:34
Yeah, sorry about that......I should have mentioned in the op, that I got the info from one of our media mates. At that point I hadn't spoke to Xen's aide.

This is far from over.
It sure is.

I was happy today. :)
With all that I've heard in the last twenty four hours, I'm seeing all this in a much more positive light, and confidence is restored. :)


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Nitpicky correction to the OP - there WAS a vote and the vote was negative. 6:34

So, Nick will put forward another (different) motion next week. And he'll keep putting motions to the vote until the right result happens.

For Jimmymac - Nick explicitly said that the broader terms of reference were made because certain colleagues felt it was a fairer resolution. I don't know whether those colleagues were in the major parties or the Greens. My hunch is they were in the major parties (or one of them). (See the transcript - above)

This is far from over.

Two bits of encouragement today:

  1. I happened to get the Chief of Staff of a very influential Senator on the phone today. I mentioned a couple of things and he was VERY interested. We spoke for half an hour. He took lots of notes. I sent him a looong email with lots of links. He replied that he would be giving the Senator a full briefing tonight.
  2. A member of the media today said "it's not over yet. Stay tuned..."

I was happy today. :)

Good work! :)

It is like the eye of the storm. A lull to replenish, regroup, etc.

I am happy too! :yes: