Beans, Rice, Toilet Paper & Other Stories

Bea Kiddo

People in the state prisons are probably treated better than that! :omg:

Do you ever eat oatmeal anymore?

Oh yeah. Being preggos - the little one loves oatmeal.

When I was in Portland in 96, I had to buy my own food. I had no idea how to cook, so I would buy beans and rice and eat it! But it was the sweet beans. I love those! Yum. Its the red beans I can't stand anymore.


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Mick Parkee and Ian Feldmesser. A few times I asked them to write up a "beans and rice" cookbook for the SO, but as far as I know they never did. They got really inventive over the stuff and put a lot of create into it, and it was actually very tasty.

Mick Parkee was the "Galloping Gourmet" of beans and rice and Bennie Da Costa used to make a curry with the the ingredients. It was ok.
Actually better than the sausages we used to eat.
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Yeah, and didn't Mick manage to vary the beans and rice by serving us cole slaw and baked potatoes some nights? I think there may even have been grated cheese on the cole slaw, and maybe some raisins or currants. I loved it. I reasoned he was eking this out of the beans and rice budget. Although beans and rice is s'posed to be a completely nutritious dish, it lacks the vitality of green leafy stuff. After so much beans and rice, I was craving for that.


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Good old Mick! Last time I was at St Hill, he was working in the AO.

I must have been quite lucky, I only remember having beans and rice a couple of times. This was a good thing as I had a bit of a problem digesting the rice. It was brown rice and very stodgy. Don’t think it was cooked properly either.

Now, I only have rice if it is smothered in curry. Mmmm.

For breakfast, we only ever had powdered milk (yuk!), muesli (actually quite nice), white bread and eggs. And tea of course. Rather monotonous and lacking in fresh fruit and vegetables.

If I was really hungry when I got back from ‘work’ in the evening, I would make myself a fried egg sandwich.

And, at the weekend, I would go into East Grinstead and buy myself a small, individual strawberry cheesecake from Sainsbury’s as a treat.

Talk about low havingness!



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I nearly forgot! I don’t remember running out of toilet paper when I was on staff, but it was really cheap and flimsy stuff. The sort that was easy to accidentally stick your finger through (urgh!) and would instantly disintegrate when it got wet.

I think I used to but my own when I could afford it.

When I was public at St Hill, finding the toilets (aka ‘bathrooms’) without paper towels was a regular occurrence. I always tried to avoid having to require toilet paper, but I did notice that this was absent on a number of occasions as well. Hardly a good advertisement for ‘the most able group of beings on the planet’. :eyeroll:



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I wrote a long KR to her senior or to somebody...I forgot...and it flapped all over that a public (me) knew about their make the story short...they went back to rice and beans...


And thus the end of public being allowed to audit staff...:eyeroll:


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Ironic isn't it that rice/beans and toilet paper sort of go hand in hand, so to speak? :whistling:

I was thinking that this thread title is one that exes would understand but non-members would just go, "huh?"

The further you were in, the more real it is to you. I was never on rice and beans, but I did eat rather a lot of them as they were affordable. Still don't like beans.


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In 1977, all of PAC except the senior execs were on beans & rice for the longest, longest time. Eventually, even the execs were on it. It lasted at least three months, maybe four.

Needless to say, nobody stuck around to talk to each other immediately after dinner. And it was really bad for the ozone, too.

During this horrendous time of having almost no money allocated for anything, we at Cedars Estates and Pac Training Org (trained the EPF) were greeted at muster one day with someone in purchasing.

He told us we should not be stealing toilet paper from the bathrooms at AOLA and ASHO. He patiently explained to us the correct way to utilize toilet paper to maximize its benefits, that scrunching was wasteful, and demonstrated a folding technique whereby one could actually use just 2 or 3 sheets if it was folded properly.

All of this with a straight face. :roflmao:

But! There was toilet paper at ASHO and AOLA! We went for it.

I was auditing ASHO's HGC then. I always had Kleenex in my auditing room, so I wasn't too inconvenienced by the lack of TP, but one day I asked Larry Norton, he was Capt. of ASHO, how he felt about the GO recruiting his Staff, and he almost broke into tears telling me how he was the CAPTAIN of ASHO and yet he had to put the toilet paper in the bathrooms.



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Could beans and rice be responsible for the so called "global warming?. Think of all the farts going into the ozone layer.


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Either in the 80's or early 90's, when I was public at AOLA, I knew that I had better check and see if there was TP before embarking on any mission that required same. I would sometimes have to go from floor to floor checking toilets before I could "take care of business".

