BBC takes on Church of Scientology in new film

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This is dated yesterday so I think it is new.... the link includes a 55 minute video I haven't watched yet.

Now, the reporter returns to investigate the church again in a riveting hour-long documentary.

The program includes allegations by former Scientology followers that the church sought to divide their families and confirms Sweeny’s suspicions that he was followed by the church.

“I thought we were being spied on, followed around by sinister strangers,” Sweeney said.


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It's actually a few years old, I'm not sure why they're reporting it now. Either way, it's an excellent watch.



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Thanks, I had a feeling it was but my brain isn't firing on all cylinders at the moment. :)
No worries. Been having one of those days...weeks..hell years even, myself. lol If nothing else, it's new to some folks and will give them a chance to see it. :yes: