Being a Sea Org member in different AO's


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Hi! Time for yet another guRly question :biggrin:

So... From many many testimonies I've read over the years, being a Sea Org member generally sucks ass (to put it mildly), and being one in the Advanced Orgs is worse then being posted on a local Org as a "network" person.
However - especially to those of you who've experienced/witnessed this fairly recently - is there a difference in the 'suckiness' level between being posted in Flag, in Los Angeles, in Saint Hill, or in Copenhagen for example?
Are some of these bases known to be a bit "softer" or more humane then others? Does it change according to the people currently present or the stats state in given time at the base?

A never-in who knows a few Sea Org members who've been just about everywhere, feels sorry for them, and invites you to lay off steam, would like to know :blush:


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I have only a few weeks of experience active in the Sea Org decades ago but I will add in the reading knowledge gained and try to sum up my opinion with the following. ( I was in Scn 37 years)
The more the narcissistic traits, mostly seeded by LRH and DM into the org or post being forwarded and applied by the other staff members will show up for the experiencer.

Of course the carriers of the traits would be.

1) the amount of training/hubbardology the individuals one is dealing with
2) the presence of SO missions ' fired into' your org.
3) the mission goals.

1 + 2 + 3 = full blown criminality and complete lack of compassion and reason.

Now, on the chance there are, some sane compassionate individuals who still have a bit or lot of their innate virtuous traits NOT submerged, what we would call mature and civilized human beings, around, then life in those orgs might just be tolerable or even a bit fun and enjoyable.......for a few minutes every week, exclusive of hours when Thursday at 2pm is impending.

PS you might want to read Mike Rinders blog containing Lois Reisdorf's story which is up to part 6 so far. (The cooments section is absolutely packed with educated questions)
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I was in the SO at Saint Hill (UK) from 1972-1986, and at (mostly) ITO (International Training Org) in LA from 1986-1996.

Life at Saint Hill was mostly tolerable. As described well in the post above, it tended to get crazier when missions arrived. Pay and food were usually subsistence level, but one put up with it because of one's belief in the importance of what we were doing (salvaging the planet etc). Ahem.

At the end of 1985 it seemed that I might be getting [STRIKE]ripped off[/STRIKE] transferred to LA to be part of an OSA International "IRS-handling unit." I was scared: I'd heard that SO life in LA was harder compared to the relatively-cushy life at Saint Hill, plus I was personally pretty soft and easy-going, now a tech guy, not at all the missionaire or hard-nosed OSA type.

My berthing at SH was at Bullards, a lovely house with a few acres of grounds overlooking the quiet Sussex countryside about a mile from Saint Hill. I slept in a room maybe 12' x 15' with two other guys, in single beds. At night it was silent, apart from maybe an owl hooting. My berthing in LA (Leb Hall room 617) was a man's dorm with 4 3-high bunks, with police sirens along Sunset Boulevard and sometimes 3 a.m. police helicopters buzzing the Complex. I'm sure they did it just to wake us up. Culture shock!

SO life in LA was intense. After a few uncomfortable weeks in OSA Int expecting to be RPFed at any moment for being useless I ended up back in tech -- fortunately -- and after a year I had grown accustomed to the different pace and interaction with higher echelons (and better pay/food) and it became mostly tolerable again, although it never got close to the cushiness of SH. Note that I was never posted in LA at the regular service org level (AOLA/ASHO etc), where life was worse.

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