Another time, I had a cold and dared to bring a roll of TP from one of the bathrooms into the MAA space so I could blow my nose and not interrupt my work every five minutes. What's his name Gary? went ballistic on me that I was attempting to degrade his space and would I bring a roll of TP into a fine restaurant :thumbsup:

EDIT: Gary Jacobs. That was my early encounter with him. We came to be pretty friendly. On the subject of OT and ethics, he once told me that there were OT child molester(s) in prison.

I think I know who the OT in jail for child molestation was. I know of some other Scn'ists who were guilty of the crime and who were not in jail.
BTW, Gary Jacob is the AOLA MAA who asked me to help him out by secretly 'dosing' an HGC PC with Thorazine. You can read all about it by Googling 'David Voorhies'. That was the incident that caused me to resign after 33 years in good standing.



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I remember well the beans and rice days of the 70's at AOSH UK. Our cook was quite inventive. We had bean supreme, beans loaf, bean con carne (without the carne) and some days for a change, just plain old beans and rice.
If I remember correctly , at about that time LRH (or someone else) wrote "Ron's solution to inflation". It wasn't refering to the internal inflation from eating beans and rice. But the inflation going on at the time in the economy. The prices for Scio services rose each month which caused the G I to take off like a rocket. For a while we ate very well.

The monthly increase was like riding a tiger -- the hard part is how do you safely get off?

I was at Flag in the early 80's and I happened to have access to the eval. People were going heavily into debt to get their Bridge bought before the price went out of reach. If they stopped the increase, people would stop buying services and try to pay off debt, which would crash GI stats. If they continued the increase much longer, then the OT levels would be out of reach of more and more public, who would just say "screw it" in despair. I forget what the eval recommendation was, but they finally cut prices later.


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When I was a kid,my parents was always cooking my favorite food for me.
When I became Scientologist,I was living by myself and I got used to eat
once a day.
I was working with MEST in Russian org (downstairs, where RPFers were) and
was FSM at the same time.
One time one of Sea Org members gave me some bread from Sea Org's kitchen.(I asked her for it because I was broke and almost homeless)
And her senior got mad at her.
I'm not really picky eater. I think,I could survive on rice and beans for a long time.After I left sEA oRG in Florida, i lived in 4 homeless shelters and they
only was giving us breakfast and dinner (no lunch)
And Salvation Army shelter forces you to go in their Church if you stay there.That's not right.
Back to rice and beans...
I can eat anything (exept the red meat)
When Hurricane Charley hit my house,we did not have electricity for
3 weeks and stores would not take credit cards because they had no energy.
My kids and I was living on peanut butter and crackers and water for more than a week.
I did not care about that but my kids was happy when we finaly got power back.


Hi Ching! :) Yes, it's a sad state of affairs when the Commanding Officer of one of the highest and most elite of all Scientology organisations is reduced to supplying toilet paper. That even makes the caste system of India look sensible in comparison.

Russian Girl, What a tough life you have had! Thank you for reminding me and everyone else that no matter how hard we may have thought we had it, someone else has always had it a lot worse. I remember when I was a child, my grandmother used to sew jewels into the hems of clothing to send to relatives in Russia and Poland to help them out and give them something to sell so they could have food on the table.


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I was reading, EAT AWAY ILLNESS by Paulette Millis, a registered nutritional Consultant.
She writes:  "Natures Medicine: The combination of the beans and the rice make a high quality balance of amino acids (protein), therefore allowing for the elimination of animal products in the meal. The whole beans and rice are nutrient dense, and wonderful for those with diabetes or high cholesterol."
[/QUOTE]But really.... to eat them without anything else every day. I dont think it is enough. Maybe this is the silver lining of the Sea Org meal, it reduces the risk of diabetes and high cholesterol.

Also one earlier post here about not eating for days. That is tough if your stressed in the Sea Org. Ive fasted for 7 days at a time, stress free, with no other activities going on. Feeling weak, clean and spiritual at the end of the fast.


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How did they cook it? Was it just boiled up, or was there some kind of recipe?

Looking through the book she writes about basic bean cooking. So I guess that is it basic bean cooking. Yes there are bean and other recipes here also.

"Pick out any discoloured beans and discard. Wash well. Cover (to at least an inch above) with water and soak overnight. Drain and cover with fresh water or vegetable stock and sprinkle Indo Seasoning over beans. (Indo is a natural meat tenderizer and it helps to break down the starch and remove gas.) A piece of Kombu (sea vegetable) also works well. Simmer until tender, usually one and one-half hours to two hours. Test beans for doneness, like you do for pasta, by biting into one. Drain the beans and save the liquid for gravies and soups....

...Drain, and place on cookie sheets and freeze. Bag in seperate zip lock bags when frozen and Voila! You have high quality beans ready for use in casseroles, salads, soups, stir fries, burritos or to be mashed for dips."