Becky Hays - info needed from ex Sea Org, ex OSA, ex PAC RPFers

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This is from OCMB:


Anyone with information about Becky Hays' injury while in the Office of Special Affairs, Sea Org.....

The news about Becky is not good. She is deteriorating in to dementia, and many of the gains she made earlier are now gone. She rarely speaks. She is happy, and tries, and is obedient but a handful since she cannot be left alone. She needs repeated instructions on doing things like drying the dishes and does not seem to retain information like where things go.

She is on Social Security and Disability for life (about $600 month).

As near as we can piece things together it seems she was sent to the RPF by Rinder on two occasions and somewhere in there had a nervous breakdown. After that she had the traumatic brain injury with the dumpster lid falling on her head, the version of the story I heard was a filing cabinet was being thrown into the dumpster while Becky happened to be inside the dumpster, and the filing cabinet struck her in the head. I heard the incident occured during OSA renos, prior to Becky's RPFing the last time. I myself remember her on the RPF, and in fact, there was a short period when she was routed out of the RPF, actually reprieved, and I remember helping gather up her MEST so she could have it, and we helped moving her to the OSA woman's dorm at the Anthony Building, I recall specifically the dorm she moved into.

Then some months later she was routed out of the Sea Org altogether, those details I don't know.

If anyone who was her twin on the PAC RPF, or knows her medical situation while on the RPF, I recall rumor while I was on the PAC RPF that she was complaining over and over about the head injury, and what I extrapolated was her concerns about her head injury were not being taken seriously, that is my impression.

Any ex PAC RPFers or ex OSA Int staff who know about Becky's injury incident, and her subsequent neglect, PLEASE contact me, so I can get you connected up with those taking care of Becky at the present, so you can relay details that could be helpful for which way to go with Becky at present.

Per what is known, she got no medical attention for a long time and real damage was done.

Whoever has info, please share it. Contact me, I'll relay you to those caring for Becky.
Best, Chuck Beatty
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Becky Hay, not Hays.

Someone on the Clambake site asked why she was in the dumpster, as if it was some kind of punishment. While on the PAC RPF in 1996 I spent a few hours in a dumpster, but it was sorting out the contents (metal rods, springs, old beds etc.) so more could be put into the dumpster. Just routine work, not a punishment. It wasn't up to the neck in waste food or something, although I have spent time in vaguely empty dumpsters or compactors (turned off!) washing them down when they had contained food.