Become the leader and object of a cult in 20 years or less

I hope this is category is okay, since I grew up in Communist communes instead of Scientology or a religious environment. But still, based on my own experiences with Communist communes, I made a video exposing the methods that were used and that as far as I know are used by Scientology as well. And maybe I got it all wrong, but I would appreciate your feedback.

There is a TED talk by the same name, which was pretty disappointing because it didn't actually talk about the methods used by cults and their leaders at all, nor could I find anything else that was REALLY exposing those methods - at least not from the perspective of group psychology. Well, there are the books by Gustave Le Bon, which explain it quite well, but he didn't make any Youtube videos :) So I thought I just expose those methods myself then. Of course, other than believing in God and practicing QiGong, I have no experience with religion nor do I belong to any group, but part of my point is that it works just as well with atheist communities sharing an atheist ideology. Because my mother was a Communist and I did partially grow up in what you could call communes. So to my own surprise I am able to explain it much better than TED talks :)